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Let happiness live in the taste of the year

Time: 2015-05-08 source: reproduced edit: silently read: times

On the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse, a song called "Where has the time gone" made many people impressed. At that time, light passed quickly, and we had to be busy dealing with many people and many things every day, and happiness seemed to be getting farther and farther away from us. Nowadays, the waning taste of the year, let us remember more and more the original simplest and primitive happiness.

As the saying goes: adults are busy making money, children are looking forward to the New Year. When I was young, when it was snowing, I always climbed in front of the old window of the old house, looking forward to the long-awaited lateness. In the era when there was no TV and no Internet, Chinese New Year was a pure fun and relaxation. The child opened his belly to eat, opened his mouth and laughed, and the adult was busy, preparing for a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner. A chicken is always divided into several pieces. Our family will eat big chicken legs, but I did n’t understand why the chicken had so many legs! This year my mother showed us that it turned out that the smart mother put the chicken The breasts and wings were cut like chicken legs. Mom and Dad were eating chicken wings at the time. They made small moves and were full of love. The year was clear and happy, and devoted, and the New Year was different from usual.

On the first day of the first month of the first month, we can finally put on new clothes, get a few cents of money (this is money we can control), go to the town and look around, always reluctant to buy something, because after all we control The money is too small, and the grandpa and uncle they gave the New Year's money, we have no right to enjoy it, we have to make up the tuition for the current period. The grown-ups in the village always played around and played cards, chatting, and playing cards at that time was purely playing. The small villages and small courtyards posted the Spring Festival couplets to look at, and read those "grains that are abundant" and "good weather", and those "poems passed down from family to family and succeeded to the next generation". The more you read, the more memorable you are. The firecrackers set off by the children were exciting enough. On the second day of the first month, we and our parents will go to my grandmother's house. Although we have to go over a mountain and walk for more than an hour, this does not seem to affect our mood. Grandma hurts her grandson, as if it is justified. At the grandmother's house, our cousins and sisters were particularly free to make trouble and eat and drink freely, which always made us reluctant. Those neighbors are always envious of the grandmother and granddaughter, and the adults and children are laughing and joking. Nianweier permeates the grandmother's house and the village. Therefore, when it comes to the New Year, my taste buds will be automatically excited, and the lively and yearning yearning in my heart, with an unknowable and wonderful imagination, hold my New Year expectations together.

Year after year, I grew up eating and eating, laughing and smiling quietly, tired of playing. Growing up year after year, the society has also changed its face. Now that we have a TV, a telephone, and an Internet, the world is even smaller. Sometimes, we do n’t have to pay relatives to pay New Year. A telephone greeting seems to be enough. There is also an asphalt road in the village. We go to the grandmother's house and no longer need to walk the mountain road. The car can be reached directly. But I always felt that something was missing, and the New Year seemed not so new. But it feels that the parents' happiness for the Chinese New Year is undiminished every year, and what they should do is a lot. Kill the pigs, make sausages, bacon, grind glutinous rice balls, make tofu, put firecrackers on the Spring Festival couplet, make a table of hearty dishes, and drink a glass of fragrant wine as a family ... everything is ready for us, we continue to get used to it Enjoy the warmth of the year.

Time flies. Year after year, slowly, the New Year seems to be just a form, a process that has long been familiar with the heart. Blend into the crowded traffic flow, buy a variety of New Year's goods, busy a table of New Year's Eve dinner, keep the family happy, watch a Chinese New Year party, read the blessings forwarded on the screen, and have a New Year's dream, the year is over! Fireworks are gorgeous but fleeting.

Our parents seem to be getting old instantly. My hair frosted, my eyes were cloudy, and my body was sloppy, which always made me sigh of time's ruthlessness. In fact, they are not very old, the mother is not yet 60 years old, and the father is only over 60, but it looks much older than the actual age. They are too hard. They get up early every day and they seem to have endless work. I often persuade them to do less and I will buy everything as much as I can. The health of their parents is the greatest wish of their children. But my father always said that now their bodies are still tough, just take some time to plant some green food for us, raise some chickens and so on, so that we can eat some authentic chickens and eggs, now, in the city Many foods dare not eat, too many fertilizers and pesticides. I know that mom and dad will always think more for us, and what they pay for their children is always at heart, without any return. Their old figures hurt my heart. This warm, affectionate and loving home inspired me to work hard, diligent and bright; to be a person, be honest and honest, and be ashamed.

Another New Year's Eve and 30 nights, we all sat around the stove full of food and drink, looking forward to the annual Spring Festival Gala. But I do n’t know what happened this year. There was either a power outage or no signal on the TV at home. With a little regret, we had to talk about Shou Shou. Dad talked about the hard journey of Grandpa participating in the Long March of the Red Army. In the vague memory, he seemed to see Grandpa smile warmly. We each plan our future, talk about the ideals of life, tell stories about life, and laughter, always accompanied by the sound of firecrackers everywhere, breaking the tranquility of the old house. In such a big year and thirty nights, happiness unknowingly shows warmth, and we seem to have returned to the original appearance of people, simple, natural, simple and warm.

On the first day of the first month, our family went to Zhanghuaishan in our town. Zhang Huaishan was originally named Tian Ping Shan, and Prince Li Xian of the Tang Dynasty was demoted by his mother to a tartar and drove to Bazhou; only because of "Huangtai Gua Ci" violated the majesty of Wu Zetian, he sent the messenger General Jinwu Qiu Shenji to Bazhou, and Li Xian committed suicide. After the queen's death, Prince Li Xian was enlisted as Prince Zhang Huai because she had read the books and had great ambitions. To express her feelings of remembrance, the temple was called "Zhang Huai Temple", and the mountain was renamed Zhang Huai Shan. Already. The tourist area waived the tickets for a pair of elderly parents, and their parents laughed along the way, like bright flowers. It turns out that happiness is so simple. The happiness of parents is our company, our happiness and peace.

On the second day of the first month, go to the uncle's birthday. On the third day of the first month, I invited my uncles and brothers and sisters to the house to cook in person. Grandparents' sons and daughters, grandchildren and granddaughters have gathered together for more than forty. Today, Tiannanhaibei, everyone is playing their talents in their respective fields. I think, seeing our happiness today, grandparents should also Smile Jiuquan. When I said toast, I was very excited. I care about this family relationship under the same blood. No matter where we are, this blood thicker than water can never change. The New Year has given us the opportunity to gather happiness, and happiness shines on our parents and relatives, and we should warmly shine on ourselves.

Sometimes I think, when I grow old, will I open my mouth without teeth and laugh so much? Eating and eating, will I become more and more beautiful with wrinkles on my face? After one year and another year, I Do you feel happy every new year?

Let happiness live in the taste of the year, I think, I will be happy, we will all be happy. Let us work together for happiness!

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