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Longing for the sunrise and sunset

Time: 2015-05-08 source: reproduced edit: if not you read: times

The winter morning was very cold, and human blood seemed to be lazy. It seemed that it was always in a warm quilt to feel the vitality of life. Thinking of going back to my hometown in the country to celebrate my brother's birthday today, my husband and I were as excited as children. I changed my habit of sleeping on Sundays and woke up long ago. After the clock struck seven o'clock, no more sleepiness, turned over and got up. An hour, washing your face, eating, and all done. Then, ride the motorcycle with great interest, and set off for the country's hometown!

I was most afraid of the cold. I wanted to go to town by bus alone, and my husband was waiting for me at the station in the town. But I was on the whim and temporarily changed my mind. It ’s been a long time since I went out with my husband ’s car. It ’s not a wonderful thing for the two to chat and walk around while walking.

Before getting on the bus, my husband "stood" and buckled his helmet on my head. "Let's put it on, don't catch a cold in a while!"

"How about you?"

"My body is fine. No matter how you look like you, the wind can blow you down."

As soon as I heard this, I laughed: "I am in your heart, Lin Daiyu?"

Wearing a hard hat is actually uncomfortable. The wind in my ears was "buzzing", and none of us could hear him clearly. It is rare to visit relatives and friends with her husband, and to have more exchanges together. Normally, both of us go to work early and return late. At night, I also neglected my husband for that hobby. I remember a while ago, a friend joked: Fortunately, he is not my husband! Otherwise, I must not be able to stand up to my unsatisfactory food, warm clothes, and inexplicable style. Listening to that tone, it seems like I am wicked and unforgiving. I smiled, calmed down and thought, and really left her husband alone. Today is a rare opportunity and I want to talk to my husband. So I pulled up the cover of the helmet, sat behind him, hugged him, leaned against him, and kept talking like a little bird.

"Pull the lid down!" He ordered me.

"Why?" I was puzzled.

"Speaking to the wind, my throat is uncomfortable, and I will cough." I didn't listen to him, so I just talked. "Why aren't you obedient?" I reluctantly pulled down the brim and covered my face and mouth tightly. He asked me again. "Is it cold?" I didn't understand what he meant. He went on to say, "If it's cold, I'll ride the car slower." I finally understood my husband's intentions and was very moved. "It's okay, the sun is out." I glanced at the sky, and a bright round of sun dispelled the faint mist. The sunlight passed through the hazy coldness, through the skin, and reached the sea of heart, my heart was surrounded by a kind of warmth, and bulging. I stopped talking, but leaned on my husband's wide back, letting my eyes look through the lid and admiring the beautiful scenery along the way.

This road is the only way I go to work every day. Every day sitting in the car, those scenery glide quietly under the eyelids. And now, I can finally clearly see the beauty from near to far.

They all say, "Plum blossoms are full of snow." In fact, where is plum blossoms? At this moment, the greens, spinach, and rapeseed on both sides of the highway are beaming with joy, and the spirit is exuding tender green, and those clumps, clusters, patches Golden chrysanthemum becomes a star-like ornament in the green clump. Wang Yuanshan, the green mountains and rivers, rushed like waves. Guanyin bamboo, bamboo, pine and cypress in the mountains, high and low, cascading; emerald green, dark green intertwined, make people feel refreshed, especially the light scent of grass in the air, it is full of eyes Unstoppable joy full of heart.

Near our hometown, our car entered the country road. Although it was tortuous, it was bright and flat. Sitting in the car was very comfortable. Thinking back ten years ago, these roads made people shudder. At that time, I was in class at the village school. One year late in the winter, the town's teachers' meeting was held in the town. Because of the drizzle in those days, the road was muddy and difficult to walk on. There are teachers who ride motorcycles in the school, but I didn't dare to ride, so I went alone. Later, I heard that the teacher rode the car by himself, but he even fell into the ditch with the car. Although it is not a big deal, it is enough to make people scary. It's only been a few years, the muddy road has gone forever, and underneath it is a Kangzhuang road.

The dark green gradually faded, and a large orchard covered with plastic film appeared in front of the eyes. Looking from a distance, it seems as if a large white umbrella is spread out and flew under the blue sky.

More recently, the scent of citrus is blowing towards me, and the scent reminds me of my passionate folks, and those good times in the village class. Every winter, every family's citrus matures. Parents are grateful to the teacher for their children's education, they often bring a big blue, a pocket, a big basket on my way home from school ...

"Isn't this Teacher Luo?" An old lady recognized me as she passed by an orange garden. We stopped the car, took off the helmet, and chatted with the old lady. My aunt asked me, "I heard that you are seriously ill, should you be okay now?" "It's okay, you see, my health is great now!" I smiled happily.

"Come sit and eat citrus." I declined politely. Look up at those oranges. They are big and look far away, like red agates falling on the branches; close-up, like a small lantern hanging on the tree, is a lover. Seeing that I was unwilling to pick it myself, the elder went to pick a few large oranges under the tree. "Eat this. This is mandarin orange. It won't get angry."

I was grateful. I took the few big oranges, peeled them off, put a flap in my mouth, sour and sweet, and the taste was very beautiful. As I ate, I looked around Shino, only to find that not only the road in my hometown changed, but also the fruit trees in my hometown also changed. There are also many types of citrus. When I was young, I ate the most red robe. Compared with ordinary oranges, the taste of red robe tangerine is more sour and sweet, so it doesn't taste a bit delicious. But it is very easy to get angry, especially the elderly people are afraid to eat. In order to avoid the weaknesses of these fruits, people introduced excellent grafting techniques to improve the red robe oranges. They also hang peaches on the plum trees and peaches on the hairy peach trees. Tangerines, various types of oranges, mandarin oranges, etc.

A few years ago, the farmland was reverted to forests. The folks changed the traditional agricultural planting methods, and planted some land without labor to plant giant eucalyptus, bamboo, and turn waste into treasure. The almost barren fields are planted with less expensive, quicker cash crops.

The economic development has improved the quality of life of the villagers. Houses have changed from earth-wall huts to tile houses, then brick houses, and finally to current buildings. In the winter of 2009, in order to solve the problem of people's drinking water, the government lent money to the wells of the villagers, so that the villagers ate clean water. At a glance, solar energy is installed on many roofs. You do n’t need to go to the foot of the mountain for daily water use, and carry water for more than a mile. Many people learn that city people have installed water pipes and water heaters. When children want to eat citrus now, they can eat it at any time. They will not eat citrus as in our childhood. They must get permission from adults. Even more unexpected-the Internet has also entered millions of households. Compared with the people in the city, the peasant's life is, in a way, better than that. Let many people in the city squint!

At the second brother's house, people came to Daohe one by one, and the table was filled with fried peanuts and seeds, and a large basket of oranges was placed near the table. Everyone is rare to get together. The elderly play mahjong, pull "two or seventy", play "six red", young people play mobile phones, go online, and smile.

Apart from the traditional steamed sweet potatoes and glutinous rice with pork on the dining table, the rest are chicken, duck and fish, and the soup is also special. The pork soup used to be a delicious dish, the soup now is Codonopsis, Miren stewed quail bird ...

The days of folks are getting more and more moisturized. It ’s really "sesame flowering every day!"

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