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First love feeling

Time: 2015-05-08 Source: Spring is at dawn Edit: Long time no see

Occasionally, I went home to visit my relatives, and met my ex-girlfriend A on the way. If she didn't call me, I wouldn't recognize it all at once.

She is old, not only has the marks made on her face over the years and has become much older, but also she is not dressed like the school with a cheerful and contemporary atmosphere. Otherwise, I must feel when I walk. After all, she had a first love history with her for a year.

That was when she was in high school, she was more mature and sensible than ordinary girls, and she was like a boy. She was not afraid of the boys looking for her. Unlike most girls, she would not take the initiative to communicate with the boys, nor would she go with the boys after school. In the class, I am the representative of the English class, she is the representative of the math class. It stands to reason that we will not go together, but one day.

That was the third year of high school, and there were so many assignments that everyone was preparing for the college entrance examination. One day, after the bell rang at the end of the evening self-study, when the classmates in the classroom left me and her, she greeted me: "The two of us are left." I looked up and scanned the classroom: "The two of us are left "I learned her tone inexplicably.

She laughed. I also laughed. In fact, we laughed casually and didn't make any intentions. However, the laughter always stopped. When the laughter came to an abrupt end, the classroom suddenly seemed empty, and the bustle and bustling sounds were getting farther away, so I felt a strange feeling in my heart. My heart was flushing, and there was calmness on the surface. I was carrying my homework and preparing to walk with my bag. I didn't know she told me to go together: "Slow down, my classmates are done." Then I waited for me at the entrance of the classroom: "You walk with me, there is a care on the road."

Is there an attendance on the road? Like the tone of a parent. My heart froze and my heart beat faster. Alas.

A man, a dignified man, although a student, never had such a cross talk with a woman in the classroom alone. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was the fate's arrangement. I actually followed her out of the classroom, strolled out of the school gate, and then rode all the way.

The night of that day was very dark. The moon was in the clouds, and it seemed to intentionally cover my face, so as to prevent my cranky thoughts from being exposed to the other side through the face.

We rode along the sidewalk. As for her, she talked about a certain problem in her homework, while looking at me, she asked me why English is so good. I say memorizing words every day, memorizing, reading and writing together. She said she was not afraid to fill in the blanks, she was afraid of dictation. I said that there is a way to improve your English listening ability, and that is to go to the English Corner, where there are foreigners who can communicate with them and learn. She said not so much time. In this way, after she took the initiative to break the silence, she finally got home.

The next night, when she was studying late, she asked me to go with him after class. I promised.

Along the way, we talked more than the day before, and my expression relaxed a lot. On the third and fourth day, she told me to leave school with her every day. No classmate found that the two of us walked together last. So, my courage gradually increased, and my speech was no longer as careful as the previous few times. Just as I thought it was good to be with her, she suddenly handed me a small paper ball: "Go home and see."

When I got home, I hurriedly opened the paper group before putting down my schoolbag. It reads: Like walking with you.

It was not me who invited her to accompany her. It was her initiative. I think back to the days when she was with her classmates, she was always like an elder sister in class, she never walked around boys, talked about things like a tomboy. With such a girl, we do n’t have to worry about it, how good it is to take care of her. She learns to rank a dozen in the class, sometimes in a dozen. It is very good that girls' academic performance can be placed in the class.

So I subconsciously agreed with her often walking together, so we consciously and unconsciously defaulted to a love relationship. So we sometimes hold our hands and walk around the river on Sundays, sitting on a long park chair and looking at the phone while basking in the sun. Although we walked many times in the green area of the riverside park, we did not have close contact between the five senses and the body. Ten days before the June college entrance examination, which was about to graduate from high school, she suddenly grabbed my waist from behind and said: I want to be with you forever, I wonder if you want to.

I was busy returning: I wish.

In this way, the theme is clear. When the college entrance examination was over, the worst summer heat of the year began. I met her every day in the cool air-conditioning fans in her home. She said what kind of career to choose in the future, and asked me if I had any plans. I said not to wait. She said that her neighbor was a former forensic doctor, and now she switched to administrative work. She also said that the graduate student who graduated from the Agricultural University came out. How often will it change to be a workshop management for the private enterprise boss. She said that a new page of her life was about to begin, and she wanted to have a romantic and colorful life in the future. I said, think slowly, dreaming is better than not, and thinking is better than not thinking. Whether it's cranky or realism, the brain must remain active. She laughed to death. Give me a QQ laugh.

We chatted on QQ. We did n’t see each other until we moved. We went to different places until my QQ was not available for a period of time. When I entered the password, I was asked to verify one, two, and three, because I was registered at random, so I filled in the blanks. Wonderful. So I can no longer log into her familiar QQ. But we also have mobile phone communication. Unfortunately, one day, I remembered her mobile phone number. When I wanted to hear her opinions, it was not her but the other person who answered the phone.

Sometimes in life experience, yin and yang are wrong. Inadvertently or accidentally, your choice has changed.

It was the first attempt of love. It was ignorant. It was a companionship of boys and girls. It was a thought experiment without any pressure. It came from the interpretation of Xanadu.

This was my first love, and the only time I had physical contact with her was when she hugged my waist from behind me. At that time, I felt that my heart was about to come out, a strange feeling, and I couldn't help but want to give her a kiss in return, but I couldn't help it, I didn't have the courage. As for her, she blushed and was shy, but she just wanted to take the initiative.

I always respond passively, not because I do n’t understand the point between men and women, but because I ’m afraid of taking too many responsibilities, and I ’m pretending to be in my heart, but my homeschooling did n’t let me develop further. As for the Japanese leader, I want to have a good reputation and be a good man.

When she went a long way, I remembered that she had called my name. Maybe she thought she had recognized the wrong person, but I wasn't in front of her, and she didn't answer. She left quickly. After walking out of a dozen meters away, I want to call her aloud, stop her, and greet her now is OK, want to find a place to chat with her, listen to her, listen to her ...

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