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邂逅 in the town

Time: 2013-04-23 Source: Reprinted Edit: Long time no see

She was a sophomore, and she learned about the small city of Phoenix through Shen Congwen and decided to go alone.

It was early December, and the six-degree weather in Phoenix was not a common weather for a Cantonese. But she still bought a train ticket, carried a small backpack, and put on a small cashmere coat, and embarked on the journey of Phoenix without a second thought.

Entering the small city with light rain, the first thing that catches the eye is the snow bridge, and there are two rows of wooden houses in Linjiang. There are a lot of waterweeds floating on the Minjiang River, and many travelers take their cameras to take pictures.

She found a hanging foot inn in Linjiang. The owner was a native of China and enthusiastically introduced her to the delicious and fun in the town. After packing her luggage, she stood on the second-floor balcony and looked at the women and boating tourists by the riverside. She finally couldn't hold back her excitement, and couldn't care about the fatigue caused by the journey for more than ten hours. Just run outside.

When she went to the boat, the boatman told her to take her alone. When the boat left the river bank, she turned around and found that there was an additional boy on the boat who was wearing a casual hat and holding a SLR. I felt a little discounted when I was in a hurry, but as soon as I thought about it, it was also a good thing to have someone help me take a picture. I asked him to help me take a picture. After a 20-minute boat ride, she learned that he was also visiting the town by himself during the holidays.

There was light rain in the sky, and raindrops sprinkled on the river, ripples rippled in small circles. She touched the cold river and smiled lightly. For her literary youth, such a situation is really very artistic.

When the boat rowed to the winery, they disembarked to visit the winery. He took the opportunity of the boatman to ask her how much money she received. She said a number. He smiled and said that you were cheated, and then said the price that the boatman gave him.

After disembarking, in order to wipe out the haze of being deceived, they decided to find a place for lunch. Even though he was a stranger to her, no less strange than the boatman, she trusted him to follow him without any precaution as if they had known each other for a long time.

Walked along with him for a while, randomly found a restaurant and ordered a few local specialties. After eating and drinking, she offered to share the meal. He smiled and said that he was not used to paying bills by girls, not to mention that he was still a man who was several years older than her and already worked.

Although she is a student, she has no mentality to take advantage, but that move and the words she said from her after she was deceived by the boatman really added a lot of points to him just now.

They hang around in the small town, talking as if they were old friends.

He laughed that she was a idiot. Even if she had a map bought at the station in her hand, even if the town had only 1.8 square kilometers in the mouth of the boss, she would still get lost and still couldn't find the inn she lived in.

He arrived a day earlier than her and said to her that with me, you would not get lost.

Tired of shopping, just sit down at a coffee shop and continue chatting.

Life is like this, stop and go, occasionally meet some people, listen to their stories and think about their own lives.

In fact, before coming to Phoenix, she had a selfish mind, and she was not just for fun and travel. For a long time at her university, she felt very confused. Occasionally she felt wronged and could only keep silent in her heart. She hoped to find the meaning of living in the university through this trip, as well as to countless exams and certification Set your mind right and regain the enthusiasm that was so enthusiastic about the college entrance examination.

He spread out the map of the small city on the coffee table, and used his carbon neutral pen to write essays to draw arrows on the map for the places they visited all afternoon. Ten minutes later, the map was covered with arrows without dead ends. . The town is really small.

He talked lightly about his experience. He said that he went to Tibet by accident, joined the army, and went to college. Now he stays there to work. I came back to take a vacation and came across her by accident. He said that life is made up of countless accidents, which become interesting because they cannot be predicted.

He accompanied her to the postcard shop, and she sent a few postcards to her friends. When the last one was left, she said, I'll write it for you. Then he wrote her an address where he worked in Tibet, and when she wrote the content, she turned back and told him that she shouldn't peek.

He said, I do n’t see it, it does n’t make sense.

She solemnly wrote on the postcard: You have a chance to stay together for thousands of miles, the Millennium Phoenix, waiting for you and me.

The night view of Phoenix is very good. All the wooden houses on both sides of Minjiang River are lit, and there is a variety of music from the bar street. There was a sense of serenity in the prosperity.

They were holding roasted corn, one was roasted corn, and they were walking in the noisy bar street, listening to a variety of music, stopping from time to time to take pictures of exaggerated sketches for female tourists on the road, and to walk the street Pekingese taking photos. So she broke into his lens naturally.

As he passed by a bar named 邂逅, he asked her, are we 邂逅?

She said that the literary youth called us 邂逅, and the second forced youth called us Yanyu.

He said, what is Gao Shuaifu called?

She tilted her head for a moment and thought, it should be Lie Yan.

After that they laughed at each other.

They went to barbecue street for barbecue. There was a big brother who sang along the side of the road holding a guitar and holding a microphone and asked them if they wanted to sing. She told him, no one here knew us anyway, and I wanted to go crazy once. Let the older brother play the guitar for me, I will sing. After she told the brother about this idea, she got permission. She really sang "Listening to the Sea" in the street. The tourists next to the barbecue were all looking back at them. She turned red instantly.

They walked in the small town holding hands, he performed a little magic by the river, told her jokes in various dialects, and sang her Tibetan songs that she learned while studying in Tibet. They share their emotional experiences, interesting stories and experiences.

They didn't think about how they would end up after they were separated. But at that time, the beautiful scenery lined up with them walking along the river in hand, how it was a natural beauty. Her hands that were not adapted to the cold weather were warmed by him, and her heart was also warm.

On the morning of the day of separation, sunshine appeared in the lanes of the town.

They each left the room and took a backpack with their hands for a breakfast.

He intercepted a taxi and took her to the bus station, bought her a ticket for Jishou, and said goodbye to her, and then got out of the car.

She was wearing earplugs while listening to Lisa Ono's "Take Me Home Country Roads".

After a few minutes, he got into the car with the ticket. She didn't speak, gave him a place, and smiled tacitly.

At the end of the real separation, there was no farewell to kiss or hug. He sent her to the taxi, and after paying the taxi fee, the last sentence he told her was: all the way to peace.

She sat in the back seat of the taxi and looked back through the glass to look at his back, and began to feel a little sad.

The driver quipped: If you are not willing, ask him to get in the car together.

She smiled and didn't answer the driver. She knew that some people just walked with her. Wave your hands, and then your horizons.

Her friend has received her postcard. Has he received it?

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