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April Fool's Day

Time: 2015-08-10 Source: Original Edit: Black Pencil Reading: Times


I know, he will soon break up with me.

On April 1 last year, he suddenly asked me to drink. In the bar with ambiguous light, he looked straight at me and said, "Be with me!"

I was totally stupid at the time.

"Don't you like me?"

I shook my head to deny that my heart was beating fast.

"Really?" He smiled, suddenly approaching me ...

An hour later, I texted the dead in the bathroom of the senior.

"I'm going to bid farewell to being single tonight, bless me!"

A quick reply from the dead party: "Who?"

I responded to the senior's name.

The next day I woke up at dawn and saw a text message from the dead party last night: "I know it's April Fool's Day."

After I moved into the senior's house, the dead party knocked me fiercely for fifty dollars.

I still remember the envious expression of the dead.

The dead party said, "Your boy, you're out of luck!"

When he came home tonight, I had cooked the rice and stewed the carp.

He looked so happy that he would be hooligan without changing his slippers.

After eating, he pulled me back to the bedroom to exercise.

Now he went to the kitchen to deal with it.

I messed up the kitchen.

Just now in bed, he hugged me and said, "It's my greatest blessing in my life to meet you! Wait for me to cook tomorrow night!"

I know his former cook was good.

He always said that I was not talented in cooking—he had long berated me.


Last night's show cooking ended in failure, and this morning, he finally got mellow soy milk.

When he finished eating the fried dough sticks, he came over like that and made my face oily.

I urge him to go to work.

Seeing him smile so happily, I suddenly didn't feel distressed. "Holding people's hands is short and eating people's mouths are short." After drinking the soy milk I bought, he probably wouldn't say something that was too uncomfortable when he broke up.

When I was secretly in love with him, I felt uncomfortable occasionally; after I was with him, I felt inferior and lost every day, and I was often bored.

The dead party said, "I have suffered so much, and sooner or later, something will go wrong."


It only takes 15 minutes to walk to work. Every time I lamented his foresight, he said with a smile that he had been planning for a long time.

The morning meeting lasted more than an hour, and I only heard the words "dismissal" clearly.

In the afternoon, I was temporarily notified to work overtime, and wanted to tell him that he didn't have to wait for me to have dinner, only to find that the cell phone was out of power.

I've been thinking about things all day, and my head is about to explode. I eat very little at lunch, and now my stomach starts to scream.

Secretly took out the chocolate cake in the drawer and was planning to fill the hunger, the minister suddenly emerged from behind and smiled a little evil.

"Your cousin is waiting for you downstairs. Go and return."

I came downstairs doubtfully.

"Cousin, are you hungry?" He lifted the insulated lunch box and shook it before my eyes.

"Cousin--" Last year he came to the company to get me the key and was met by a colleague. The colleague asked me who had a relationship with the HL media. I said he was my cousin. This lie continues to this day.

"This," he said, handing over a cell phone battery, "hold it."


"You ─ ─ go back quickly."

"how about you?"

"What do you say?"

Back in the office, sure enough, the chocolate cake was divided up.

It doesn't matter, I have caring omelet.

The Minister shouted, "It's time to close the job-"

I grabbed my backpack and headed straight for the elevator door.

"Why don't you go home and wait for me?"

"I want spicy food." He suddenly said this.

It was windy at night and a bit cold.

Many people were standing in front of the spicy booth.

If only he and his cousin are really like that,

They are still loved ones.

"If you are really my cousin, I will cry."


"I can't hold a grandson, my aunt will definitely cry?"

"Ah? Ah ..." Oops, my mind was so coquettish that I was talking about what I thought.

"You-go home!"


What can make him forget me all his life?

I have to think about it.


I got off work early today, I prepared hot pot ingredients and waited for him to go home.

Turn on all the lights in the house, and there is a boring youth idol show on the TV.

Male No. 2 is my middle school classmate and has a good relationship with my gang. The dead party said that the classmate was a bit irritated and worried.

There was a sudden panic in my heart. He hasn't returned yet.

He was called more than a dozen times and no one answered.

Where is he? With whom?

The dead man comforted me on the phone and said, "He's not the kind of half-hearted person, don't think about it."

What to do? The mind is full of ambiguous pictures of him and others.

The male No. 2 in the TV series is expressionless and confused.

I looked in the mirror and found that I was more like a lunatic than Male II.


After waiting all night, he didn't go home.

Had to call his colleague.

His colleague, it was too much! He was even said to be a bastard and ...

I am with him every day, how can he ...

Really annoying!

When he returns, I must tell him not to deal with that unethical colleague anymore.

I haven't slept for two days and I'm a little sleepy.

Maybe when I wake up to sleep, he lies beside me.

He won't break up with me silently.

No matter how late, he will definitely go home.


Had a long dream.

The senior said, "I don't like women."

"Oh." Even if the senior doesn't love women, I won't have a chance.

"What do you think of Song Fei?"

"Very good." Sure enough, he already had his heart.



At that time, the campus atmosphere was far more conservative than he is now. He and Song Fei behaved intimately in front of people and did not shy away.

I saw it, my heart was sore.

The senior said that I was a good boy at the end of the century, but I didn't know how jealous I was.

One weekend I went to electives for him.

The teacher called out the roster and I answered it quietly.

The teacher looked up and said with a smile, "Come on for a friend?"

There was a burst of laughter in the classroom, and I just felt hot on my face.

He and Song Fei went on a date.

That day, I learned that I look a bit like Song Fei.

Even so, my jealousy towards Song Fei has not diminished, but I even look forward to Song Fei's lover.

Last year, the senior said on the phone that he and Song Fei broke up.

I knew it was April Fool's Day, but I was still ecstatic.

Later, he was foolishly with him.

How could I not mind that he came out for another man?

I'm very mind!

But I dare not say it.

Over the years, I have been carefully hiding my dark side, pretending to be kind and generous.

He never said he loved me, and I didn't dare to ask.

wake up.

He's right next to me.

"How did you cry? Have nightmares?"

I hugged him and sucked my nose, speechless.

I heard that Song Fei recently went out with a man. I thought he was him.

Really not him?



I took courage and said, "Let's break up!"


Because this matter is brought up by me now, I will feel better. I did think so before, but it still seems uncomfortable.

"I was caught temporarily to get out of business. Will you break up as soon as I get home?"


"What have you eaten these two days?"

I thought about it and said, "Coke"

"I ask if you eat?"

I shake my head.

"why you do not want to eat?"

What to do? He seems angry. I had to answer truthfully: "I thought you were looking for Song Fei."

He flicked my forehead with his fingers, and exclaimed, "You--"

"I'm wrong!" According to past experience, if he wants to get rid of his breath quickly, he must apologize as soon as possible.

"You are sick-how can you treat suspicion?" He looked at me with a complex look.

"I was wrong." I repeated it, though I didn't know where I was wrong.


He took me to the hospital, and the doctor said that I looked good.

I asked the doctor, "Why do you prescribe me again? I'm not sick."

Suddenly the waist tightened, and a soft voice sounded in my ear: "Obey!"

"I'm not sick. Why do you all force me to take medicine?" I mumbled.

The doctor suddenly stopped smiling, frowning and asked, "Who are you talking to?"

"My cousin." I looked at the lover standing beside me, and my face was a little hot.

The doctor opened his mouth, his face difficult to open.

I secretly stabbed the culprit with two fingers, but he smiled painlessly.

I pulled his arm and said, "Cousin, let's go home!"

"唉 ──" The doctor sighed and said, "Wait a minute! I want to talk to your cousin, can you?"

I nodded. Although I am cranky, I never doubt the doctor-he is a good man.


"Cousin! Cousin!"

He is gone!

"Doctor, have you seen my cousin?"

The doctor shook his head.

"he's gone?"

The doctor was silent.

I remember.

On the phone, the phrase "that bastard is dead" that his colleague said was true.

Half a year ago, I accidentally saw him and Song Fei outside the window of the cafe.

I even packed up and left without asking.

He called me, I didn't answer, but I was hoping that he would find me immediately.

But this time, he couldn't find me anymore.

When he saw him again, he was pale and his lips were purple.

I asked tremblingly, "Are you cold?"

He lay there and refused to open his eyes to see me.

He must be angry with me.

"Sorry! I know it's wrong!"

What went wrong?

"I shouldn't be jealous. I should believe you. OK, don't be mad at me, let's go home, cousin."


"Have you taken medicine on time lately?" The doctor asked.

"I do not have.

"who are you?"

"Zhuang Yu."

"What's your cousin's name?"

"My cousin ... I'm sorry, is he actually my cousin? He is my senior and ... my lover."

"What's his name?" The doctor continued.

"His name is ... sorry, I forgot."

"Think again."

"I said, I forgot, I can't remember! What do you ask his name for? He won't like others even if he dies!" I yelled.

The doctor was silent for a while and said, "Xie Kun, you go back and remember to take the medicine on time."

"I'm not Xie Kun! I'm not!"

The doctor patiently said, "You are not, calm down, okay?"

I can't calm down, why must I be reminded ?!

Indeed, I am Xie Kun and Zhuang Yu is my lover.

I wisely met Zhuang Yu on April Fool's Day, thinking that even if he refused, he could still use his April Fool's joke as an excuse to continue to be his good senior.

After that, it went quite well, and I thought that I could be with him.

I'm afraid he will laugh at me when he knows the truth. I am the perfect lover in his eyes. How can I do that kind of thing?

So, I said nothing about the so-called "ex-boyfriend", but never thought that he cared so much about my short "ambiguous relationship" with Song Fei.

Half a year ago, Zhuang Yu suddenly ran away from home, and I went out to find him.

By the time I found him, it was too late ...

it's all my fault.

It was my ignorance and arrogance that killed my favorite person.

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