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Let's live together 呗

Time: 2015-07-08 Source: Original Edit: North of Mobei Reading: Times

Lan Yi and I belong to such strange friends. When I was in college, there was a bedroom. The relationship was good, but at the beginning, I did n’t know each other ’s secrets. After all, no one can be okay to be gay. Just talk about it. Later, when you accidentally went to gay, you happened to run into it, and then you knew that they had been gay for a long time. Everyone says that there is no pure friendship between men and women, and some people say that there is no pure friendship between two gays, but the fact is that the friendship between the two of us is still pure. The two of us did not work until we graduated from college. I crossed the thunder pond once and went to gay for a couple of occasions on Saturday. I went to relax most of the time. Occasionally it was only 419. Most of the time, he went to solve the physical needs to find 419, and occasionally relax and drink.

One time I went back to my hometown for more than a month on vacation, and the next day I came back to the bar to report, and I met a person who made me feel very interesting. Everyone called him Li Mingjie, and I heard he came here For more than a month, I didn't find the 419 target. Many people took the initiative to chat, but they were declined. I think it's very interesting. Generally, it ’s really not like him, so I ran to chat. In the end, the man laughed and laughed at me, "Brother, are you an adult." This hit me. Although we are not tall, we still have a full baby face. I have been an adult for several years. "Regardless of the process, as a result, my friendships have failed.

The next morning, when Lan Yi returned, I had finished my breakfast and sat on the sofa for a while. After entering the room, Lan Yi sat consciously at the table and started to eat. After eating, I also consciously Run to wash dishes, basically, this good habit has been maintained for more than two years.

After graduating from university, Lan Yi and I were hired to work in a company. I was in the business and he was in the after-sales service. The salary was enough to support myself. The rent in S city was very scary. So the two of us decided to share the two rooms. The one-room house was more than two 365 days away.

"Zixi, my shampoo is gone, I use yours."

Lan Yi's voice came from the bathroom,

"Use it."

I continue to read the newspaper reference information in my hand. I have no hobbies. I just like to watch the newspapers about national affairs.

"My shower gel is gone, I use yours."

"Use it."

I sighed. The man was still there. He finally settled down without squeaking. After a while, Lan Yi wiped her hair and came out.

"Zi Xi, when you went to the supermarket, you helped me buy shampoo and shower gel, oh, and toothpaste seemed to be almost gone."

I put down the newspaper impatiently,

"I see, I see, Master, what else do you have to tell me?"

Lan Yi saw my impatience, and pleased and pleased,

"Who told you to be my buddy? If you don't help me, who will help me."

I sigh, every time I block this sentence, can't I change a sentence?

"It's pitiful to be your buddy. Lasa is almost ready to serve you after eating, drinking, and sleeping."

I started busy work on Monday. I kept typing on the keyboard without stopping. The phone on the desk rang from time to time. What's the meaning of busy feet hitting the back of the head? You can never imagine it.

After all, it was noon until noon break. I just smashed two meals and I went back to the office. Do the work at hand and do more. The more you accumulate, the better you can solve it earlier. Besides, it ’s Lan Yi ’s birthday and it ’s good at night To give him a birthday.

"Are you busy, have you eaten?"

Lan Yi held a hamburger in front of me,

"You are back so soon on a business trip."

"That machine malfunction is small, it can be solved in two or three times, it's easy."

I stopped typing on the keyboard and took out a beautifully packed carton from the drawer.

"Well, here you are, a birthday present."

Lan Yi smiled, picked up the carton and started to disassemble,

"Yo, isn't this my favorite brand, man, thank you."

"Okay, get out, don't bother me sitting here."

"Well, I've become a hindrance."

Speaking, Lan Yi turned away and I continued to tap on the keyboard. In fact, the birthday gift was a cologne that a colleague brought back from Hong Kong. I do n’t know what brand, but Lan Yi always said this brand of perfume Very nice, perfume is not nice I do n’t know, I know the price is nice.

There were n’t many people who ate at Black Swan at night. I had a few good colleagues. I deliberately did n’t drink much wine. It ’s already over 9 o’clock after drinking at a table. Female colleagues have been taken by men. When my colleague sent me home, I drove Lan Yi's car back to the rented house. It was already half past ten. I tried to help people into the house and hesitated by the bedside. You can say, it ’s hot in this hot day. If I ca n’t sleep well, I do n’t say anything, and my body is smelly, but if I ’m showering, I ’ll punch him. For a moment, I fate to help people into the bathroom.

After I washed him, I was completely wet, and I managed to finish my work. I was finally relieved and went to bed.


On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and finally till Friday, after work, Lan Yi and I came to the Fate Bar as usual. Lan Yi didn't know which brother was missing again. I sat at the bar and drank my wine.

"Brother, I invite you to a bar."

I turned my head and wanted to see who was looking for me.

"Sir, don't you think I'm a minor."

"I think you're an adult now."

I sneer, shit, the world is strange, everyone has it,

"I'm not interested in being with you 419 right now."

"When did I say I'm looking for you 419, my brother, I just want to invite you to drink. For your type, I don't have enough experience at first sight. I like more experience."

I was so annoyed that my hand holding the glass was shaking,

"Ducks have more experience, as much experience as you want."

The man didn't talk anymore, he kept screaming at me.

"Brother, you are so cute."

"Go, who are you cute?"

"My name is Li Mingjie, and you brother."

I did n’t even bother to ignore him. I turned around and left. Damn, I do n’t think I have any experience. I rely on it. My name is clean body.

As soon as I got home, I ran in front of the computer and started searching. After searching for a long time, I didn't find what I was looking for.

"What are you looking for? It's like being stolen by a thief."

"Did you go to the hotel today?"

"Ah, I didn't find anyone interested today."


I continued to find the drawer,

"What the hell are you looking for."

"Gay tablets."

I answered without looking up,

"What's wrong, what is it?"

"Fuck, someone said I knew I was inexperienced at first glance. Damn it hurt my pride."

Lan Yi started laughing on the sofa,

"You are inexperienced in the first place, and you are afraid that people will tell you."

"Go away, gay movie, where did you put it?"

"You're not, do you want to watch and accumulate experience."

"Let me see where my experience is insufficient."

Lan Yi didn't say anything, turned around and entered the room. When he came out later, he took a few discs.

"Come in, don't hinder me from researching."

Lan Yi desperately laughed, seemed to want to say something, but entered the room without saying anything.

Early in the week, I heard that the new general manager is here today. I continued the work at hand and waited for the general affairs notice to let me go to the meeting. Then I stopped the work at hand and took the notebook into the conference room.

"Dear colleagues, this is the general manager of Li Mingjie who has just been transferred from Suzhou Trade to our company."

As soon as I raised my head, I opened my mouth in amazement. No, this world is small. I didn't expect to run into enemies. Later, when I had this meeting, I basically had a blank brain.

After the meeting, I continued my busy work. I forgot about it and when I finished working overtime, I saw Li Mingjie standing at the door of the office.

"Brother, I didn't expect you to return my subordinates."

"You have been here for more than a month to report to the company. It is good to be a leader."

"Do you first understand the revolutionary bases, and by the way observe the position of gay."

"I didn't expect the new general manager of our company to be a hooligan."

"Ha ha ha ha, Qin Zixi, you are so funny."

After more than a month, I found that you seem to think that he is a beast, in fact, he is not such a beast. He has been in contact with Li Mingjie for a long time, and found that when he works, he really has the leadership frame, and there is such a mature man Charm.

Venue: Destiny Bar, Character: Me and Lan Yi

"Ah, you said, looking for someone to live a lifetime, in fact Li Mingjie is quite suitable, don't you think."

Lan Yi was stunned,

"Brother, what do you say?"

"No, I just think that at this age, it's time to find someone who can live together. Although he is a rogue and doesn't want to adjust, he is generally a good man."

I held my wine glass and did it like never before,

"Handsome guy, ask me for a drink."

The N + 1th younger brother came over to chat with Lan Yi. This time, this seems to be Lan Yi's favorite type, so Lan Yi did not refuse. I shrugged, consciously signaled to go first, and Lan Yi waved her hand to reply.


In a blink of an eye, in August, the company organized tourism every August. I went to Guilin last year and Beijing to the previous year. It seems that I heard that I went to Xi'an this year. In fact, I really do n’t have much interest in travel. Gold miners don't like to go out, but if you travel, it doesn't seem to give the company's leadership a face.

Our company is a trading company. There are only 17 people. When booking airline tickets, it is natural to be numbered. Li Mingjie sits in front of me, Lan Yi and I are in a row. When I get on the plane, I start preparing to sleep. As soon as I had a problem, I wanted to sleep as soon as I got on the vehicle. I wobbled from right to left, and I felt awkward about how to sleep. I turned around and looked at Lan Yi with his ears listening to the song with a pleasant ear. Yi's shoulders are not my cheeky, but they are usually blue cheeky, and occasionally I can't be overstated.

When I got off the plane, I still felt drowsy. Fortunately, we went directly to the hotel to rest today and did n’t go out to play. We have a total of 17, 8 female colleagues, 9 male colleagues, Li Mingjie himself, and the rest just happened There are 8 double rooms, Lan Yi and I entered the room with my luggage, and I was too lazy to organize them, and continued to sleep on the bed.

I went to sleep at night, and followed Lan Yi to find food. This guy had Baidu pasted the location of the Xi'an Foraging Department before coming to Xi'an, so we easily found a restaurant, and the restaurant business was very good. Most of the guests are a group of people eating and drinking at a table. It is estimated that they are tourists traveling to Xi'an. The two of us who were alone in Lan Yi were very desolate. They stood in line and waited for the place. We greeted the past, the northerners were hearty, and we sat politely.

The two of us who have n’t punched in N years, we lost completely, we did n’t eat much food, we drank a lot of wine, it was a little early in the morning when we finished the taxi and returned to the hotel. This rushed a cool ink, and after waiting for a long time, people came out easily.

When I took a shower and was ready to go out, I realized that I did n’t bring any clothes in. So, I picked up a towel around me and made it up. I pretended to go out quite naturally, but I was still surprised by Lan Yi.

"Hey, never seen such a good figure?"

Lan Yi smiled,

"I said, I always thought you were white, but I didn't expect to be whiter than my face."


I wiped my hair with a towel and ignored him. In fact, I just felt inexplicably embarrassed. I was about to pick up a T-shirt and put it on. Lan Yi's claws touched.

"This skin is really good."

I swiped over, maybe too hard, and knocked Lan Yi straight down.

"Hey, are you okay."

Still no response, as soon as I put my hand on his shoulder, I was dragged down by him, and Lan Yi rolled over and pressed it down.

"I rely, you did it on purpose."

Lan Yi grinned, and I couldn't help laughing. Seeing that this person was in his twenties and still so naive, smiling and laughing, I couldn't laugh anymore. It was obvious that Lan Yi's lower body was somewhere. There is something hard against me.

"You ... you are not ..."

Lan Yi didn't answer me, her head went down, what else would I say, her mouth was blocked by Lan Yi's mouth. . . . . .

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't believe what happened the night before. You said that we two had been in peace for so many years, and suddenly came like this, and more than once. . . . . .

Thinking seriously, the doorbell rang,

"Two sirs, we have assembled."

The voice of a tour guide sounded outside the door,

"Oh, immediately, ten minutes."

I quickly answered, while talking, pushing Lan Yi,

"Hey, get up."

"Well, um ..."

Lan Yi responded vaguely, suddenly holding my head, snapping, kissed my forehead, and I depended, and definitely treated me as a 419 subject.


We went to the North Square of Dayan Pagoda first, and then went to see the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang. Along the way, Lan Yi and I were quite awkward as usual. When we returned to the hotel, we ate at the hotel's western restaurant casually. After a bit, then I disbanded and rested. I took two bites and prepared to go upstairs. As soon as I stepped out of the door, I was stopped by Li Mingjie.

"Xiao Qin, why eat so little."

Turned around and raised the corners of his mouth,

"Oh, the leader still cares if his subordinates are full."

Li Mingjie didn't care about my yin and yang, but he kept laughing,

"Go, I'll take you to the Huimin Street in Xi'an."

I think I ’m fine anyway. It does n’t matter if I just go shopping. The Muslim Street in Xi'an is near the mosque. There are a lot of snack bars, the most of which is the lamb bubble shop. Followed by Li Mingjie, Li Mingjie ordered two , I learned the look of Li Mingjie, a little bit of cake-shaped buns and throw them into the soup.

"what about the taste."

Li Mingjie looked at me with a smile,

"It's delicious."

After eating mutton, I followed Li Mingjie to the bar. The singer of the bar sang an unknown English song on the stage. Li Mingjie said that he felt that I was the kind of person who could live, and Li Mingjie said that he wanted to settle down and find a living Yes, so I did n’t talk to those who actively took the initiative in gay bar. Li Mingjie said, would you like to give me a chance, let ’s live together. . . . . . When I returned from the bar, it was more than 10 o'clock. Li Mingjie lived on the 11th floor. I live on the 10th floor. When the elevator reached the 10th floor, I just wanted to go out, but Li Mingjie stopped me.

Li Mingjie went into the room stupidly, and Li Mingjie was confusedly pressed on the bed. If it wasn't for the phone to ring suddenly, I would have slept into bed with Li Mingjie stupidly. The phone rang. Li Mingjie didn't want me to answer the phone, I still pushed him to answer the phone.

"Zixi, where are you, so late, you are not coming back yet?"

At the other end of the phone, Lan Yi's careful voice came.

"I'll go back soon."

"Don't go back tonight."

Li Mingjie kissed my earlobe while whispering in my ear,

"Zixi, I ..."

"I'll hang up first, I'll go back soon."

Hang up, I pushed Li Mingjie hard, Li Mingjie didn't say anything, just smiled at me,

"Leader, it's late, I'm going back, good night."

I picked up the bag and walked out. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Lan Yi leaning against the wall and holding me at the door. I closed the door and walked straight forward. Lan Yi kept behind me.

As soon as I entered the room, I was hugged by Lan Yi. I have never tried such a rude kiss in my life. I tried my best to push Lan Yi away.

"You fucking want to eat me, bite so hard."

Lan Yi didn't speak, staring at me all the time,

"Zi Xi, let's live together together."

I was stunned, staring blankly at Lan Yi's face, and for a long time, I came to understand what he meant,

"Dude, are you amused, do you live like this?"

"Don't you just live, do you think we lived together for more than two years?"

I sigh,

"Lan Yi, that's different."

"It's different."

"It's different everywhere."

"I feel the same."


That night, I had insomnia. I thought Lan Yi might not have fallen asleep. I lay with my back to him and could hear his voice turning over and over. I think I need to think hard.

I went to Huashan the next morning, and then we went back to S city by plane. When I got back, I changed the position with the little girl in the front row and sat next to Li Mingjie. Actually I could n’t sleep, but I did n’t want to wake up. Pretending to sleep with your eyes closed, what ’s so different? In fact, the difference is that Li Mingjie and I, at best, live a life, and then we can continue to live, if we ca n’t live, we pull down. If we can continue, the relationship will slowly develop It became, but if I changed to Lan Yi, I do n’t know what it would be. In fact, I always liked Lan Yi, not like friends, but simply like a man, if not, who I am willing to wash clothes and cook like an old mother every day, but I think it is clear that I and Lan Yi, in the end, are more suitable as friends than as lovers. Friends can be separated for a lifetime.

When getting off the plane, Li Mingjie said, Xiao Qin, I asked you that day, and you gave me a reply after considering it, and I nodded, no matter what the result was after thinking, I would give a reply.

Back to renting a house, Lan Yi kept his face stretched, as if I owed him millions. I wanted to say something, but decided not to say, and to make more mistakes.

The next day, I went to work as usual, Lan Yi didn't show up all morning. In the afternoon, General Manager Xiao Liu called me and said that Lan Yi repaired the machine and hurt his hand with a bounced blade. I was shocked at that time. I took a vacation and rushed to the hospital. Lan Yi's bottle was almost finished.

"Are you OK."

"It's okay, I need a few stitches, get a tetanus, go back and take some anti-inflammatory medicine, and change the medicine regularly."

I nodded, busy taking the doctor's order to pay, Lan Yi never said a word, left the hospital, I went to the nearby supermarket, bought some food, bought some keel, and went back to stew.

By the time I got out of the kitchen, Lan Yi had fallen asleep on the sofa. I turned off the TV,

"Lan Yi, get up to eat."

I usually never feel so depressed when I eat. I am almost depressed because of depression. I put down my chopsticks and watch Lan Yi poke the rice in the bowl.

"Lan Yi, what do you want to say?"

"What can I do."

"Don't make yin and yang strange."

"Qin Zixi, if I say I like you, do you believe me?"

"Do not believe."

I really do n’t believe it. It ’s been so many years. I do n’t like it. Now I suddenly say who I like.

"Qin Zixi, I may have liked you for a long time, but I didn't know it myself. At first I thought you said that Li Mingjie could live a joke, so I didn't care, but later I found it to be true, I felt bad and thought of you I was in a fire with him in bed ... You see, do you choose to be with me or with him, and then we will not be friends. "

Have you ever seen such a multiple choice question, I saw it for the first time, but I chose the first option. . . . .

"You said in my heart whether he is important or you are important."

Lan Yi finally laughed,

"of course, I."

I sighed frankly, and sometimes I have to look forward to life, okay, let me look forward to see what the results will be.

Lan Yi is very self-serving. Since she was together, Lan Yi has not been to the bar. Occasionally I said that when I went to the bar, he always refused. He would help to wash vegetables and cook together every day after work. He would also help clean the room together on weekends. This was never the case before formal relations were established.

One evening, Lan Yi and I had dinner and smoked on the balcony. In S in mid-September, the autumn mood had already begun. The autumn wind blowing at night was very comfortable.

"Zixi, in fact, you already like me."

The smoking man turned his head suddenly, with a treacherous smile, I stunned, and then laughed,

"I'm still thinking when you will find out."

Lan Yi suddenly dragged me over and hugged,

"Come and save money together, buy a house soon."



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