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Love Spicy

Time: 2015-07-08 Source: Original Editor: Borage Girl Reading: Times

Qin Zixi said:

Love is like hot and spicy food.

Love is like hot and spicy, it's not delicious when it's cold, and it doesn't taste like that when it's hot again.

Love is like hot and spicy. You can clean it up and eat it, so why not ask for so much.

Really hypocritical man! I can't help but roll my eyes at the man who is singing. This is a department dinner and not a personal show. What is he showing there? The man who is singing. He is Lan Yi, sales manager, my head. Boss, six-figure annual salary, age 28, graduated from X University, has a house and a car, looks and has money, I call it four youth, why do you hate him? To trace it back, it was from a year ago when I came to the company On the first day of work, I began to crook my head to remember. However, let me talk about why I came to S City.

I came to S city because of a person, he is my lover, Allen, and forgot to say that I am a man, and Allen is also a man, yes, I am a gay.

Allen and I met from a gay website. At the beginning, everyone just wanted to troubleshoot, because when they looked at each other's eyes, they became fixed objects. At that time, Allen was still in high school. When did it start? I was concerned about Aaron. It should be a certain picture of him being blocked in an alley by accident. I didn't know what I thought at the time. Anyway, I just ran over to help beat people. To be honest, I It hasn't been fighting for many years. Later, we determined the relationship of love. Allen passed the S test in the third year of high school, and I followed the south to this strange city. Love is like hot and spicy food, so it ’s cool to eat, so I must guard Good our feelings, can't let the distance be beautiful but disappear.

Allen went to school and I went out to look for a job. Although I didn't have a high degree, I was lucky enough to be accepted by this good company because I had a certain work experience. I think I was lucky, at least before I came to work.

Three days after the interview, the suit I was wearing came straight to work, and I was really happy. Sister Liu of the personnel asked me to report directly to the sales department. I went confidently to the office with the sales department brand and walked to the door. A beautiful woman greeted with a smile.

"You are the new employee who is coming to report today. The manager said that he wanted you to come into his office and look for him."

"Thank you. I'm Qin Zixi. Please take care of me in the future."

I thanked the beauty and walked to the manager's office. Because the manager happened to be on a business trip during the interview, the deputy manager interviewed me. I have never seen the manager. I hope to be a handsome guy and look comfortable at work.

I really look forward to it. The manager must be a handsome guy, but when I just walked to the door of the manager's office and raised my hand to knock, the door suddenly opened. This may not be a big deal, but the key is that the door It was pushed outwards. Before I could react, the door in front of me was in intimate contact with my body instantly, and the door was pushed open with a violent force, knocking me directly to the ground, "Zla", I Hearing the sound of my trousers crotch crotch, but the culprit ignored it and I went straight to the other handsome guy who wanted to help me get up.

"Guan Lei, I have made this document better!"

With that said, a pile of data was slammed on the table, but the person who dropped the data turned into the office without looking at me.

I even killed him at the time. The suit was a birthday gift that Allen worked for 3 months and bought for me. Although the size is a bit small, it is my favorite suit. In addition, I have never been so embarrassed, at least never opened my crotch in front of so many people. The culprit is my top boss Lan Yi.

Since that day, I have officially become a member of the sales department of company S, and I also officially hate my top boss, Lan Yi.

Recalling these irritated teeth, it looked at Lan Yi who was still intoxicated and roared. I stared hard, I stared, I stared, I stared.


Everyone was applauding. Lan Yi finally ended his embarrassment. Lan Yi put down Mike and sat next to me. I tried to hold my mouth up.

"Mr. Lan, Hei Tu speaks well. People sing for money, you always sing."

Everyone in the box stared at me, including Lan Yi, who frowned slightly. I laughed secretly, but still kept calm.

Guan Lei suddenly laughed, I watched Guan Lei's idiot laughed, and shook my head helplessly. Our department's incomprehensible head is missing a string, or a famous university. With a sip, I couldn't help smiling, I am the least afraid of offending people, especially offend people I hate, but I will never admit that the song he just sang was not too bad.

The corner of his eyes turned towards Lan Yi, who was sitting next to him. There was no angry expression on his face, and he tilted his head and looked at me with a smile on his face.

I was lying alone on the double bed, lost, Allen couldn't come back tonight, alas, I was so lonely. . .

I ca n’t sleep when I go over and over, and suddenly I think of Lan Yi. I think he is the thing that makes me the most happy. I still remember last April Fool ’s Day, our department had a dinner party, Lan Yi was late, and all of us sat Waiting at the table, I can't help it.

"Let's play something interesting."

The people were puzzled and interested in what I said, and I couldn't help laughing.

"Leave it to me. You don't have to worry about it. I'll take care of it."

As a result, I pulled out the whole thing from the school day. When Manager Lan entered the door, I took a bowl of noodles in my hand, and Manager Lan became a snowman. I laughed and laughed for a long time. Only to find out that I am the only one laughing and the others are silent.

Manager Lan's gaze rushed towards me. The meaning of that little look is, boy, wait and see.

As for me, I am extremely innocent at Lan Yile.

"This is punishment for those who are late. Everyone waits so hungry for so long. You are always an entertainment guy."

I couldn't help but start laughing, remembering that period, it was really cool, smiling and smiling, I started to feel sleepy, before I went to sleep, I still have a close-up of the face of Snowman Lan Yi.

Days passed, I have been working in company S for 2 years, and when I fell in love with Aaron on the 1372th day, I finally found that Aaron had not been home for several days, I tried to call his mobile phone , Has been in a state of no answer, I began to worry, worrying about whether he had something unexpected.

When I was off work, I went to S University to find Aaron. The people in Aaron's dormitory said that Aaron came to class every day, but he didn't go back to bed in the evening to sleep. Classes are on time every day, but where do you live if you do n’t return at night?

I walked out anxiously, just when I came to the South School gate, I saw a familiar figure standing in front of a silver-gray Audi. That person was Allen. He was not alone, but was standing with another man. The man took Aaron's hand. Aaron did not refuse to keep his head down. I wanted to rush to question Aaron, but I stopped to wait for the man to leave.

Allen was flustered when he saw me. I should be glad that at least he was flustered. I couldn't help laughing at myself.

We sat side by side on stone chairs on the college campus,

"Why not talk, don't you want to say something?"

I took the cigarette case out of my pocket and ignited one for myself. I rarely smoked, and only ordered one when I was in a bad mood.


Allen keeps his head down and covers his face with both hands. I can't see his expression. I would rather believe his expression at this moment is guilty.

"Why, am I bad for you?"

"You're nice to me, but ...

I smiled bitterly and threw away the unsmoked cigarettes,

"In the future, be sure to eat breakfast, don't picky eaters often, and add clothes by yourself when it's cold ...

I turned around and left. I don't want to make him embarrassed. Love is like hot and spicy, it's not so good when it's cold, and it doesn't taste like that when it's hot, so why bother to entangle it.

I was lying on the sofa in a daze. It turned out that the house we rented was so large that it suddenly made me feel a bit lonely. I got up and picked up the key to go out. It seems that I have heard before that there is a good gay city.

I sat alone at the bar and drank. I didn't drink alcohol, I was lonely. It seems that the phrase is very popular on the Internet. Can I lie to myself that my brother is not upset when he is sad, but is dumped when he is sad. I'm curious why I'm not as sad as I thought, because it is because I don't love Allen, yes, I don't love him, I just like him.

The more annoying people will appear more often. When I saw a familiar figure coming in, I suddenly thought of this sentence, because that person was Lan Yi, but I completely ignored the surprise he appeared in the gay bar. different.

I admit that I am very hurt. When I saw Lan Yi seemingly following a person behind me, I deliberately ran to Lan Yi and stopped him with a low smile.

"Ah, Manager Lan, I said, why haven't you visited us recently? It turned out that there are new people. I said, Manager Lan, it's not easy to do our business. Don't forget that you haven't given the last night Fee. "

I saw Lan Yi's expression startled from the beginning to a playful smile later, and then I started to feel a bit wrong. Before I could react, the man behind Lan Yi came over.

"Zixi, what a coincidence, you are here too."

I admit that I'm about to collapse. The person is not Guan Lei. I smiled awkwardly, and I didn't know what to answer. In the end, I escaped ashamed.

The next day, I rubbed my sore head. This is the disadvantage of drinking too much. Suddenly a cup of tea was placed on my table. I looked up and was surprised. It was Lan Yi. He was looking at me with a smile. He coughed twice, then picked up the drinking glass and started drinking. He turned and left, and I thought as he drank. Actually, this person is also good.

At noon, Guan Lei sat in the position opposite me and stared at me. I embarrassedly put two mouthfuls in my mouth and thought of walking away, but Guan Lei suddenly held me, so I had to sit down.

"Zi Xi, haven't you gone to see a doctor? The First People's Hospital is pretty good. Go and see."

I thought to you, dude, are you sick, and your thinking mode is short-circuited.

"Zixi, that, that what, how long have you been doing that?"

I am silent, why is this question so weird.

"Zi Xi, actually, well, our company's salary is not low. Why are you doing this? It's bad for your body. It should be very hard."

I think I must have a low IQ, otherwise I won't understand what Ya is talking about.

"What did I do?"

Guan Lei looked around, then lowered his voice near me,

"Well, don't you mean that Manager Lan owes you an overnight fee, what ...?"

This time I really understood, but at the same time I broke out, I patted the table and stood up.

"Guan Lei, I tell you, if you don't understand, don't tell me, I will sue you for attacking me."

I turned around and walked to the office, NN, I was not angry that he misunderstood that I was MB, and I was angry that homosexuality was a disease in his eyes. This account was also considered Lan Yi.

I slept all day on Saturday, usually with Allen and me, and now I am left alone, and I feel boring at all. After dinner, I watched TV for a while, and it was all family dramas that were covered with ink. Finally decided to go gay.

As soon as I walked into the bar, I saw Lan Yi sitting at the bar and drinking. I stopped and stopped, let's go, so I walked over and sat next to him.

"Why didn't Guan Lei go with you?"

"He came scared once."

"Oh, I don't think he is."

"Yeah, he isn't."

I ca n’t help but want to laugh. Through my careful observation, Lan Yi is definitely interesting to Guan Lei, but Guan Lei is straight. I do n’t need to say that. Looking at Lan Yi ’s expression at this time, I really ca n’t help but gloat. God, forgive me, Amen.

In the morning, I opened my eyes. Today is Sunday's cleaning, but when did the ceiling change? I turned my head.


"What happened."

The man lying next to me sits up and looks at me, cups, cups of red luoluo, if you are me, lying on the same bed with a man, and feel a certain position of fart P It hurts, then you will scream like this.

"You, you, what did you do to you."

I raised my finger at Lan Yi,

"Huh? I don't remember."

"Fuck, don't you remember? My asshole is hurting to death. His mother said you don't remember. I want to die."

I was angry, my mother, I did everything, and I do n’t remember when I finished.

"I will be responsible for you."

Lan Yi looked at me seriously, and I stared at him staring at him, for a moment, I couldn't help sighing.

"Well, I'm a man. You don't need to develop your style."

I reluctantly stood up and dressed, and when I was dressed, I left. Although it still hurts, I still walked out of his house as if it were all right.

When I got home, I saw a key on the coffee table. I recognized it as Allen's key. I looked around. The things belonging to him were gone. I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. I know it's because Allen is still because of Lan Yi.

Early in the morning on Monday, as usual, I squeezed buses, breakfast, work, lunch, work, work, and a busy day. I rubbed my stiff neck and stood at the bus station and waited for the bus. It was about to squeeze, thinking about it, a car suddenly stopped in front of me.

"Get in the car, I'll show you back."

I got in without any hesitation, who wouldn't sit for nothing.

"let's eat together."

I did n’t refuse. Who does n’t have a free dinner?

Lan Yi and I became friends. It was weird. After sleeping for one night, I became friends, not to mention, I hated him before that.

I often eat and drink together, and occasionally play tennis together on a weekend. Of course, all the orders are rich and the more I get, the more I understand this person, the more I understand the more I think this person is good. As for this person I know a little bit about it, you absolutely can't see that this person is so old and playing secret crush, and his secret crush object is not what I expected, is Guan Lei, of course, these are not what I asked, It was someone who muttered drunk.

A long time passed, when I found out that I was late in the pit, I fell in love with Lan Yi, not like it, but true love. . . . . . I always wantonly to be a friend with him, but I forgot two things. One thing is, I forgot that I was a gay, just like a man and a woman have absolutely no pure friendship. For a gay and For another gay, there is no pure friend. At least here, there is no way to continue to only use him as a friend. The second thing is that I forget that Lan Yi is a man who is easy to fall in love with. . . . . .

Early in the morning, I was sitting in Lan Yi ’s car. Today we are going to go to G city for a business trip. G city is about 4 hours away from S city car. These four hours are almost killing me. Very Unfortunately, I was motion sick. After the official talks, we did n’t go back to City S directly. Lan Yi said I need to rest. It does n’t matter if I go back tomorrow. See, this person is considerate.

I was lying on the big bed of a five-star hotel, watching Lan Yi had just washed up and was wiping the back of her hair. She was about to move, about to move, although her head was still dizzy.

"You don't eat much at dinner, are you hungry?"

The owner of the back turned and asked me with concern. I looked at him and felt wronged. If I said I was hungry, could you feed me, I think I must be dizzy, because I actually hooked my fingers at Lan Yi to let him Come here, Lan Yi came very obediently, I pulled his head and kissed his lips.

"I'm hungry......"

Lan Yi chuckled,

"I see it in your eyes."

Having said that, Lan Yi's hands have begun to unbutton my shirt. Can I feed him willingly as if he likes me a little? . . . . .

We have lived together, of course, it also means that we are in love with ING. For a long time, I feel how lucky I am, and the people I love also love myself. I have seen such a sentence on a web excerpt. The probability that two people fall in love is: 0.007 * 0.007 = 0.000049 (49 / ppm).

On December 24th, Christmas Eve, I prepared a table of vegetables early for work and waited for Lan Yi to come back overtime. After all, this was the first Christmas Eve we had together. After waiting for a long time, Lan Yi had not returned, so I decided Find him at the company.

The lights in the office were all off. Only the lights in Lan Yi's office were on. I went straight to Lan Yi's office. I heard Guan Lei's voice as soon as I reached the door.

"Mr. Lan, let's say, how do you thank me."


"Hey, sir, you can't be like this. I deliberately installed an idiot in front of Qin Zixi."

"Well, at the end of your internship, I'll give you a bonus."

I pushed open the door and looked at the two people who were caught.

"It turned out to be such a thing, let me say, a college student from a famous university is not so white."

Lan Yi's expression started to panic, he came over and took my arm,

"Ah, you want to hear me explain ..."

"Hurry up and finish your work so you can go back to dinner. The dishes are cold for a while. I'll go back and wait for you first. Hurry up."

I turned around and walked home, so I was not stupid. Whatever the design deceived me, I did n’t care, but I was very happy, because he fell in love with me first, and said that in love, the one who fell in love first must be the loser. I don't want to be a loser, not to mention, love is like hot and spicy, you can just clean him and eat it, why not ask for so much, just be together, the process is not so important.

Tomorrow is Christmas. There is a table in the house and a Christmas gift in the drawer. . . . . .

"The end"

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