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Can you see us again?

Time: 2015-04-14 Source: Unknown Edit: Rank Name Reading: Times

The memory is an uneven wrinkle. I can't forget it. Above the friends, the lovers are not full. This time, turning around is the end of the world and the staggering of time. Can you see us again? Are you okay?


Is there really a feeling called "above friends, unhappy lovers"? If so, what will be the final outcome? Is it regret to separate and not see each other again? Or, there is no answer? The process of time passing In my efforts, I tried not to touch the memories that were already scarred, but some things appeared together as if they were agreed, and then I touched a certain point in the memories, and everything used to be moved After the screen of the brain, the hurried flow of the purpose again. Although the picture has already turned yellow, the pain is still vivid.

Since that turn, we have never seen it again. The time has passed for almost a year. I thought that I had long forgotten you out of time, and no longer remembered everything about you, even many times. The determination to forget you is revealed in front of people. I thought that I would really forget you like that, forget my share of the past, forget your smile on the bridge, and of course ... forget your iconic look when you walk. I thought that every night when the time hurries away, you in my memory will also fade, and with each heartbeat you will be sealed in the memory, no longer to mention, no more Touch everything related to you, no longer listen to the songs you listen to, no longer walk the way you walked, no longer watch the comics you love. How much do I want to forget you like that?

When one day, you are already used to your existence, just as you would eat and drink every day. You already regard greetings as something you do every day. Then, one day, suddenly you want me to change this habit? How difficult it is. Habits have become natural. What is the difference between leaving this nature and cutting off a part of your body ... But you still have to forget it, don't you? It will be more and more painful. In this case, it is better to forget her quickly without going deep into the bone marrow. This ending is not a good answer.

In the future, you will never hear the familiar humming in your ears, and you will never shout the nickname that you are given: Dasha; I will never hear you tell me every anime of Hayao Miyazaki again. And I won't hear you tell me that Hall's mobile castle that hasn't finished yet ... Time is passing and the years are changing. We can't go back in time, all that remains is that you are far away On the other side, I can see your side, but unfortunately, we are separated by the most familiar strangers. The last ending of "above friends, lovers are not full" is the most familiar stranger ...

Do you remember the song "Looking Up"? "I will be brave to lose your regret, look up to the wind, wait for you to come back, look up to the rain, and listen quietly ..." This is my favorite lyrics, ear Bian will never sound the tone you used to sing this song. To be honest, I have been indulged in this song for a while, not facing the reality, living in memories, but time tells me like this, I do n’t have much Time is wasted, all that you care about, maybe she has forgotten it, and you should have started a new journey long ago, to go a better way, listen to better songs, and see better people, In the future, if you feel pain and tired again, you have no relationship with that girl for a long time. So, what else can you not put up with? Yeah, what else can I put up with?

Friends have been saying, everything has passed! Yeah, everything has passed, no matter how painful and painful it was then, now it has passed, time is running, the past is long past, I will not stop watching because of my perseverance. When my youth is old, I will no longer be young. Because of time, none of us can leave a fortune in our youth, no matter how we lament the fate of fate Whether or not, that year, you left after a certain storm, but the only thing left for me is a shadow, and it is destined that some people can only stay in the memories. It's just you, I've never seen it again.

The person who used to make herself smell red, red ears, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, worrying about her, tears, and sad people should have forgotten you out of reality, already faded out of each other, and made a pair of familiar It's full of strangers, and they won't mention each other in whispers. Even if they are mentioned occasionally, they will be passed quickly. Think carefully. This is fine. After all, some people can only put it in their hearts ... ...

That you have never seen again. In the future, even if you meet by chance, a smile is enough, because you only live in my memories, not life. Maybe you still can't let it go, but it fades a lot, after all. We have missed it for a long time, and when we talk about it again, we will only experience unspeakable strangeness, and there will never be a small wave in our hearts, because there will be someone around us waiting for us to love, and looking back, those who care most , The favorite, the most in my heart, now, has long been abandoned to myself.

In the future, you and I will love the people around you more and cherish it more. When we bring up the past again, we will also pass it by, but the bitterness will still be left to you and me. Things are waiting for us, and there is no longer a lot of time to be sighed. Time has long been to dilute everything. At this time, I suddenly remembered that the outcome we were struggling for was some time in the future. Having written a chapter, all we have to do is try our best to live every day. What about you, see or not?

Finally, let go of the attachment, there is still a lot of way to go. There are countless tribulations to spend. Even after going through so many, we are still young, and we are still a long way from the annual interest. I may see you again. And I, the stubble has already been on my face, and I no longer have to walk in a hurry. Similarly, I may also be holding my child, huh, if so, why not see the previous one?

I'm xxx, I'm still walking, time never stops!

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