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Partial Rock Pond

Time: 2015-05-10 Source: Original Edit: North of Mobei Reading: Times

Pianyantang Zhihui, Huizhou, Guangdong, Dianmo dreamed back to Pianyantang last night, looking forward to the intoxicating golden yellow-rape blossoms!
Waking up in the morning, I have a moment of confusion. Dream is a tunnel of time and space. We are led subconsciously through distant scenes. After waking up for a moment, we wake up and stay in vain.
On the way to work, there are no flowers in sight, the trees on the sideways are evergreen, and the high-rise buildings are always gray and white-I suddenly miss the colors of the partial rock pond-those colors that change with the season.
Spring grass is creeping, spring flowers are luxuriant. In the spring, Pianyantang's highly-skilled artist overturned the color palette and put a little embellishment in the colorful, creating a harmonious composition. The farmhouse courtyard next to the mountains and the water is blue and white tiles. Overnight spring breeze, the fruit trees planted randomly in front of the house and the front are blooming. Yellow, has always been a partial rock pond in my heart!
Countless times I walked between the rapeseed flowers that I hoped for. At that time, I was still small. My mother said that rapeseed was blooming and the mad dog came. If you walk on the road, rapeseed flowers will cover you, but also Crazy dog, so be careful! Every mother will warn her child like this in the rape flowering season, so everyone talks about crazy dog discoloration this season. I couldn't figure out why at the time, why did rapeseed attract so many crazy dogs? Looking back now, the yellow mountains and hills are really confusing, are the dogs crazy?
Spring flowers are short-lived, but we rarely sorrow for their withering. Because the crickets of the wounded spring have not yet been formed, they have been replaced by sweet expectations-"the flowers fade and the red apricots are small". The faintly discernible fruit under the tender leaves washed away the ridiculous sentimentality. After summer, as soon as autumn arrives, the regret of falling flowers will be sweetened.
Spring flowers fade away and the summer gradually approaches. In summer, the partial rock ponds are layered and deep green.
Pianyantang was originally a deep lake like Mei Yutan in Zhu Ziqing's writings, which later became this small place name. She glows with the green light of clutch all year round. In the hot summer, her "flat, thick" green is like a crystal jasper, which seduces a pair of eyes across the rice field, through the cornfield, and brings With various longing for coolness. Just wait until the afternoon, "plop", a fierce son plunged into the pond, occupying this cool green!
We all think that Pianyantang has existed since the beginning of Pangu, and it will exist in the old days. There are many legends about Pianyantang. The most popular version among children is that there is a water demon in the lake, which is dedicated to catching children. It is said that with noses and eyes, we are extremely curious about Pianyantang, but we can only stay away. Every child is looking forward to growing up soon enough that the water monster cannot catch it, especially boys. In this way, you can "plop" like an adult, and plunge into the lake without fear and chic. In the minds of the boys of Pianyantang, being able to go to Pianyantang is a sign of men.
But when can I grow up! The boys were anxious to raise their beards and grow their knots overnight. My brother complained to me more than once that he was too slow. Later, many boys who couldn't wait started to sneak around Pianyantang. When my brother sneaked into Pianyantang for the first time, his father discovered that the rattan with thick thumb was interrupted. When I gave him a dressing at night, he said, "It's worth it!" At that time, I never dared to get too close to the Pianyantang. If I knew that one day, I think the most reasonable Pianyantang will disappear, and I would choose a hot afternoon to invest in that green Yes, at least grab the green rattan on the shore and put one foot in the bubble!
After that beating, my brother became more and more frustrated, and almost every day he would go to the middle of the Pianyantang for a few laps, which caused me to fear and fear for him and hide and conceal him. However, he said that he would not have to swim after Li Qiu.
Yes, Pianyantang is the most faithful practitioner of the twenty-four solar terms. After the beginning of autumn, there will be a lot of autumn rain and cold. If you want to swim, you can only wait for next summer.
However, from summer to autumn, although there are regrets that you can no longer swim, there are more surprises. Aesthetically speaking, autumn is the season when Pianyantang looks the richest. The rice in the field, the corn in the field, and the pumpkin on the ridge of the field are all rich yellows. This is another yellow different from rapeseed flowers. It is not so bright, but it is calm and heavy. This is what makes One of the most confident colors in Pianyantang. There are also a variety of fruits, from spring flowers to autumn fruits, and the partial rock pond in autumn, no matter what color, it represents sweetness and satisfaction.
Take these sweetness and satisfaction one by one, and let the seeds rest quietly under the land of the partial rock pond all winter, and people should take a good rest.
In winter, the partial rock pond is brown land, dark brown trunks, blue and white paths, vast white snow, orange-red stoves ... Every family puts down their sickle hoes, closes the doors and windows, and adds a handful of coal to the small stove. Sitting by the hearth, maybe chatting casually, maybe saying nothing ... All winter, Pianyantang was staggered, if awake, and I always miss the laziness by the fire in those winter days.
When the white snow melts and the spring returns to the earth, the partial rock pond will wake up overnight, and it will be pink and green, and pink and green.
Time is like this, as if never ending.
Each season, the partial rock pond has its own color. After leaving her, I find that I always miss those colors regularly. Just like now, I really want to go back to that confusing large field of rapeseed, but it is really a luxury!
Two years ago, the hometown county was expanded and several villages near Pianyantang were requisitioned. Planning, cartography, excavation, filling ... Now, on the original site of Pianyantang, a 10,000 high school has stood proudly. Pianyantang is already a historical place name and will soon be forgotten.
However, what qualifications do I have for heartache? My hometown has been too poor. Many of my folks have worked outside the home for many years. The ideal of their life is almost to build a good house. How good it is to build a new city! It is simply the favor of heaven! Their fate will change from now on: the house is no longer a problem; they get a fair amount of compensation in their eyes, and their lives are guaranteed; most importantly, they can finally get rid of those damn general Endless farm work!
Yes, I am not qualified to be sad. Is it necessary that Pianyantang has been suffering from poverty, just to keep my spiritual home that I can't go back to once a year? Just to protect the selfishness of my bitter literati?
But who can really understand what land means to farmers? Is the ultimate goal of social development to wipe out the countryside?
This summer, I returned to my hometown and walked on the flat and wide asphalt road. My father pointed out to me. This is the field that used to be, and how good it used to be. When I walked to the place of my previous paddy field, He asked, do you remember what we like to plant here the most? ... I looked up and said that paddy fields are naturally a season of rice and a season of rape! I'm afraid he found tears in my eyes.
development of! What a complicated proposition! I don't understand. Just returning to the partial rock pond again and again in the midnight dream, I can still get close to those fascinating colors, which is enough for me.
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