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I finally relented and blackened the one I liked for a long time

Time: 2018-11-11 Source: Unknown Editor: Xiaoyun Read: Times
"I finally tried to black him out, the one I liked for a long time." The girl sighed and told me.
I asked her how it felt? She smiled and said, "A moment's heart is like a knife cut, and a moment of thought is relieved."
In fact, love is like playing a seesaw. It is a game for two people. There is no way for one person to continue. If one leaves first, the game is over, and the rest of that person's waiting is meaningless.
You look at the other end of the sky and finally know that you should leave.
In the end, we all smile and reconcile with the past, letting go of the past and letting go of ourselves.
Xiaoqing cried a lot on the day of the breakup, and then hacked the boy's WeChat. I asked her: "Why do you like him so much?" Find him. "
In fact, the people on the blacklist are often not the ones who hate the most, but the ones who love the most.
Only by removing the armor with your own hands can you completely cut off the soft ribs.
Love is so helpless that you can force yourself to break with the past in a black and black way to completely cut off those who can't go back.
You're afraid he will smile at you, all your efforts will fail. You're afraid of remembering everything, and you will say "I miss you" to insomnia at night. jealous.
Just like there is a scene on the ceiling, you can't turn off the projector in your heart, washing yourself over and over again, you always want to pick up your phone and go back to the past with him.
You know, you are not as strong as you think. Only by leaving completely can you be better not to be disturbed by the past, hide in a period of time to heal those injuries, and then start again with a new attitude.
When you break up, be hard on yourself.
Farewell to the past bravely to better embrace a new life.
Some girls are very decisive and know how to leave in time when they don't love. Even if the heart hurts, they are not allowed to waste time for this person.
But often more girls are indecisive, and many loves are not waiting for the other person to turn back, but waiting for their own resignation.
Xiaoyin noticed that her boyfriend always loved to answer her, and talked with him absently. She no longer greeted her like he used to, and always thought she was annoying.
She didn't believe that her boyfriend didn't love him anymore, and told herself that it must be that he didn't work well. He was too busy to ignore me. She found a reason for the other side.
But later, Xiaoyin accidentally saw that the boy's Zhiding WeChat was replaced by another girl, and the chattering rhetoric in the chat record was familiar with irony. At that moment Xiaoyin finally gave up, and she decisively blacked out her boyfriend's WeChat.
In many stories, you have already guessed the ending in your heart. All the tossing is just delaying the end of time.
It's like scraping a prize when you were a kid, and you don't want to throw it. You have to scrape the words "thank you for your help" before throwing it.
All departures did not occur on a whim, and all Rahei were not unexpected. We were just disappointed and had enough tickets to leave.
When the love is all cleared to zero, I hope you can still charge the full battery and continue to move forward.
Many leave because they are out of love, but some people on the blacklist are not out of love, but are no longer qualified to love.
At midnight the day before yesterday, Ginger shared a song entitled "Young and Young," and then told me, "She's getting married."
"If I was young and didn't humble myself, I knew what is precious, and those dreams didn't give you, I'm ashamed of my life." Every sentence in the song is too much like ginger.
He liked the girl for many years. When she was a little ignorant, she lost her. After she left, Jiang realized that he still loved her very much, so he kept the other party's WeChat and silently followed her development.
He is the most valued audience in the circle of girl friends, hiding in the most humble corners, never likes and comments, but knows her joy and sadness.
Later, the girl took a wedding photo in the circle of friends. Ginger said that after listening to the song, she pulled her out. "I should be content to see her happy."
No matter how blushing and arguing you were when you found happiness, I dared to opt out, and there will be better people to guard you in the future.
Rahey is a farewell full of rituals, leaving the person who has been in love with him for a long time.
The best blessing I can do for the rest of my life is to not disturb.
Pulling a person who likes it for a long time is like pulling out the thorn in the heart, it will hurt at that moment, but in the future, he will never be caught by this person again.
Maybe we all loved one person desperately and thought about betting on him for the rest of our lives, but after all, love didn't work out as expected, and we learned to let go of those love impossible.
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