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soul. suite

Time: 2015-04-19 Source: Original Editor: Talk about Encounter

Unconsciously, she looked at her class.
I'm so sad, but no tears shed.
The heart bleeds blood, endlessly drains like a water jet, and contains tears.
Mine, blood, tears.
"she left. "I told myself calmly, holding back the pain.
Endure the pain and heartache of the whole body.
I thought she would leave something for me. Everything is my passion.
Her class of friends occasionally shed tears when they saw me.
I do not know why.
Sitting on the seat, I stared blankly at the blackboard.
"Wang Youyou, you're in a daze!" The teacher said coldly on the stage.
Some people were crying a while ago, not including me.
Recently, some people are staring blankly at somewhere, including me.
Teachers understand all these reasons, so less blame and more understanding.

Finally, it was after school, and deliberately detoured the route she used to take, after passing the school bus she had taken, there was still a little expectation in her heart to see her.
Expecting never to wait.
When I got on my school bus, I put my things away, and when I was about to sit down and sigh, I pulled me out of the car.
"Why? 』I said angrily.
"It's okay ..." Qing stopped talking and then bowed his head.
Maybe Qing is just like me, looking forward to her return.
But, I can never wait.
forever and always.
"Let's go." Qing pulled me into the car again.
For a long time, after she left, Qing and I were on the school bus, just looking out the window, the sky outside the window, the end of the sky, the end of the world.
Maybe she ... Xun Lan, right there.
Maybe she is watching us too, we are the people who miss her so much.

C minor-"Outline"

On Saturday, I have a full day of English activities.
When the school bus came, I thought about it, and finally, I couldn't think of anything.
The question is, what am I thinking?
When the school bus came, you could see Qing's big head as soon as you got on the bus. In the front row of Qing, you could not see the familiar figure.
Lost and rushed to my heart, written on my face.
Carrying a heavy weight, she sat in the window seat, and Qing was next to me, wrestling with her breakfast.
"Roar, I help you! Although it's not clumsy to see Qing, it's just a little less brute.
"Your hands are not good yet, don't be stubborn." Qing said gently.
Strange, how could today's Qing be so gentle?
As usual, she should say: ah your hands are okay? !! I love you, I'll give it to you. And after that I threw it to me severely.
Did she take the wrong medicine?
I took my confusion and looked out the window. It didn't take long to find out that Qing had been looking at me.
I looked at her and looked into her eyes, which was even stranger. This familiar look shouldn't show up in these eyes.
It shouldn't be ... sunny.

"Why keep watching me? I can't help it at last.
"No, it's just ... I want to remember what you look like." After speaking, Qing just don't overdo it.
Remember me?
This line is too clich.
"All right ~ I'll show you enough, haha. I show, I have a long-lost smile? !!
It's been a long time since Xun Lan left, and I haven't shown this smile.
For a long time.
The car was dangling and dangling, and soon reached the school. Qing Qing pulled me out of the car and pulled me all the way to my classroom.
"Wait for me here, I'll go and put things first, be sure to wait for me!" Why is Qing so afraid that I won't wait for her?
It's impossible for someone like her to surprise me, even if it is, it is a prank-like surprise.
Why don't I go to her and surprise her!
I walked behind Qing slightly, only to find one of the strangest things.
Qing was writing, writing, but not her handwriting.
I stepped back timidly, taking a few steps back.
"Xun Lan ....." I whispered.
Sunny, or ... Xuan Lan?
In short, the person in front of me looked back hard.
"Don't I ask you to wait for me in your classroom?" She was angry.
I feel that my tears are about to break; my heart is about to stop beating; my lungs are not working ...
Speechless, speechless.
"Why are you there? What's wrong with you?" She looked nervous as I collapsed.
And I was gradually certain that it was not sunny in front of me.
As for who she is, I will know, I believe I will know.
"Qing ... Wu Junqing never told me to walk around, don't you know?" The corners of the eyes are wet.
"I ... I've only called you yoyo, have you forgotten?" She cried.
Xun Lan, crying.
I tried hard to hold back the tears that were about to take my eyes.
Of course I did not forget it, so I endured so hard.
I used my eyes to tell Xun Lan, I didn't forget, I would never forget, forever and forever.
"Jun Qing, why are you crying? Wang Youyou, you make her cry!" The light bulb came.
I quickly wiped the tears from the corner of my eyes.
Heart hurts.
Before the light bulb spoke for the second time, Xun Lan pulled me desperately to run.
Run across the promenade, run across the playground, and arrive at the scout camp with few people.

What can i say?
These unspeakable pains.
The trauma I suffered for her will one day recover.
In this case, do not want to Chongqing.

Fourth Movement-"Back"

(Two weeks ago ...)

Today, take the three buses back.
I'm not in a good mood. I want to go for a drink, but in uniform, I can only drink some juice.
Or save money and go home and drink milk?
I'm so wordy.
Sit on the outdoor stage and watch the club practicing.
After looking at it for a few minutes, I looked up at the sky again.
Starless sky.

Huh? !! Isn't that a good friend with Xun Lan?
"what happened? I'm in a hurry.
"Xiao Lan ...... huh ... Xiao Lan is surrounded by a group of people ..."
I didn't wait for her to finish, I yelled, "Where is she? A
She pointed to the school gate, and I left the sentence "Go to the instructor. After that, they flew away.
Sure enough, I saw a few girls outside the school.
"What the hell are you doing! 』I shouted in anger.
Grab the broom next to you and hit the girls without thinking about it, and let them take a few steps back.
"Xun Lan, do you have anything? "I was crying anxiously.
Suddenly, my head was severely hit, and I fell beside Lan with only a little consciousness left.
"Go! What are you? Dare to hit us?"
I can't see the face of the speaker.
Vaguely, saw someone holding something like a baseball bat in his hand.
"Hit!" One of them issued a commander.
Without thinking again, I hugged Xun Lan.
Yes, everything hits me.
All my head, back, hands, and feet suffered.
Before I passed out, I heard someone see you.
At the same time, someone was talking in my ear ...

I opened my eyes and looked around, yes, in the hospital.
Mom yelled by my side "She wakes up! She wakes up!"
Then a swarm of bees rushed in and said a lot.
I don't care what they say.
What about Xun Lan?
"What about Xun Lan? 』I squeezed out a breath.
But ... no one told me.
"Horse ... tell me before I go looking! I yelled hard and loud, it really hurts, especially my head and back.
"She's next door. It's okay."
Mom's smile is hard, I can see it, even if I have a headache and want to pass out.
"I want to see her ..." I got up hard.
I also want to know that everyone must be obstructing me eloquently.
"She's dead." These three words were particularly harsh in the noise.
Heart, now, shattered into powder.
I lay back in bed obediently, and began to feel blank, my head blank.
What followed was just a group of white-eyed people, calling me grief and some farts that I didn't want to hear.

Within days, I was discharged from hospital and returned to school.
Many people asked me what was wrong, but after all I didn't say a word.
Except with Qing.
These times are difficult.
I have thought of breaking myself almost hundreds of times.
But Qing has always been by my side, even if she is still the same, treat me with that kind of prank attitude.
I know that Qing, in fact, has a little bit of concern for me.
My heart, my broken heart and my heart, cannot calm down.

Final Chapter-Eternity

"You ... did you come back for me?" "I ask.
I broke the terrible and hateful silence.
Xun Lan nodded.
"Say something to me? A
Xun Lan just hugged me hard, never willing to let go.
I hugged it back strongly.
This is the first time we have embraced each other.
Although it is through Qing's body, I can still deeply appreciate the love emanating from Xun Lan.
After a long time, it was a short time for us before we reluctantly let go of each other.
Xun Lan took out a letter and handed it to me.
"My words are inside."
Couldn't she use that? Just a letter? !!
Xun Lan quietly looked at me for five seconds.
I saw an expectation in her eyes, infinite expectation.
What to expect?
"That ... I'm leaving ..." Xun Lan suddenly turned away.
To me, it was really sudden.
Isn't it all day today?
I think too beautiful, this is real life, not drama.
"Wait! I suddenly remembered.
Xun Lan turned to me slowly and slowly, and I saw tears in her eyes.
I'm sorry.
"I forgot to say, I always forgot to say ... I love you, I really really love you. A
Xun Lan cried again.
I was too slow to speak before I came too late.
Xun Lan approached me, and after speaking a few words in my ear, he suddenly fell on me.
I can't stop my tears any more, Xun Lan, really left forever.
Qing opened her eyes and saw me crying.
And I don't want to explain to her why we are here.
She patted my shoulder and pulled me back to the classroom.
It turned out that Qing knew that Xun Lan would return today ... and borrowed her body.

All day, I completely lost my feeling of heart.
"It turns out ... actually we have been in love for four years ..."
This is the last sentence Xun Lan said to me.

Interlude-"There's No Time To Regret"

"Yu You:
Don't cry for me, because my love will always be in your heart.
There is no regret too late, because we will meet again.
I will wait for you.
There is no way to accompany you through this long journey.
But remember, looking up at the sky, you will see me.
In this case, never fail.
Love you Xun Lan forever "

The End
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