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Ten Wish-Ten

Time: 2015-08-24 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times
Ten Wishes-Ten
In the first life, I was a cactus who longed for Gan Lin in the desert. You are a drop of morning dew that I encountered in the fiery and hot earth flame prison, crystal clear and sweet.
Is it what you desire? I dare not expect it.
It's a pity that I haven't had time to touch you yet,
The intense heat will evaporate you, everything is just an illusion of purgatory.
Is it a dream? With resignation, doubt, remorse, disappeared in this red flame.
In the next life, if you are a person, I will be your parasol.
Cover up the poisonous sun for you, cover up all the people who have bad and malicious feelings towards you.
Let your heart like Ganquan always be innocent, just like I was when I first saw you.
In the second generation, you are a depleting pencil, and I am depleting your pencil sharpener.
I can only watch you truncate and then truncate.
In my belly, the lines of your body drift.
I look forward to every touch with you, the faint scent of wood on you makes me greedy.
At the same time as love, it is also at the same time.
The wood chips falling down from me are my beige tears.
In the next life, if you are a person, I will be your eraser.
Use my body to wipe away everything that upsets you. I'll wipe out the sad and sad.
Until my body is scarred, until my body is filthy, until you throw me away.
This is what I deserve, as the price of greed in previous lives.
The third generation, I am the flame of temptation, you are the moth I waited for all night.
I lure you into capture.
Your fat body, in my warm embrace, burned into the brightest star in the night sky.
The relentless wind in the misty morning light,
Put your scorched body, mixed with the thin gray smoke, into the arms of the first dawn.
There is only one heart left in my ashes.
In the next life, if you are a person, I would like to be a butterfly flying on your windowsill.
From an ugly bug, suffer from the type of pain.
Use all your strength to climb out of the eternal stagnation of time and fly to the small window next to your seat.
Become the most beautiful silhouette when you get bored with boring lessons and inadvertently glance out the window.
As long as you show, your smile, even a little, is enough for me.
In the fourth generation, I am imprisoning your iron cage, and you are a white dove who desires freedom.
You, who always look through, rust looking at the sky, are my envy.
Thinking of your elegant white wings, you are imprisoned like a villain.
I don't want you to leave this iron selfish prison.
In this life, he never flew high until he died.
If you have a soul, your soul has flew to that blue sky, right?
So, this time, is it only me left?
In the next life, if you are a man, I will be your home.
A shelter for you from the wind and rain.
No matter where you go, no matter where you get lost, it will be the warmest home in your heart.
When tired, I will greet your return with the softest goose yellow light.
So, this time, can you stay with me to the end?
Fifth, I'm a sandalwood scented purple wood, you're the black flowing hair.
I always fix you carefully, I'm afraid I accidentally hurt you.
Let you settle in the most beautiful posture, and greet the tall flying fairy that is your favorite comb.
Always entangled, your body entangles her body, her roots surround your roots,
Forming clumps symbolizes concentric hair knots.
At the end, I was left alone on the wooden table of the altar, sadly decaying with time.
In the next life, if you are a person, I would like to be your favorite shampoo.
When bathing, immerse yourself in the fragrance I made for you.
The excess dirt and oil in my hair was taken away with the current in my thin, soft and white.
Finally, let the heavy incense stick to your hair and remind you of my existence all the time.
The sixth generation, I am the watercolor pen in the painter's hand, you are gorgeous red.
The painter uses my body to touch your body, and draws a scarlet scarlet that is extremely nostalgic.
Stained in blue, mixed with your body, is noble purple.
Dip in yellow and sink into your body for a warm orange.
It is inseparable, so that thousands, thousands of years, billions of years witness, great love between colors.
There is so little between me and you.
In the next life, if you are a person, I would like to be a blank canvas.
With your icy hands, you paint my imagination in my clean body.
One stroke at a time, one point at a time, I recorded it faithfully in my body and in my heart.
Let posterity see your eternal eminence.
In the seventh generation, you are a small yellow flower growing on a cliff, and I am a handful of dirt that is held tightly under your roots.
After suffering the wind, the sun, and the rain, you finally released me who you have been tightly rooted on in a stormy night, was uprooted by the strong wind, and fell into the unpredictable abyss.
I was just a handful of wet and sticky soil, looking at the last yellow faintly and timidly and weakly.
lost you,
On a sunny day, I was cracked into pieces of mud by the sun, and dried and fell.
On rainy days, the few remaining bodies of mine also washed away with the rain and fell into the cliff.
When I fell into the abyss, I seemed to see the way you sheltered me from the wind and rain.
In the next life, if you are a person, I would like to be a low but strong street tree.
When it's hot, you can cool in my shade.
When it rains, you can hide from it under my leaves.
I will hold on to the dirt under me tightly and won't be blown down by the wind in front of you.
Will be quietly guarding you until you disappear into the distance of the road.
Tenth, if you are a man,
I would like to accompany you to take care of the cactus craving Ganlin in the desert. I give him light, you give him water
I would like to use your pencil to write down every bit of ours. I recall, you recorded.
I am willing to work with you to rescue the moths who are struggling to shun the light source. I turn off the lights and you let go.
I would like to accompany you to admire the white pigeons flying in Liberty Square. I tear the crumbs and you feed the white pigeon.
I would like to sort out each other with you in the early morning. You tie pigtails for me, and I give you a handsome hairstyle.
I would like to write with you and write down our common memories. Let you have me in your painting, and you in my painting.
I would like to plant a pot of yellow flowers with you on the balcony. You water, I fertilize.
I am willing to work with you to find a new home for the ants and keep him away from the honey decoy that seduces him. I'm looking for a place for you to migrate.
I would like to take the train with you and travel the world together. I plan the route, you pay for it.
I am willing to be with you for the rest of my life and be with the old.
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