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Happiness is so far and so close

Time: 2015-05-08 Source: Reprinted Editor: Zhang Xiaocai Read: Times

Out of the house, bursts of night wind came. Perhaps it is because of its proximity to the Minjiang River. Although it is early summer, it is still mixed with a touch of coolness.

As if walking alone on the street, lingering in my heart. A little sorrow, but lonely but not lonely. The streets at my feet and the cities around me are both familiar and unfamiliar.

I remember when I was young, my most coveted thing was to take a summer vacation and make a noise to let my father send me here. I like everything here-there are high and low buildings in an orderly arrangement; there are "small movies" that can be watched with a twist of a switch; there are telephones that can hear each other over a distance of ten thousand miles; at night whenever When I walked out of the house, the lights flickered everywhere, just like daytime; what attracted me most were the book stalls around the corner of Youzha Street.

At that time, my aunt worked in the county government, and I often jumped to work behind her, and then jumped back. If someone asks my aunt who she is, she always smiles and says, "It's my little tail." When I didn't follow, I reached out to my aunt for pocket money. My aunt always smiled and took a dime, or two dimes, or more from her pocket. When I got the money, I ran to the book stand as soon as I went out.

At that time, one dime could read five or six villain books, and the stall owner set the price according to the thickness of the book. When I got the book, the stall owner gave a small wooden bench, and I sat down and read it beautifully. I haven't finished elementary school, and I don't have much literacy. When I was reading, those acquaintances and non-acquaintances rushed towards me, and all of them were stuffed into my head. Many books either look at things in a horrible way or are ignorant.

Anyway, I met "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" here. I deeply hated the bad queen of the viper for Snow White and deeply loved the seven kind of dwarfs. "With Zhu Yingtai", they are heartbroken for their tiresome love. Knowing the dreary love story of "The Mermaid" written by Andersen-the mermaid is the beloved prince, left the family, abandoned the comfortable life of the Dragon Palace, and presented her wonderful song to the witch. The witch told her that if the prince did not love her, she would turn into a foam on the sea the day after the prince's wedding, when the sun rose. And every time she took a step, the legs formed by the fish tail would step on the blade of the knife. She came to the world and endured severe pain every day to dance to the prince. The mermaid gave all the truth, but the prince loved another woman deeply. Together with the mermaid's life-saving grace, the prince also believed that it was the woman he loved. The mermaid lost her voice, could not speak, and could not justify herself. On the night of the prince's wedding, the mermaid's sisters gave her a sharp knife and told her: as long as the knife was pierced into the prince's chest, she could return to the sea. How was the mermaid willing to kill her beloved? In the morning after the prince's new marriage, the mermaid became a foam at sea and disappeared ...

Every woman in the world has a prince in her life. What is the "prince" in my life? I don't know. Maybe the "prince" in the mermaid, or the absolute "Liang Shanbo". Like other red dust women, I also fantasize that my love is lingering on the side, and the song is beautiful, it is a unique love in the city. My prince would hold a book scroll and smile at me angrily.

Langzhong, a young man and woman came from the depths of my memory. The background is late autumn with deciduous leaves. There are no neon-lit tea houses on the waterfront, and there are no ginkgo trees full of colored lights. Some are just overgrown riverbanks, cold lonely lights separated by a long distance.

The man asked, "Is this all right?"

The woman laughed and said nothing.

The man said again, "I have money. I want to buy a house here, and then we can be together."

The woman smiled softly: "At that time? Where are you and where am I? Maybe we have all changed."

The man smiled, and some did not believe it.

Time flows like water, and every day in human life is a new starting point. Things in the world change rapidly. We never know what will happen tomorrow.

Twenty years later, the man fulfilled half of his promise, and he really bought a house here. At this time, they were like two rays going towards each other, going further and further. It wasn't her who lived in it. The woman marries another woman and is sullen. She likes to read Tang Wan's "Head of Phoenix". Changyin "Xiao is dry, tears are residual, want to sign things, monologue oblique." "Everyone is different, this is not yesterday, the sick soul often resembles a swing. The sound of horns is cold, the night is lingering, I am afraid of asking, and I am tearful . "That bit of sorrow, day after day, year after year, finally flooded her body with disaster, and she was terminally ill. When he was in a critical condition, he had no news, but beside him was another man and her bland husband. When she was helpless and desperate, she cried dimly, and a soft voice sounded in her ear: "No matter what happens, even if all the people in the world leave you one day, I will always be with you."

The truth of life is complex and simple, simple and profound. A person's growth is often accompanied by unforgettable pain. The woman finally understood that the vows had no intention and no longer need to remember each other. Each story has a gorgeous beginning, not necessarily a beautiful ending. After all, some people are just a hurry in life, and some promises can't stand the current. Love is nothing, it is like a castle in the air, and it is like a mirage in the air. No matter how deep love is, one day it will be dull and become a relationship. Except for blood relationship, there is nothing in the world that remains unchanged.

In life, in the face of likes and dislikes, we often hold a magnifying glass, magnify it, and then magnify it-beauty, dazzling; lack, becomes an unforgivable error; omission, becomes an irreparable broken. I always feel that happiness is far away from us, so I desperately pursue. In fact, happiness is not far away. It's very simple. It's right beside us.

Before I knew it, I had reached the stairs of the house. Looking up, I saw a warm light coming out of the window. I know that it was her husband who was off work and could not help but speed up the pace of going home.

Suddenly I found out that I set out from here and passed the old squeezing street of book stalls; walking across the river and back here. In these circumstances, I think of a sentence in Hongchen Feixue's "This Time Goes Through the Years": It turns out that happiness is so far and so close, how long has it been back to the beginning.

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