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Windy day

Time: 2015-05-16 Source: Unknown Editor: Xiaoyun Read: Times

It was a while before the library closed, and fortunately the door was not locked yet-but if I could be locked in the library, I would not be able to sleep happily that night.

There was almost no one on the road ... no wonder, it was so late, and it seems that there are winds of grade six or seven today.

To be honest, it's a bit scary ... especially just after coming out of the bright and warm library ... the gloomy sky without the moon and the stars, which usually looks very romantic, but now I feel the lack of voltage and emit yellow The radiant street lights, the cry of the wind, the whistling of the wind, the leaves flapping against each other and making it difficult to distinguish what sounds like, and sometimes fragments of posters flashed in front of my eyes-


When I heard the voice of my name, I fell without screaming. Thanks to this fall, I calmed down.

"Yulou, are you okay?" The familiar voice made me feel relieved, not completely because it sounded more frightening than me.

Righting the glasses, it was a miracle not to fall into an unknown place. I was pulled up and hugged tightly before I stood up.

"Sorry, I'm sorry I didn't expect to scare you." Hey, it's me who fell, why you look more painful than me.

Pat Ming Xiao's back for a good meal to appease, it was me who was coaxed, "Well, I'm wrong to scare myself ... I know why you are here?"

Ming Xiao, who had finally calmed down, no longer held me dead, but still maintained the posture of resting her hands on my shoulders.

"Because Yilou never came back, although I think I probably forgot the time in the library, but today's weather ... so I was a little worried."

"It would be nice to send a text message."

"... Did you not find that you did not bring your mobile phone?"

Ah? Did n’t you bring it? Usually no one would look for me, so today I did n’t realize that I had forgotten to bring the thing ...

"Compared to these details, let's hurry back to the dormitory first, according to the floor, do you know that a girl in the middle of the night walking on the road by herself is dangerous! It is still such a dark and windy night!"

Ah, no, that, me, I didn't expect these ...

Although I know it will be windy today. I dare to think about this sentence.

"Everywhere is good, but it is very casual on such an important issue ... What if I encounter a strong robber! It's not like I have learned self-defense, I can't find you everywhere I'm scared to death ..."

"... I'm sorry." Ming Xiao took her hand and walked towards the dormitory area at a speed close to walking, and she became anxious as soon as she could see that she was really scared in the short time she was looking for me ...

The hands were tightened tighter, "... It's okay. When I first came out, Peach laughed at me and overprotected, and I knew it was because she was also worried."

Tao Zi, full name Tao Yan, roommate, screaming everyone will automatically simplify the name. He is a relentless speaker.

"Eh? Come back, great, today is so windy, everyone is worried." Before entering the house, I met Jing Jing, surname Jing Jingjing, especially because she is the most widely spread name in our class, basically People in the surrounding class will never forget it once. The boss in our dormitory has an incredible temper and is very good at caring for people, a standard wife and mother.

"Xiao Tao is all worried about washing a pot of clothes." Just as Ming Xiao's movements become bigger when he is anxious, peaches will wash his clothes when he is anxious, according to her because washing clothes can clear up distractions.

"Then I'll make milk tea to shock Yilou."

"... Jingjing, you dropped the pot yesterday."

"... 诶?" Jing Jing clasped his arms in his thoughts, and then gave a high-five. "Yeah, I'll throw it myself."

The only problem with Jingjing is that it's a bit too informal. Information judged useless is immediately forgotten.

"No way, I had to make instant milk tea ..." Jing Jing looked regretful. I think instant milk tea is better ... Jing Jing likes to try all kinds of materials. Last time I poured the bitter gourd powder into it ... taste Uh, I can't bear to look back.

When the atmosphere was warm and harmonious, the door that had just been hidden was kicked open. Peach came in holding a basin full of clothes. When I saw that I was still stunned, and then walked towards the balcony without expression.

Bullying her is fun. "Peach, it's windy outside. Do you really want to dry your clothes outside?"

Stuck again, and stopped indignantly. "Who said that I want to dry outside, I just want to see how strong the wind is outside." After that, I started looking through the boxes to find the rope-although the rope in the dormitory was a little annoying, it was better than Bina Go out to the west or continue to ferment in the bucket.

"Yilou you really like to bully peaches." Mingxiao was helpless.

"I do n’t bully if I ’m not a cute girl. But that does n’t mean that I am not a cute girl if I do n’t bully." Xiao Yan looked at Mingxiao, and now I ’m more of a bully than a bully?

"Thank you so much."

That's right, Mingxiao is actually such a calm and ridiculous personality. The number of times I've seen just now can be counted in five fingers. And few people believe that Mingxiao will panic.

Panic just in front of me, just panic for me, can I understand that I am special?

After reading the original non-borrowed original book in the library, I also saw that Ming Xiao was flustered. If I complained about the strong wind, I would take it back first.

Postscript: It ’s due to the strong wind on April Fool ’s Day at night. When OTZ returns to the dormitory at night, there is almost no one on the road. If I do n’t have friends around, I will be very depressed. I wo n’t have to take a short route. It is said that I was basically blown back == ||| Very good and labor-saving (Hey, it ’s not two stupid guys at last (awkwardly) I wrote more stupid guys and caused the excitement when I wrote this (Tian Yin: You are the number one) Stupid. What is "Qiangmou", does anyone know it? (Far-eyed) It seems weird to say the word directly ... At least, no one around would say the word directly ... Actually, it's more calm than Pai Yilou Mingxiao, Jing Tao looks more interesting ... Naturally smiling big sister and poisonous tongue can not be frankly bullying Luoli ... Hey? Even the character positioning is really fast OTZ

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