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Deep alley scenery

Time: 2015-05-06 Source: Reprinted Editor: Borage Girl Reading: Times

The sky was dark and dreary and breathless. Mei Ling stood at the window intently looking at the oily alley. She always said that it was too old, and the rotten smell could pierce the nose. Her face was a bit emaciated, and her long, weak hands unknowingly twitched the hair near the roots of her ears. Her hair was a bit dry and yellow like the fallen leaves.

As she opened the door, her mother's voice followed. She was annoyed by her mother's babbles, and her crushed memories were one by one. There was a needle in the mother's words. She knits sweaters as fast as she speaks. From day to night, she doesn't let go of her work, even if she eats a moment, she touches two needles. And never saw a smooth completion, she weaving, tearing and weaving. Looking at her mother, she knew that her mother's menopause was too long, and her uncontrollable emotions caused her father to hide in a quiet place, and used the excuse to take care of her grandmother.

It's still early, and the darkness is dark. Mei Ling was wandering deep in the alley. She couldn't hear her childhood. The children all studied hard at home. The teacher's work made them lose more freedom and happiness. She likes the shadow of the light refracted on the ground, and the light feeling like rain washing the ground. She didn't like the others. Even when she heard the strong praises to her hometown, she dismissed her, saying that she forgot about it, she still didn't like the people here. The weather was boring, humid and black. She walked, kicking the pebble under her feet boringly.

"Mei Ling, are you back?" Vaguely she heard a magnetic voice behind her. She looked back and looked at the young man who was five centimeters shorter than herself. His name is Erlin, and he has an older brother named Dalin. Erlin, of medium build. Stable and elegant, although not handsome, it is just right. Standing in front of Mei Ling, 1,80 meters tall, looked inferior. There was not much to say, but his smile stirred Mei Ling's lonely heart.

Mei Ling's eyes revealed the shadow of Erlin. She looked straight at Erlin.

"Mei Ling, I have heard about you. If you want to open a lot of things, don't go to your heart. Those who need my help, don't hesitate to say that. We will grow up together and grow up, I won't see anything ... "Erlin's sincere attitude did not affect Mei Ling's cold expression.

"Thank you, no need. I'm fine" Mei Ling turned her head to the woman washing clothes under the bridge.

Looking at Mei Ling's indifferent attitude, Erlin also turned her head in the same direction as Mei Ling. He tried to stretch his arm over to want to pull Mei Ling's slender hand, Mei collar once again raised his hand to pull the hair covering the eyes behind the ears. He looked a little awkward. Sighing slightly, moving forward toward Mei Ling.

Er Lin's blushing face could not be seen clearly under the light, and he was at a loss.

"Mei Ling, don't go away this time you come back. It's an unreasonable thing to talk to your mother. Watching you in Hangzhou by a foreigner older than you, I don't know How painful and hateful. I always thought you like modelling is a beautiful thing. How many people envy your slim and slender figure when you perform on the catwalk. You look proud without princess .. . "Erlin said in a slightly excited tone.

Mei Ling leaned over and looked in the other direction, a dark corner. There were tears in her eyes.

Erlin walked in front of Mei Ling, but could not block Mei Ling's sight.

"How many foreigners do they love you with sincerely? You are their plaything. They are thrown away like trashy apples when you do n’t need them. Eating with them is all for your pleasure, and you still feel like Pets like you. You look at you, what kind of development has occurred in the past few years, you have wasted your time under the neon lights, the gloomy world, and the scars of losing yourself. By the age of thirty, you have What can be said ... "Erlin heard Mei Ling's cry, and his voice gradually weakened. He couldn't bear to see Mei Ling's tears, took out a pink handkerchief from his pocket and handed it over. It was snatched from Mei Ling on his twelfth birthday. Mei Ling took the handkerchief and cried louder, awakening the dozing puppies in the alley, the rats stealing food in the cracks of the door.

Mei Ling finally lowered the shelf, took Erlin's hand and wiped the tear marks on her face, Erlin put her finger on the tip of her tongue and licked, smiling happily.

Mei Ling took Erlin's arm and walked towards the bright light, the night was no longer dull, the sound of the water passed by him crisply, and the melody of the faraway violin "Liang Zhu" was getting closer. There was no open shop over the bridge, and they went in that direction.

Erlin pointed to the name on the sign and showed Mei Ling, "Meiling Lingdian" surprised Mei Ling. She cried with excitement, and the moment she embraced Erlin, she knew that Erlin's unswerving conviction in recent years and the spirit of hard work had made him a successful career. He told Mei Ling that he also had several branches in Hangzhou, hoping that they would work together to make their careers even better. Mei Ling readily agreed, and in affectionate eyes looked at the humble short man in front of her through tenderness.

The stars poked their heads out of the gloomy sky, blinking and blinking.

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