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Mine that

Time: 2013-10-28 Source: Reprinted Editor: North of Mobei Reading: Times

If time can come again, I hope the years are quiet and not sad.

I met him. Under the introduction of a friend, I came to a high school in an unfamiliar place. At that time, I was ignorant and felt that everything was so strange and fresh. The first time I heard his name and story, I heard it in the mouth of my classmate. I think this boy is very interesting. He and her sister had a seemingly entangled relationship. One day, it was his "girlfriend" birthday. The classmate asked me to borrow the phone and send him a message, but he did not reply. In the cafeteria in the afternoon, I suddenly remembered on my mobile phone. A text message to wish her a happy birthday came. I responded to him. I said: I am her classmate. Now he is not with me and I will reply to you tomorrow. The phone rang again, he said, "Okay, thank you! I thought this was just a simple explanation. I didn't expect it to become a tool for the beginning of our relationship. Maybe at this moment, I was destined to give my best for this man. Precious everything.

The next day, my classmate asked me to borrow my mobile phone, but he asked me about my situation. That ’s it. We texted every day to the last phone call. At that time, although we did n’t meet and did n’t confess, he did it every night. Call me and I hang up until I fall asleep. At that time, I just felt that I could n’t live without his voice and good night! Over time, I asked him and his "girlfriend" He just explained to me that the girl only had a gossip. They were not suitable! I was very happy. At that time, we were talking on the phone every day. We were still talking at 3 or 4 in the morning. I talked a lot, but I always felt endless.

It ’s been more than half a year, we have video all night on QQ, playing games together, that is, at that time, I only have QQ at that time, I always seem to be tired all night, as long as he has his company. Chinese New Year, he went home early. We were in the final exam that day. My sister told me that he was back and waiting for me at Xinghai Internet Cafe. I was always absent from the exam. I did n’t know whether it was excited or nervous, but I always had it in my heart. One thought, no matter how far away he was from what I imagined, I was destined to love him till I was old. After the exam was over, I went into the Internet cafe. In the vast crowd, I recognized him at a glance. I stood behind him and watched him play. The brother beside him saw me and he turned around and found out. The moment I existed and we looked at each other, I was shy. He and I walked along the path and walked towards his home. He and I introduced that this place is his home. I nodded frequently. He said: You are more beautiful than the video. I am very happy. We walked and went to the Internet cafe. We said we were going to learn about the game. Suddenly the Internet cafe was out of power. He hugged me and we kissed. It was my first kiss. I was deeply kissed by him. I am very happy. !

His brother came back and they drank together. He introduced to his friend that this is my girlfriend. At that moment it seemed to be a statement to the world that this woman was mine. They were drunk. I helped him and told him that I would wait for the car to go home. He begged me to let me stay. I hesitated and saw that he was so uncomfortable. I softened my heart and stayed here. One night, I lost my first night. His parents came to his brother's house to find him, and found that we came downstairs together. At that time, his mother was very unhappy, and also told me to let me have time to play, maybe just politely. He is going home, and I am going home. I went to his home to pay New Year. His brother was a soldier. We spent a short time together, and he went out to work again. We also returned to the life of telephone and QQ.

At that time, I felt that I loved him so deeply and loved him deeply. Although we can only be together for a few days or a week a year, we cherish this relationship very much and cherish each other very much. Maybe we were all young at that time. He was very bad-tempered and often annoyed his parents. His parents liked me very much. I hope I can talk more about him and I will become a lobbyist.

In the second year we fell in love, it was a year that I would never forget in my life, and it was also a year in which our feelings deteriorated. He suddenly disappeared in the second half of the year. I stood at the cold wind and called him. He did n’t answer the phone. He did n’t answer all the friends ’calls. I do n’t know why. I felt that my world was no longer the same. At this time, he disappeared for half a year. The attitude of one try came to the game we often play together. I actually found his figure. I asked him: why disappeared, why not contact me, I want to go to Zhejiang to find you, I miss you. He said: Don't come here so far, nothing. I went offline, I searched for a long time in the game, and I did n’t find him. I sat in front of the computer and kept crying. I felt my head hurt at the time. I was about to suffocate. I just wanted to see him earlier. I just want to stop it early and it hurts my heart. I cried and walked towards the bridge. I rushed towards the truck. My girlfriend and boyfriend held me up. They were criticizing me. I was I especially want to die. Without him, I have nothing. Back in the dormitory, I did n’t sleep all night. When did my tears stay and I do n’t remember, I fell asleep! Later I learned that he was working outside and derailed. I do n’t know. When the New Year, my girlfriend My boyfriend told me about it, my head was blank at the time, I was stunned, and I was crying like a silly mad, I said: I do n’t believe that he loves me so much, although he has a bad temper, but not Will do things I'm sorry. My girlfriend said, this is a fact, otherwise I would never tell you that woman is his brother's girlfriend, which is my man's brother's girlfriend. At that time, it was like a thunderous blow that left my head blank. I waited for his return with a misunderstanding. I asked him the truth of this matter, and he did not admit it. I believed him at the time. I said: as long as If you did n’t do it, whoever told me I would not believe it. But during the Chinese New Year, more and more people told me about this matter, after all, paper can't catch fire. He acknowledged this fact and was ill and has been treating him for the past six months. I lay beside him, and the tears flowed like water, and he wiped my tears for me, and said, "Wife, I'm sorry, I will never do anything I'm sorry about you again." I was just crying without saying a word. Although there are many people around me who are pursuing me and others are suffering for me, I only love him in my heart.

Maybe I really love him, I forgive him, or treat him as usual, time passed, I graduated from high school, he told me not to study anymore, I did n’t agree, I went to Nanchang to go to college He was still working outside. At that time, he often doubted me and often quarreled with me. His mother would call and explain to me that he often missed me and cried, and he would be sad when quarreling with me. I was particularly tangled. But when I think about his derailment, I ca n’t let go of it. I always think that he should be better to me than before. We are getting more and more divergent. I broke up with him. I was very decadent at that time. , I often go out to date with other boys, addicted to games, I have only one purpose, I want to forget him, but no matter what I do, I always think of him and think of crying. At this time, I knew my current boyfriend, who was a kind and naive and simple boy. I just felt that I would be happy every day I was with him. I thought I had forgotten him, but one day the phone rang and he said a word and I heard him. I was silent, and my tears were ringing in tears. How long have I not heard this familiar voice, and how long have I avoided thinking of this familiar and unfamiliar lover. After the call hung up, I cried and I still love him so much.

We are connected like this intermittently. I go to see him every year on vacation. Although I feel that I am particularly cheap, I really miss him. Until eleven last year, he went home to test his driver's license and asked me to go home. I was entangled again and again. Whether to go home or not, I chose not to go back, but he got engaged in November and his girlfriend When I was pregnant, I felt that when this man became ruthless, it was more ruthless than anyone else. This was really the case. He is now married and has his own children and wife. The loser of my relationship can only be remembered alone. He who has been blocked in my heart for a lifetime, may now be the real end of our emotions in 5 years. Mine of him. . .

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