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The girls I loved in those years

Time: 2013-10-21 Source: Original Editor: Black Pencil Reading: Times

More than ten years. Or even longer ago ...

When I was a elementary school student, I didn't know if it was because the children in the countryside matured quickly, and at that time I started to have a hazy feeling for the opposite sex. Of course, it can't be called love. I just want to see each other. The other person wants to see me. I always love to be stubborn in front of the other person. I hope the other person pays more attention to me. It's that simple. Of course, this is the style of my friends, and I have always been exceptional.

And we all like the same type of girls, that is, good academic performance, beautiful people, and quiet. And pure, is such a girl. We all like her.

Gao Wei, worthy of the name, we are one head higher than we were then, but not very good at learning, people are cheerful and handsome, many girls chase him backwards, but he has always been purely with him, and he is a very pure friend. They are neighbors and go to school together. Only Gao Wei has always had a deeper feeling for Chun, and it is only with Gao Wei's blessing that we are so familiar with Chun. In addition to Gao Wei, my good friends are Wang Bin, Lin Cheng, Bai Hengchun, Xiao Xiao, and of course Xiao Lu, Gao Qingqing, and Gao Qingyang who have always been good. They are all neighbors with Gao Wei.

The life in elementary school is very good. I live in fantasy every day. The most advanced past is Bai Hengchun and Lin Cheng. They always watch adult videos at home from time to time. We do n’t even know what they know. They can all speak out casually. We were very scared of fake that year. When we listened, we would blush. It was said when Chun was absent. In front of Chun, everyone was serious. Everyone likes Pure in different ways. Gao Wei most often plays basketball in front of Pure, and it really makes Pure quite happy and often praises him. Wang Bin's grades are good, and he often discusses issues with excuses. Lin Cheng often tells jokes to Chun, which makes him very happy. Xiaoxiao is just like me, all having a crush on love, but at least Xiaoxiao often finds pure chat. I, in my memory, did n’t say many words to Chun in primary school. I am used to watching her being teased and laughed by others. Like flowers in spring.

The elementary school career passed quickly. At the graduation party, we did not go. At the invitation of Gao Wei, we had a party of 10 people at Gao Wei's house. The party didn't make much sense to me. Pure was just sitting quietly, watching them playing with a smile, and occasionally saying a few words. Gao Wei and Gao Qingqing were able to drink. As a sister of Gao Qingqing, Gao Qingyang didn't drink much. After drinking a little, she stopped drinking. Xiao Lu was pulled by Gao Wei and drank a lot and then sat and rested. Wang Bin did not drink and sat with Chun. Lin Cheng played his humorous talent that night and made the party atmosphere harmonious ... … For a long time, I do n’t remember much or how to get rid of it. In the era when I did n’t understand anything, I was buried in time like this. I vaguely remember that Chun said to me that night, “You do n’t care. It ’s like that! ”To this day, I still ca n’t figure out what she ’s referring to. All I know is that childhood was gone.

There are not many middle schools in town, so 10 of us are still studying in the same school. There have n’t been many changes. Gao Wei, Gao Qingqing, and Gao Qingyang still go to school and leave school together. Gao Wei became the captain of the school basketball. It ’s very energetic. There are more and more girls running after her. Wang Bin ’s pursuit of purity is also It started to get more and more fierce, and there was a lot of momentum to keep up. Lin Cheng is also very popular with a mouthpiece, but his attitude towards pure is not weaker than when he was a kid. Bai Hengchun faded a bit. I heard Xiao Lu said that because there was a time, I do n’t remember the specific time. Bai Hengchun It was purely rejected once, as if that was the case. Xiao Xiao has the most headache and is no longer as shy as a child. He writes a lot of love letters in pure books in three or five days. According to my thinking, Gao Wei will always be Gao Wei ’s biggest advantage at all times. Gao Wei is always near the water platform to get the moon. Seeing pure appearance is also very happy to stay with Gao Wei, which makes me secretly jealous. . Pure, more youthful and bright than when she was a child, she is like a flower blooming in spring, always surrounded by a large group of bees collecting honey. If it were not for Gao Wei, I would have been farther away from her!

Life in junior high school was dull, and I became obsessed with reading novels. From time to time, Xiaoxiao called me to help him write love letters. Thinking of him, I can't say anything, just help others write love letters to pure, no matter what I do, I really have a bit of a bad taste in my heart. It's strange to say, every time I help lowercase, I will see something in the end, which makes me embarrassed. Although learning is better than tiring, I often invite everyone to go out to play, Xu is climbing the mountain together, Xu is traveling the sea and eating supper together. The bosses of the stalls on the road are familiar to us. The boss also treated us exceptionally and gave us a 20% discount. This happily life is going so fast and fast. When I haven't responded for a while, we have entered the third grade. In order to welcome the entrance exam, we are no longer crazy, Xu is also mature in nature, and a lot of entertainment time is allocated to study. I and Xiao Lu are in a class, so she and Xiao Lu often talk to me. Since the third day, he has also talked to Xiao Ruoduo. The third day of school was also a tiring period. Everyone seldom communicated. For pure, I only met her occasionally in the dining room or on the hurried playground. I didn't know what to say. I just reported a smile and wiped it. Pass by. Gradually, I started to get used to this kind of silent shoulder rubbing! But every time I saw her smile, I felt inexplicable heartache. Every time the results of the monthly exam come out, the more I feel inferior, the pure grades are always among the best. I can only look up to the high purity in the humble world. I know very clearly that the distance between me and her is so far away. This day and again, in a blink of an eye, the entrance exam.

On the day of the statement, my world began to dim. On the day I lost the list, I learned to drink and drunk in the bar all day. Gao Wei was always busy for me during this time. I finally came out of the shadow of falling off the list, only to know that Chun, even fell off the list. Of the 10 people, only me and Chun Shuang fell, and I was extremely shocked. When everyone was planning for the future, the 10 of us reunited in Gao Wei's house. For a moment, we seemed to be back to the familiar faces of three years ago. I was sitting on the sofa, and suddenly I was sad, because, in such a day, maybe there will be no more! Because I have decided to go north with my mother and make a living in a place called Beijing. Thinking about it, suddenly a little scared, what a distant place! I feel sad for a while. I remember that night, Jun, she took the initiative to talk to me. "What are you going to do in the future? Are you still reading?" Pure voice was very gentle and very nice. I shook my head, drank a glass of wine, and spoke out my plans, because after my father left, my only relative was the mother. After listening, she stunned for a moment, but soon recovered her calmness, and continued, "I feel your choice is wrong, you ..." She was also a little sad, stopped for a moment, and looked at the wine glass in my hand. , Continued: "Do you think you should stay! Or ... Do you think there is something you should stay!" I exhaled softly. He shook his head heavily, as if I heard my heart dripping blood. Chun seemed a little lonely, and sighed softly: "Ah! ... you are still the same, it doesn't matter anything!" After speaking, I walked over to go with the Gao Weis, Xiao Lu looked at us thoughtfully Shook his head. Afterwards, everyone began to talk about their ideals. Wang Bin did not want to get a college entrance exam. Gao Qingqing all looked forward to marrying a rich man. When it was Chun's turn in the end, she said naturally: "I wish to say goodbye to being single!" I remember the audience quieted down until Gao Wei said seriously: "I hope I can help her say goodbye to being single!" The audience clamored and applauded warmly. However, Chun only answered him and said, "Sorry, I have to wait ..." I wonder what she was waiting for, I wonder if she was too young? No one asked again ... So far, my and Chun's days came to an end, My mother and I went to Beijing soon.

In Beijing, I managed to work in a well-paid company as a salesperson, and I was very busy with my daily work. In fact, I never thought I would run a business. In my mind, I should be sitting in the office. The highly-paid people who enjoy life here are the only cruel reality. I am only a business person living in a low-level business. It seems to play a dispensable role in the world. The world will never change in the slightest because of my efforts. , Awkwardly alive. Occasionally I met them on the Internet, and it was inevitable to ask for warmth. Over time, I really missed it. Since I was in Beijing, I immediately joined the ranks of the North Drifters and wandered alone. Gao Wei, Gao Qingqing, and Gao Qingyang all passed the provincial key high schools. Wang Bin, Lin Cheng, and Bai Hengchun followed, and Xiao Xiao went to Shenzhen. He heard that he got along well with his elder brother, and Xiao Lu left the pure because he couldn't bear it. So I stayed in an ordinary high school with me. I heard that Gao Wei had thought about staying, but the family wouldn't let it ... In this way, everyone's life began to enter the track normally. It seems that no one can start from Gao Wei is the best example in his own life and in the lives of others. Every time he runs to pure school, he makes pure joy. I also thought about going back, but after all life was not allowed. A month later, I was brave enough to add pure to the list of friends, and saw her Ninyi wrote "Single Flying Butterfly", and the signature read: I am a butterfly that has always been single, just in that ruthless June Here, he folded away my multicolored **, so that I no longer flutter and flutter in the autumn wind! ... her space is very elegant, a photo of butterflies flying around, the theme background is also clear green, photo Locked. The only thing that makes me happy is that I can see her diary. It can be seen that her world became melancholy after that ruthless June. ... She was also surprised that I was able to add her friend list, but I didn't talk too much about private affairs with me, just greetings from ordinary friends. ...

In an instant, many years passed. I'm still struggling in the business world, and live a life of having meals and not having meals. My friends around me are just friends, and I occasionally miss my days at school. Now, except Gao Qingyang went to study in the United States, everyone else is living very well in major cities in China. I also heard that Gao Wei and Wang Bin are the bosses of the companies, and their faces are very bright. As for pure, I stayed in the town as a teacher ... Think about it, I only have to live a wandering life. In fact, I also asked myself whether my choice was correct? Did I regret it? Looking forward The road is vast, I suddenly feel extremely tired ...

In the cold winter, Beijing's winter has been covered with snowflakes long ago, and it has been sparsely covered. The whole world is wrapped in silver new clothes, blowing wildly, and occasionally being broken by snow. The branches of the tree fell silently with a click. This day, I received a call from Gao Wei: "Pure, pure ... Pure is about to marry ... Married! Can you come back?" He wasn't very sharp, however, there was a pain in my heart, as if the whole The world has changed, she has lost her colorful colors, and everything is dead! Gao Wei then said with a heavy warning: "Hurry up! Or it's too late! ..." I didn't hear what he said later, at this time, I hugged my head and squatted on the ground in pain ... For the first time since being sensible, the moment I received a call from Gao Wei, in the dark night of falling snow, I was crying heartbreakingly ... outside , Heavy snow, still flying, sparsely ...

The following year, the winter cold did not disappear, and the spring cold was unexpected. Beijing's winter was still covered with heavy snow, and the wind hurt the human face. Gao Wei and I were sitting quietly in the coffee shop. The rushing pedestrians and the falling snow outside had nothing to do with us. In the face of Gao Wei's sudden visit, I felt extremely heavy. After a long time, the coffee was also half-drank, and Gao Wei first broke through the deadlock: "Why did you change the SIM card?" The voice was very light and heavy. I lit a cigarette, spit out a heavy sigh, and replied softly: "I did it on purpose!" Gao Wei seemed a little surprised: "Don't you go online? On purpose?" I nodded slowly. "Why do you want to avoid us?" "I don't need to contact you ..." Gao Wei looked very painful: "Actually, pure, the entrance exam was intentional. She just wanted to be with you at the same school. ...... Remember that at the entrance exam? When she refused me, she said she was waiting. She was waiting for you to confess to her. She has always loved you since elementary school, do you know? "

"I know! You are the same, in order to wait for her, you have never been a girlfriend." I was not surprised, and said without panic, "I have a connection with Xiao Lu, you know, there are very few secrets between their women. … ”Gao Wei was surprised! He continued:“ Actually, I called you in the front row about pure, but pure was n’t actually married! She ’s been waiting for you for so many years, It was purely required of me to say that, you know what? "

"I know!"

"Pure, she, she is lying in the woods behind the school when she was in elementary school ... she, she died last year!"

"I know!" I still faintly answered his heavy statement without any joy or worry. "Xiao Lu told me when the pure condition had not worsened ..."

"Chun wants to see you in her last days, do you know?"

"I know!"

"Then why don't you go back?"

"Because I too ... wait ..."

"What are you waiting for?"

"Wait! Wait pure ... dead!"

"She donated her bone marrow." ...

Outside, the snow, the landing is bigger, silently ...

In the spring days of Wanzi Yinhong, Hefeng Xixi, in the woods behind the old school. The wind blows gently. Before the tombstone reads "Pure Spirit", I stood quietly without any movement, and a piece of white paper drifted gently in my hand, which said: Even if the butterfly is folded With wings, you can still fly around! Great lovers, love yourself and love. Life has no regrets, and death remains fragrant. ... When I left on a heavy step, the sky flew over a group of white cranes, sadly singing a tragedy for this square of wood and soil, and gently, gently passing the large field of lilies in front of the grave. ...

Back in Beijing, my mother asked lovingly: "Child, go back and see? They blame you?" I nodded gently. The mother said guiltyly, "Hey! What a wonderful child! That's it! If I hadn't been in the hospital for someone to take care of me! If it hadn't been the hospital's family signature, I could have surgery! The child's bone marrow! If not ... "The mother stopped talking, because she suddenly noticed that I was already in tears ...

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