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Time: 2015-08-21 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

He is a high jumper who graduated from high school.

She is a translator who graduated from an external department.

They started dating from the same university, graduated from the same university, and looked at the world from the perspective of sweet lovers.

☂ ☂ ☂

That day, it was raining in the gray sky, and the girl took a taxi, hoping to get through the congested traffic to the competition site.

As long as he wins the championship today, he can be promoted to a national player, go abroad to compete, and even participate in the Olympics.

If he wins, he can raise a family with his salary; if he loses, the two of them have to continue to be a loving little couple.

He cheered himself up in the lounge, remembered her, and the happiness in his mind drowned him instantly, yes, he would win! Definitely!

"I have your phone."

But on this day, nothing happened and nothing happened ...

☂ ☂ ☂

I heard that it was because of the water on the road that the bus brakes suddenly failed, and the car accident and human life in a series of car accidents slipped out of the blood painting of the entire intersection.

She was lying in the intensive care unit. She was sitting in the front seat of the taxi. Her legs were pinched in a fierce impact from the car. The chance of healing was low, but very low.

He was wearing a sterilized medical green robe and knelt beside her bed, crying. Why did n’t God take away his strong legs? Why was he so cruel to him? Men can break out of the sky with ambition, but as soon as a woman's appearance is damaged, the treatment in this real society becomes particularly cheap. .

I wonder if it was a dream? Or did he go to heaven according to her?

"If your love is so sincere, what are you willing to do for her?" God asked.

☂ ☂ ☂

A few days later, the girl woke up from a coma and watched a text message the boy left her. Her legs unexpectedly surprised even the doctors. As long as she recovered well and sat in a wheelchair for about half a year, she would be no different from her before the accident, even without scars.

However, the news could not be passed on to his beloved him anyway. He didn't show up, his phone didn't work, and there was no sound at home. The only thing that supports the girl to continue to survive the disappointment is the text message, read it thousands of times, and tasted the sweet taste of memories, where did he go?

One year, the boy has grown up and is no longer at the bottom of the food chain. He is now a small fish living by the sea, a humble gray fish. Every day he lives a life of weak meat and strong food. He misses the days when he was a human being, the kind of comfort, the glory of the spirit of all things.

But he is very grateful to God. His tail is like his previous leg, and he is still strong and strong. When he is chased by a bloody mouth of a carnivorous fish, he will swing his most proud part, breaking the line, The eternal one or two seconds tasted everything he once embraced.

He saw a floating hut by the sea. If all this didn't happen, he might save some money and buy the small house and live with her until the end of their lives.

☂ ☂ ☂

One day, someone helped him fulfill his wish, a small house full of hope was bought, and a couple bought it. He blessed the lovers with all his heart, and wished that their lives would be more fulfilling and smooth than he and her.

Suddenly, the couple saw her while packing his luggage and furniture!

She was no longer as young as they were when they were kings, and she gently scratched a few knives on her face in the years, but she was still as beautiful and innocent as he remembered. The person who takes care of this pleasant person is not himself in the sea, but replaced by another man.

In this scene, his heart was torn apart like his world was falling apart. He was heading to the deepest sea bottom, no matter whether his body pressure could withstand the power of the deep sea, he just wanted to quickly end his remaining life.

Always chasing him as a dim sum fish, feeling his despair, swimming towards him, slowly opening the death penalty decorated with sharp teeth ...


☂ ☂ ☂

Losing his strength, he lost his mind and body, and slept all day at the bottom of the fish tank. Only when his stomach was out of control due to physiological needs, he slowly swam near the water to eat some red pill-like feed.

He wasn't a fish at first. His companion in the fish tank was joking because of the game. He swam to him to join him. He couldn't understand what they said, and didn't want to bother.

The day he was picked up by the fishing net, he saw the big fish chasing him in the oxygen with few minutes left, and was put into the box sent to the fish market, waiting for death to pick it up. His scales are not beautiful, but his small appearance has won the favor of the pet fish shop owner, took him to the shop and put a few figures on it.

"Ding Bell!" A distant and muffled wind chime sounded into his heart today, but he was still wishing that he could not afford to sleep so much, lying quietly on the sand.

☂ ☂ ☂

The boy opened his eyes and stared at his new home. A small ball-shaped fish tank, a simple but beautiful little castle decoration, and a few cheap water grasses inserted at the bottom of the tank sounded like a bang in the ears of the fish. Oxygen machine.

A large red plate next to the fish tank was covered with neat white small buttons. He recognized the patterns and lived next to the phone in the entrance. "Ka La!" Came to the door--

"We come back, Luo, little feet." She and her husband.

God is really playing tricks and turning into a fish boy, like a refugee hungry on a chair and hungry for several months. At the table is a plate of delicate food, but he can't eat it. When he saw her, he had to be jealous every day and wanted to break the fish tank. He was always angry and roared in the more abyss of despair, but only a few puppets of bubbles came from his mouth.

☂ ☂ ☂

Day after day, year after year, would such a special fish live as long as humans? He didn't care anymore. Every day watching her and "his" life, he also slowly accepted this situation, he no longer lay on the bottom of the fish tank and regretted whether it was worth saving her legs, if there is no exchange condition like God, now He would live with her in this house, but would have to push her in a wheelchair every day.

Enough is enough, he is satisfied, and he admits that "he" also gives her no less than his own good day, happiness and happiness that he also promised, and seeing her happy, he will not torture himself with those funny resentments Already. However, he occasionally pretended to be ill and asked her to take care of her and coquettish her.

After some time, she has now entered middle age. The car accident that year seemed to have not only taken away her legs, because he noticed that "they" had not given birth to any children, although he was excited for a while because of misunderstanding. He ended with a sigh.

He chewed seaweed in the fish tank and seemed to be regarded as "heart-baby" by "them", eating the best feed, buying him many fun toys, and taking good care of him. However, he was wondering if he should make a wish for them to buy a little mother fish to accompany him, but this seemed a bit cruel and unhappy to them.

She came to the porch early this morning, holding a thin catalog in his hand. He tilted his body to see. It was the catalogue and price of a pet fish shop! Can he be so happy? Is it really possible? "They "It's been a long time but nothing has come true. Is he qualified to have it?

In such a surprise mood, her hand carrying the small handbag suddenly clenched her chest, and "hit!" Fell to the ground. He froze in the fish tank for a while, and began to rush into chaos. Even if he smashed his head, he should be heard by him.

After a few suicidal acts that made him dizzy, he realized that "he" had already said he was going to work overtime today, so he went out. What can I do? Is n’t God doing enough? Was she so passing away but couldn't save her? For the first time he was so resentful why he was a fish.

However, if she died, he should not want to survive, he could hit the glass and hit his own brain hemorrhage, and maybe they could meet again, travel around the world as a soul, and have Halloween.

He comforted himself and calmed down. No more tragic things could happen, and he would soon be relieved ...

"She's also holding on to the pet shop's fish list!"

He cried, maybe tears could not be separated in the water, but he knew he was really crying. He began to swim in the fish tank again, and suddenly he saw a red object that seemed a little huge to him, and he was separated from it by a curved glass wall.

"If your love is so sincere, what are you willing to do for her?"

As if back to the original, re-choice, can you regret going back to the past?

No, if she was willing to spend the rest of her life with her partner taking care of a little fish that was impossible to be sold from a pet shop, ugly and old staring at her husband with jealous eyes, then why would he care The "yusheng" you have decided?

☂ ☂ ☂

"Person No. 5 waved to the audience at the starting point. Look at the results of the first few players, each of which is fighting against each other! Can the No. 5 break through these Shura battlefields and become the king of the World Cup? "

He smiled. Although he opened and closed his mouth, he knew that his expression was definitely the most confident smile before the game.

"No. 5 took a deep breath, he tightened his legs, and the referee waved the flag!"

He put away all the muscles in his body, and for the first time shrank his body so much that he felt very painful.

"He started running, he rushed out!"

He was like a rocket, launching into a dark, covered universe that sucked him into a black hole.

"It's almost close, it's close to the take-off point, and he has spent all his life putting the pole on the ground!"

She came that day, just to cheer him in different ways; today she came too, waiting for him to break that line, although it was a trap of prizes and bonuses, he also-

"He jumped out !!"

Perfect strength, calculated parabola, like the warm sunlight that appears after breaking through all the darkness, reaching out to hug him with his arms, offering a shortcut phone key set to "119" in front of him, and--

Even if the landing place is a very distant floor from the fish tank filled with water that can sustain his life, as long as she is by her side, she will never regret the dedication that cannot be turned back!

* 鱼 End *

☂ ☂ ☂

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