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If love can come again

Time: 2015-08-19 Source: Unknown Editor: Xiaoyun Read: Times

If time can come again, will I still be like this? I will still marry him? I will quit my job and become a housewife? Will I still be boring and lonely? Recently I have been thinking more and more about this There is a problem. Although it doesn't make sense to know, it feels interesting even if you know it exists in fantasy.

I think in bed, when I eat, when I take a shower, and when I'm with my husband and daughter. I was thinking about this while lying on the sofa.

'Jingle Bell'.

The doorbell rang, and then there was a sound of the key being inserted into the keyhole. I stood up and happened to be pushing in the door.

"Come back," I said, only to remember that I had forgotten to prepare dinner.


I took his briefcase in the past and he took off his coat and lay on the sofa.

This is the case every time I come back. I thought to myself, "I'm sorry, I forgot to prepare dinner."

Recently, because of their daughter's summer vacation, they were sent to live with their grandparents. Without a daughter, our daily dinner is very simple. Basically, I cook it at noon and bring it out to heat it at night.

"It's all right," he said coldly.

If I say two sentences, I may be angry or feel guilty, but this attitude directly makes me lose the strength to talk to him.

"I'll get ready right away."

After saying a word, he walked into the kitchen.

I really don't want to stay any longer, I thought. Because the husband's return even the air in the house began to become glued.

After finishing the meals quickly, I brought them to the table. He is sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

"I'm eating." I called him, and he turned to look at me after a while, then stood up without a word to the table.

"Sorry, just eat." I said. I have said this almost every day since my daughter left. He made a disapproving 'hmm'.

We didn't say anything when we ate. I looked up at him several times and he was stuffy. His eyes seemed to be staring at the rice bowl and the dining table. It might be looking at something I didn't notice. maybe. I don't want to care about him, maybe he doesn't speak, anyway, even if I want to speak, I don't know what to say.

He would probably say something happened in the company. What colleagues, leaders, etc. I have no interest in these at all. I would like to talk about some recent TV series, cosmetics and the like, and he would not be interested in the same.

I don't know why people like us are together. I was originally a girl companion who liked me, and I also liked it, but ultimately forced the pressure of my parents and the resistance of the society to choose a normal life. Fortunately, this life is unhappy but nobody cares. They-either parents or anyone else-just threw me in each bucket like trash. I feel this way. For their own happiness, I became a sad victim. Maybe he too.

When I looked up at my husband, I happened to see him looking at me.

"I'm done."

The glance glanced at me didn't have any purpose. He put down the tableware and sat down on the sofa, and I quickly lost my appetite. Just because I was thinking about things, I didn't eat much food, but I didn't feel any hunger in my stomach.

This was not the case in previous life.

Because he liked me, although I had someone I liked at the time, since I chose to be together, I have tried to like him for my future life.

He is gentle and elegant, a talented person, which is in line with the handsomeness of the public, plus the family has a certain economic foundation, so there is no lack of pursuit in college. But he liked me, and this may be the first beginning of the error.

After packing up the dishes, we took a shower each. He went to the bedroom first, and I had to do the laundry.

When he finished washing and entered the bedroom, he was unexpectedly lying on the bed and reading the newspaper. I silently put on my pajamas and lay down beside him and picked up the book on the nightstand.

That's a foreign novel, which I have used recently to relieve boredom. But I fell asleep every few pages in bed, so hypnosis is the biggest effect of this book for me.

I turned the book to the part I folded yesterday and continued reading. In fact, I can't remember what I saw before, but it doesn't matter. I meditate word by word. This is my habit of reading. Every time I read a word, I can't help but read it in my heart.

When the third page was read, the sleepy insects came over as expected. I called Hatch and looked to the side, my husband was still reading the newspaper. The lamp on the bedside table across came over and cast a huge shadow on the part of his face facing me, which very closely expressed our current state. If only I had chosen to be with her.

I sighed softly, refolded the book and put it down to sleep. They haven't had sex for a long time. I remember when I was about to get married, I was still annoyed because I had to have a relationship with men, but I quickly became accustomed to the necessary things to eat and sleep every day: I would not feel pleasure or disappointment.

Later, the belly slowly bulged. Although the motherhood due to becoming a mother continued to grow, her attitude towards her husband did not change much.

That's it, nothing will change. Looking at us now, I can already imagine our situation for decades to come. When the thought first came to my mind, I felt inexplicable horror, but now I'm used to it.

With this thought, I lay down slowly, but at this moment my surroundings were covered by a huge darkness.

This darkness is not like the darkness caused by a sudden breakpoint. I screamed and reached out to touch the husband around me subconsciously. But nothing was touched.

what happened?

But at the time, I didn't have such a clear idea in my mind, it was just a little helpless, and my mouth began to become uncomfortable. Although the instinct of life made me think that I should calm down at this time, my mouth was still open and howling. This has never happened before.

The air in the lungs was quickly cleared, but my mouth was still wide open, hoping to squeeze out the gas molecules with a little smile from every cell in the body. After a while, the feeling of suffocation came, and I shuddered from the beginning of my head. Then the whole body. When I couldn't stand it, I finally breathed a little fresh air.

I began to calm my breath slowly, but my heart was still beating fiercely.

I was still groping for her husband's body, but still could not feel it. And then I felt something wrong.

Not the touch of a mattress at home.

I was taken aback by this discovery. What's going on? Where am I now?

I quickly touched the bottom of my body, and it did not have the soft and delicate touch of the mattress. Instead it was a cold, metal-like feel. I nudged it gently with my hand, and immediately made a 'da da' sound.

where is this place?


I shouted again.

No one responded, and I wasn't sure if anyone was around, just like I wasn't sure if I was dreaming.

It must be dreaming, otherwise no such surreal thing would happen.

I tried to stand up, I supported the 'ground' with my hands and started moving my body. But his hands trembled, the strength was not enough to make the body stand up. Sure enough, with a soft hand, the body that had just half-supported was about to fall.

There was nothing wrong with the fall. Even if it fell on the cold metal, I believe it will not attract anyone's attention in the face of this strange environment. But this time, something stranger happened. I feel like I'm about to fall, and this thought is acting directly on my body after my brain reacts. I was involuntarily prepared to hold it as a buffer, but I did not touch the physical entity.

Yes, just now I was trying to stand up from a surface like metal, but I am now floating in the air. I'm sure I'm not weightless, but I'm floating. It's like a person fell into the air with a steel wire. Although they feel gravity, they can't feel the tension of the wire at all.

Immediately before I could react, three white characters began to appear in front of my eyes.

Yes Or No

Although these two characters are white, they are not light sources. Except for the characters themselves, they do not illuminate any colors around them.

I stared blankly at the characters in front of me, wondering what was going on. This seems to be a multiple choice question, but I think it is not.

It is strange that this kind of thing appears in this inexplicable space in the first place. Am I really dreaming?

Until now I still feel that I am dreaming. I look at 'yes' for a while, look at 'no' for a while, and focus on the 'or' in the middle. What should we do? If it is a dream, how should we wake up.

I looked at 'yes' for a while, looked at 'no' for a while, and then focused on the 'or' in the middle. Time passed by a little bit.

I looked at 'yes' for a while, looked at 'no' for a while, and then focused on the 'or' in the middle. A little time passed, it seemed like a long time passed, but it seemed like only one second passed.


Originally, I thought out of it with the idea of trying it out, but the scene in front of me suddenly changed as the voice fell.

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