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Little person

Time: 2015-08-09 Source: Original Editor: Xiaoyun Reading: Times

Zhuo Wei leaned against the railing, and the cold iron rod gradually stained his temperature and became warm.

With a cigarette in his mouth, he casually counted the money in his hand with one hand.

This is a technical task, one will accidentally spread the banknotes in his hands, and the palm will be sore that it will not be able to be closed and spread freely. But this is also no way out. Who made a few ragged openings in his right hand? The blood has been frozen on the wrist, and it looks rugged. It was a pity that the pain did not solidify with it, and the pain in the wound made his eyebrows tighten unconsciously.

The corners of his mouth were blue, and if he looked closely, he would find that his left face was a little swollen. The bleached hair grows wantonly, and the over-long forehead blocks the slender eyes with a slight disgust.

He is the little man living at the bottom of the city. He wears a vulgar shirt for ten yuan and white jeans on his legs.

He unbuttoned the shirt three times from the top, and the two buttons underneath were tied around casually, revealing a flat, thin breast. Jeans are also deliberately loosely wrapped around the waist, the edges of the white panties scoured from the stall are still clean, and they poke their heads out of the waistband-a obviously childish seductive lure.

Yes, he, Zhuo Wei, is only 23 years old this year and is a very cheap male prostitute.

Ordinary peers at his age are still worried about not being able to find a job. Of course, he is also worried, he is worried every day, and he is worried about where the next dinner is.

As a little male prostitute, he has no charming face and no proud figure. But of course, he can survive to this day by betraying himself, and naturally has his own magic weapon-that is cheap.

He was much cheaper than his peers, which is why he always received business and was beaten by his peers from time to time.

After all, there is no shortage of people in this world who still want to use their wealth to satisfy their desires.

"His ..." After collecting the banknotes, he raised his hand and touched the corner of his injured mouth. The cold fingers touched the slightly hot wound and couldn't help the low throat pain. "This bastard, it's really dark, fucking ..."

Although cursing continued, Zhuo Wei couldn't help cheering at the thought of the hot banknote that had just arrived.

It seems that tomorrow I can buy some thicker clothes ... Zhuo Wei thought, while walking quickly along the road.

I hope the convenience store hasn't closed yet ......... Thinking about it, he speeded up his feet.

Le Bing slowly walked on the path illuminated by street lights. The police uniform on his body doesn't seem to make him warmer. He straightened his body hard, carrying a baton in his hand, maintaining the majesty of the police officer he had always dreamed of in an unoccupied neighborhood.

"Huh ..." He rubbed his hands, a gust of wind blew through, and a lot of small particles appeared on his bare arms. Le Bing was always afraid of cold, and at this time, he shivered a lot.

It seems that it is still very cold in the early autumn evening ...

He couldn't help but regret not going out to patrol without a coat.

He is a small patrol officer in D area. With a small salary, solemn police uniforms that support reality with young ideals.

His childhood dream was to be a police officer, of course, he wanted to be a police officer, a police officer with a gun to solve crimes and catch bad people, although in real life he is not tall and strong.

What's the size ... will be 180 height, and still pass, but the body is thin and pitiful.

180CM with 50Kg ... it's too weak anyway. Not to mention a pair of damn glasses on the bridge of the nose.

His boss frowned at first to force him to pass the assessment-this is the result of his mother secretly plugging a red envelope to his boss.

He also knows that he is not suitable for this business, but he likes it so much that he wants to put on police uniforms and stand on the street.

Even if it's just a small patrolman ... he's very happy.

After all, this can be considered ... to achieve their ideals.

Zhuo Wei fortunately rushed into the convenience store at the last minute.

This convenience store is so abnormal that it is not open 24 hours. Opening and closing depends on the personal mood of the boss.

But helplessly, only this convenience store will sell some things that are only available in the first aid box, probably because the law and order here is not good, anyway, there are still stores selling these things at this time, giving him great convenience .

Zhuo Wei held the bottle of hydrogen peroxide in his mouth, and clenched his bandage with his left hand.

Damn it ...

It's been so bad recently.

Not to mention that A Yang in the same street always stared at his own poor old man. Yesterday, another fat and poor poor ghost ran away with his pants on after finishing himself, and he was tired. For a while, he didn't even get a dime.

It's really bad times. It seems that it's time to save money and avoid disasters, and go out to burn incense and worship the Buddha.

Zhuo Wei thought while walking to his humble rental house.

The steps were crooked, and the wound was stabbed with hydrogen peroxide sprinkling from the air.

"Hey, what are you doing over there?"

Zhuo Wei froze, then reacted that the other party was calling himself. As soon as he froze, he saw a patrolman like a thin, tall bamboo-clad man approaching himself.

Damn ... it's really bad for years!

As he scolded, Zhuo Wei ran away and quickly ran.

Whisper ...

He knew that the police were the nemesis of someone like himself.

He had a companion before, he barely counted half a friend, was arrested by the police, and then not only paid all his income for the day, but was also detained in the police station.

These male prostitutes are most afraid of entering the police station. Although none of them are good people, they look down on them. If it ’s better, it ’s a few beats, and if it ’s worse, it may not be able to hold a small life.

For the fighting inside, the police usually scolded a few words, but when they were beaten, they glanced in disgust and turned their backs to ignore them.

Originally, even if they were killed, no one would come to recognize the body or cause trouble.

When they die, they die, silently, no one cares or remembers their existence, so it disappears quietly, like a grass mustard disappearing in the dust.

Here Le Bing was chasing behind, and he kept panting and shouting, "Hey! Don't run again, stop!"

Where could Zhuo Wei listen, and continued to run away furiously, she just wanted to quickly get rid of this damn tail.

He hasn't lived enough.

Even if you live very hard and have no dignity ... that is not enough.

He still wanted to live, even if it was difficult, even if he was embarrassed.

Live ...

There was less and less gas in the lungs, and the nasal cavity felt as if bleeding.

But can't stop ... Absolutely, absolutely can't stop ...

When you stop, you will be caught and put in a police station where the killer does not blink.

Then everything is over.

Zhuo Wei's hard work in front, Le Bing chasing even harder in the back.

Although he was tall and long, he was too thin and he could barely cope with it from the beginning. As time passed, he felt that his eyes were blooming, his head was groggy, and his feet were erratic like stepping on cotton.

"You ... don't, don't stop, run away ... Huh ..." Le Bing finally defeated, leaning over to support the electric pole around him, and directed at the figure that was slowing down in front of him: "Again , Run again ... I'll ... fire, shoot ... "

Zhuo Wei froze, and then stopped.

He dies, he is afraid of death. He was afraid of being killed and he didn't want to die. He didn't even want to die in a dark alley just like this.

Seeing that he stopped, Le Bing hurriedly propped up and tightened his baton.

Although the street lights were not bright enough, he still could see clearly the wolverine in front of him.


The hydrogen peroxide bottle in Zhuo Wei's arms fell to the ground, and his bones rolled all the way to Le Bing's feet.

"Ah, sir, you call me?" Zhuo Wei panted and smiled.

Le Bing froze, then his face was raised: "What are you running?"

Zhuo Wei was vague: "I don't know that Sir is calling me. In the middle of the night, I'm timid and scared, so I just ran ..."

Le Bing stooped to pick up the hydrogen peroxide bottle on the ground, and Yu Guang saw the young man constantly plucking the pale fingers of his pants. I don't know why, but suddenly I feel that the other party is very pitiful ...

Le Bing picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and reached out to Zhuo Wei for a routine cross-examination: "Show me your ID."

Wherever Zhuo Wei had that kind of thing, she immediately lowered her head and racked her brains to think of a policy to deal with.

Le Bing saw that he was slow to speak and had guessed seven or eight points.

"What's your job?"

Zhuo Wei looked up and murmured in his mouth: "I work at the construction site, a small worker who moves bricks."

Le Bing looked at his right hand: "Is this also injured on the construction site?"

Zhuo Wei stunned: "Ah? ... Oh, yes, that's right."

Le Bing frowned: "You don't lie to me."

Zhuo Wei suddenly felt that his thick copper skin was uncomfortable with those eyes.

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