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Itchy skin

Time: 2015-08-08 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

This article is just a text before bedtime. I have used MJ elsewhere. Each one is very short. I write without pressure, so the chance is ...


Yang Qi always remembers that day.

He knew that Li Yu had an affair, maybe it was an unknown perfume, maybe he got home late, maybe there was less and less talk between them, or maybe they finally couldn't even make a noise. When he returned home, he found that his belongings were stacked in the doorway. There was no more of his belongings in the house where he had lived for seven years. Li Yu smiled and said to him, "Let's break up, get together, Yang, Yang. Qi. "

Li Yu also smiled the same way when he first met. The hands that were half larger than him held him and said, "It's an honor to know a beauty like you."

Yang Qizhen returned from the memory to reality, and even smiled and said, "You just let me go?" Li Yu plucked his own hair and said impatiently: "We are not suitable, Yang, wait for him It's coming, you should have known it. "

Yang Qi laughed loudly and pulled off his neck tie. "We have known each other for eight years and lived together for seven years. We didn't even know that you were such a person ..." Then he untied his chest first. A button, the throat knot rolling around his fair neck, looked extremely sexy. Li Yu looked at him strangely, "We are no longer possible, don't be like Yang Qi."

Yang Qi didn't listen, but took a step forward, slender hands resting on the man's shoulders: "I don't think we've ever been familiar with each other ..." He murmured, breathing on Li Yu's face, warm Hot, as if they were still hot.

Li Yu turned his head and didn't want to see him like this. After all, he had been together for seven years, and suddenly—his stomach was hit hard! Li Yu couldn't believe he fell to the ground and saw Yang Qi glaring high. He, then kicked his black shoes to his face! His mouth was crooked and fell to the ground, and finally he was trampled on his stomach as if his stomach was about to spit out—Li Yu crawled on the ground, not wanting to resist, but Can't really resist!

"Maybe you don't know. I will accidentally use violence when I am angry. Congratulations, you finally made me angry." Yang Qi straightened his tie and twirled it around the man's neck fiercely. He heard his pain and moan. With both hands, he pulled back hard! With the painful roar, he said gently in the man's ear-"It's been seven years, you're itchy, right?"


"It's been a long time since I've been there, is it eight years?" The police officer in black, sitting behind the interrogation desk, smoking a cigarette, and sprayed it on Yang Qi's face in one breath. Yang Qi couldn't help but cough two times: "... you haven't changed, uncle, of course, even in official positions." Xiao Li could not bear the blue veins on his head. Recently, the doctor told him that his cardiovascular system was a little high. Restraint temper.

It turned out that when Yang Qi was fat enough to meet Li Yu, the little three was late and saw the bloody picture scared to hide and hurried to the police, which is why Yang Qi would sit here. "If it weren't for him running fast, my two would chatter together." Yang Qi said calmly, as if he had just gone to the grocery market without buying pork.

"..." Xiao Li was also very speechless. When Yang Qi was in high school, he also became the boss of the young man in the Eastern District in such an expressionless manner. No one understands. How could this quiet and beautiful 17-year-old child like a doll be a young boy who had a fight that was tougher than anyone and had blood on his hands? I haven't seen Yang Qi in the police station for a long time. Xiao Li thought he was sent abroad to study, and he was glad that City X had lost one. It was such a trouble today that I realized that he was converted to evil after dating. And they still have this love relationship. Xiao Li sighed: "I didn't expect you to be GAY. You used to have thousands of younger brothers to pick you up and didn't see you interested in them ... Why did you choose such a man afterwards?"

Yang Qi didn't answer, but he thought in his heart why he would be with Li Yu at first? Because of his appearance and cold personality, there were always countless men and women reaching out to him, but he looked at Li Yu without any background. At that time, Li Yu chased him with sincerity and enthusiasm. He had breakfast in the morning, and took him home by bike after class. He was gentle all the time. Although he had no money and no background, he felt at ease. Just get along with this person. And they have been dating for seven years, until an hour ago. Thinking of this, Yang Qi suddenly felt a little angry, and wasted seven years with this scum. "When I go out, I will go to the hospital to fight again." He said.


Yang Qi made some transcripts or whatever, because he didn't want to worry his sister, so no one came to protect him. He was wealthy from a young age and was a well-known group son in City X. He was originally a noble son who everyone admired, but he decided to associate with Li Yu and was opposed by his father. Both father and son were hot and impulsive, and they didn't agree. After a fight, Tianlei broke the relationship between the father and the son. Only his mother and dad dared to contact him in private.

Yang Qi asked for a quilt to sleep at the police station. Although his family was big when he was a kid, he didn't dare let his dad know that his son was the boss of the Eastern District. He ate fast food for fast food, and called his sister every other day. Come on as a guarantee. Anyway, I have n’t slept in the police station for a long time. I want to say that it ’s good to relive old dreams. When I was lying down, Xiao Li came in and told him that someone had guaranteed him out.

Xiao Li squinted at him. "Your little brother is still thinking of the old. He has remembered you for so many years." Yang Qi was also aroused curiosity. When he first contacted Li Yu, he was afraid of being found. The glorious history of the past will scare him away, and cut off the relationship with all the younger brothers. If you dare to recognize him on the road, see one by one.

Who is so brave?

As soon as Yang Qi came out of the police station, a man bent over and bent his knees to lead him to the long black car and said, "Brother Yang, we have waited a long time for you, please hurry up!" The door wants him in.

Yang Qi looked at the limousine and the "Ji Shao" who didn't know who it was, and turned away and said, "Thank me for saying thank you, I'm going to the hospital to see the patient." Then he waved his hand in the air to show '掰掰'.

"Yang Brother!" A man came down from the car and stopped him: "Can you talk to me?" Yang Qi turned his head and saw a tall, rough man, as if time had returned to eight years ago. At that time, the man was very tall, and Mu Ne said nothing. He fought without any weakness. Yang Qi rarely heard him speak, but the only time he remembered was when the man lowered his head and said, "Yang brother, I I'll follow you all the time. "Yang Qi's younger brothers didn't take it seriously. Yang Qi didn't even remember his name, but just recognized his tall man.

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