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Time: 2015-07-30 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

It hurts! The body was like a red iron rod running through, and there were burns everywhere.

Cao Yi was cold and sweaty and suddenly awakened. The sunlight passed through the window, casting a rectangular light and shadow on the ceiling, the curtains were blown by the wind, and the fabric friction brought out a slight sound, reflecting the quietness of the room.

Cao Yi breathed a sigh of relief, closed his eyes, relaxed his muscles, and told himself that the nightmare of last night had passed, it had passed ...

Hehe, there was suddenly a little laughter in the quiet room. Cao Yi's nerves suddenly tightened, and a chill sprang up from his spine. The familiar laughter is Ling Fangxi's usual low and dark voice.

Cao Yi opened her eyes and turned her neck stiffly.

Ling Fangxi was sitting on a baroque grass-french French high-back sofa by the window. The white curtains, like the background, reflected the cold temperament of his nobleman.

Ling Fangxi's hair was scrupulously fixed in the most beautiful position. The white shirt and dark gray slim suit had no trace of folds, and the black leather shoes were bright. Putting your hands on your overlapping legs, the corners of your mouth slightly tilted upwards, and you can look at the joke at any moment.

Cao Yi can also paint a picture of Ling Fangxi by closing her eyes. It's been too long. Ling Fangxi's daily life is taken care of by his own hands. That piece of clothing was not ironed by him, even silk sheets and quilts. . Fortunately, Ling Fangxi didn't like reading newspapers, otherwise he had to iron the newspapers and hand them in, which was almost enough to be a British housekeeper.

Ling Fangxi maintained a consistent sneer, waiting for Cao Yi to speak, just like a cat waiting for a dead mouse under his paw to escape at any time, so he could catch it again and play with it.

Cao Yi knew that he knew too well. It wasn't his life at all without seven or eight such ridicules a day. He lived on for 11 years like this.

He was taken to the Ling family at the age of nine.

His father said to him before going out, "Oh, dad is going to leave for a while. If you live in Ling, they will treat you well."

Unfortunately, when his father went out on the hind feet, Master Ling's face chilled, and he laughed or smiled, but the cat's crying and the child's false compassion were hypocritical.

That day, he met Ling Fangxi, the only child of the Ling family. The Ling family was really happy with this son. This is the meaning of his name, but Ling Fangxi didn't like the name at all. Although the name is feminine, Ling Fangxi is a lawless little bully. He is two years younger than Cao Yi. He has more means than him and became the master of Cao Yi for eleven years.

Before his 20th birthday, Cao Yi was taken to Master Ling's study.

Master Ling sat behind the huge desk and handed a piece of paper.

A contract-like thing intently states that the Ling family raised his son for the Cao family until his 20th birthday. After that, everything in Cao Yi's life, personal safety, and other things had nothing to do with the Ling family.

Boss Ling asked Cao Yi to sign on.

There is no other choice for Cao Yi. Even if the authenticity of this thing is uncertain, the paper is the same as the factory just yesterday, and Cao Yi only signed it and pressed his handprint.

How can you think that an old fox like boss Ling cannot raise children for the Ling family in vain? In addition, Cao Yi heard that his dad had died outside a few years ago, and it was estimated that he was sent to the Ling family to hide from his enemies. However, Cao Yi didn't want to think about it so much. He didn't have much interest in finding his father. He didn't have much feeling. He had been bullied by Ling Fangxi all these years. As long as he could safely walk out of the Ling family, since then, let Cao Yi heaven and sky build Moving bricks on the construction site can also live.

Unexpectedly, before leaving, Boss Ling also gave a check, 200,000.

Cao Yi didn't want it, but couldn't quit, he took it down tremblingly and didn't dare to move. Qian Sheng didn't bring it, he didn't take it with him, but he was in a hurry to use it. He might die in a hurry. In case something happened later, he would have to return the money to the Ling family.

Unfortunately, things are not as simple as he thought.

He left the original place, looking for a small city to stay in, found a job in the building materials market, helped the boss run transportation, and by the way, worked hard, and had little money, but it was more than enough to rent a house alone.

I was uncomfortable for a few months, and it was cold that day. He had a full meal, went to the bathhouse for a while, and thought about going back to bed earlier, and going to the field tomorrow to pull the goods.

The weather was cold and the wind was strong. Cao Yi narrowed his neck and drove away a few steps. The community he lived in was built decades ago. The street lights were broken and disabled. The remaining one was brightened, darkened, and purely scared. For people.

As soon as I looked up at the flashing street light, my eyes were dark, my throat was tight, and the quilt was covered. As soon as Cao Yi wanted to shout, he was punched in the stomach, he bent down, almost gasped, and suffered a few more kicks in front and back, and was kicked and thrown to a place.

Then the car drove.

From time to time, with two feet, Cao Yi almost vomited, and was still sober. As soon as he was innocent, he stayed at home except for work, and that was not sinful. Who will make a heavy hand, there are five or six people together, most people do not need to deal with Cao Yi.

Who else can there be, except that little bully Ling Fangxi.

But he hasn't seen each other for several months, and boss Ling ordered him to get out. Ling Fangxi only reacted at this time, wasn't he slow ?!

He knew that Ling Fangxi would not be as simple as finding him an old story, but he did not expect that Ling Fangxi would do such a thing. Ling Fangxi actually got on him! He should know in advance that he would rather jump in a car than stay in a broken car!

The car did not know how long it had been bumped. When Cao Yi was taken off the car, his dizzy feet could not stand. The sack was replaced with a blindfold, and his hands were tied back.

He was shoved into a seat, guessing how Ling Fangxi was going to fix him, and his clothes were torn. He was almost shirtless, and even if the room was warmer than the outside, Cao Yi was frozen enough.

The person next to him smiled wretchedly, Cao Yi didn't say anything, he wasn't afraid.

But he couldn't help it. He couldn't punch, the second was the meat on the chopping board, and some in this world were born first-class. They were born to be lawless and do unreasonable things. This is not unfair. This is human life. Cao Yi knew that he could not fight, and he could not fight. It was good for a small person like him to live in peace.

Unfortunately, Cao Yi's life was obviously bad.

Not only did an unscrupulous dad fail to send it to the Ling family as a servant, but also met Ling Fangxi, and even more terribly Ling Fangxi missed him.

Cao Yi didn't know how good he was. Looking for a servant was more diligent and careful than him. More than he was obedient to please the master, why is Ling Fangxi?

With the respectful Ling brother, Cao Yi knew that Ling Fang was here.

Strange to say, the 18-year-old Ling Fangxi is not like Mr. Ling at all, a height of one meter and eighteen meters, a muscular muscles and powerful muscles, a gloomy face is not like an adult child, looks older than Cao Yi How old are you. He also likes to play with the tone of your nobleman, meticulous in a suit all day.

Well, you play your underworld brother, Cao Yi sighed. This is the last time, I'm afraid the endless.

The sound of footsteps stood in front of Cao Yi, a shadow covering Cao Yi, a coldness in his heart, it seemed that he could see a cruel smile on Ling Fangxi's face.

"Cao Yi," Ling Fangxi's voice is actually very good, most girls are fascinated, not one or two girls who listen to Ling Fangxi singing and dumped under his pants legs.

Cao Yi didn't talk, didn't dare and didn't want to.

Ling Fangxi hummed coldly, leaning down to get closer to Cao Yi, Cao Yi felt a rush of heat coming up, thinking that Ling Fangxi was close to himself, but he could not even move his hands and feet, how good it would be to punch up! The corners of his mouth twitched.

Ling Fangxi crooked and sneered, "Cao Yi, why can't you learn well? You can't beat people but you have been beaten so many times, you should also learn." Ling Fangxi raised his finger on Cao Yi's chin. "Next time If you hit me again, unless you kill me, ... or else ... "

Ling Fangxi's finger slid down to Cao Yi's neck, and he held it tightly, "Did you miss the time when I set you up?"

Cao Yi was unable to breathe due to the strength of Ling Fangxi's hands, and still tried hard to say, "I ... no ... I ... find someone ... hit you, no ..." He was too late to hide, and also provoked him Pippi to death.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to admit it," Ling Fang sighed. "Unfortunately, the person you are looking for is too unprofessional. When I passed out. I heard them clearly."

A month ago, Ling Fangxi had a relationship with a husband-in-law who had no relationship with her bodyguard. She happened to be back when her husband came back. Ling Fangxi hurried down the waterway to manage it. Fortunately, it was only on the third floor. As soon as I got down, I got mold. I was beaten without knowing anything, and I stumbled and heard "... received money from the surname Cao ...".

He didn't know much of the surname Cao, and it was probably Cao Yi who had spoken at the festival.

A few months ago he was still at a boarding school abroad, thinking about how to readjust Cao Yi. After I came back, I knew that Cao Yi had gone and took a sum of money from the Ling family.

At that time, Ling Fangxi was so angry, why did Cao Yi leave without his consent! He could n’t send this to his dad, only to blame Cao Yi on his head. It ’s been more than ten years, how can he bully himself? He, anyway, he still has a little friendship, but he doesn't even have a goodbye!

Of course, Ling Fangxi would not inquire about Cao Yi's whereabouts for this matter. It seems that he cares much about him, and he can't forget to go to Himalayan in a blink of an eye.

After returning, I ate with a group of younger brothers. The singing club of the Promise Club, either Yingying Yanyan or Birds and Flowers, couldn't wake up in the gentle village.

If it wasn't for the beating, Ling Fangxi would be prepared to do so even if he was angry with Cao Yi. Actually Cao Yi dare to find someone to hit him!

It turned out that after being bullied by him for more than ten years, he was unwilling. Ling Fangxi thought of Cao Yi's reluctant expression, and said "yes" on his mouth, while frowning disdain.


In fact, he bullied Cao Yi for fun. He didn't really want to break him that time. He just wanted to see his awkward expression, and obediently delivered tea to himself.

Cao Yi is like a friend who played with others in his childhood memories. Ling Fangxi did not expect that Cao Yi would really hate him so much, and dare to find someone to retaliate! It seems that his deterrence as a master in these years is poor. A little bit.

So this time he decided to learn from Cao Yi.

Of course, his beatings can't be known. It's too embarrassing. Fortunately, those people don't have a heavy hand. He raised a few days outside before going back to see the old man, and he didn't dare to show any flaws.

Unexpectedly, Cao Yi was kind of hard to find. Who knew that he actually hid in Xiaopo to be a driver, but he didn't let him find it yet. Ling Fangxi felt the nervous twitch of Cao Yi's throat muscles, and her lips opened because of lack of oxygen, full of temptation.

Cao Yi is two years older than Ling Fangxi, but she has a baby face, big eyes, a pretty nose, and fair skin. She looks younger than Ling Fangxi. Ling Fangxi thinks that Cao Yichang's best looks are his lips, angular and horny, which look better than the girls' lips he has seen.

When he was eleven, he was trying to find someone to play a kiss game. He just grabbed Cao Yi and slobbered in his face. Most of Cao Yi had forgotten it, but he would make him remember it a little bit.

======================================================== =

Please forgive me

There are so many pits, some are open in front of you, some are open in my heart

No matter where it is opened

Think of it as the god horse floating cloud ~~~~~~~

Ling Fangxi lost a wink at his men, and a few chubby immediately noticed, pulling Cao Yi off the stool.

Cao Yi dropped a dog and mud, and couldn't control much, struggling, and taking off his blindfold, he said in a hurry, "Ling Fangxi, I really didn't ask you to hit you. You must be wrong!"

This matter must be made clear. He didn't want to be guilty of wrongdoing. Besides, why did Ling Fangxi think that he was hit by a fool? If other people are outside, it ’s even more mysterious if he does n’t do well ... Ling Fangxi's face shook into several colorful shadows at once, only the cold smile on that face was clear.

His head and face were covered with fists and feet. There were no rules to slam together. Cao Yi hid nowhere. He was hit into a ball, slammed on the ground, his hands clasped to his head, and he suffered from pain.

It's been a long time since being knocked down like this.

When he first arrived at Ling's house, Ling Fangxi was unhappy, and some people helped to dispose of Cao Yi.

Cao Yi had to learn how to be obedient. Ling Fangxi was unwilling again. He was too busy to find his dregs in the eggs. In short, he drank and drank. A glass of hot and cold water can toss four or five times.

When Cao Yi was young, he didn't dare to have any thoughts. He was really embarrassed, and found a place to bite two. He didn't think about running away, but there was a hint of hope in his heart that his father would come back to pick him up.

For a few months without Ling Fangxi, Ling Fangxi was kidnapped. When he returned, he was timid and scared. He shouted Cao Yi, Cao Yi, and even pulled Cao Yi to sleep with him in the last night.

It wasn't Ling Fangxi who said what was in the Ling family, so Cao Yi was as tight as a bully as a pillow every night.

Then Ling Fangxi went to school. This little bastard made friends with one hand, or there are always people behind the rich who have to follow the class. It did n’t take long for them to learn and can pull a team of people, and instructed them to ask Cao Yi for something, and then made an excuse to beat Cao Yi. .

Cao Yi suffered a lot of stabbings at that time, still a group of people hit him.

There was no snoring in the Ling family. Some people saw Ling Fangxi going up and pulled him, "Little ancestor, let them fight, you just look at it."

It's ridiculous. Not everyone on TV is troubled, there is a noble person to help, no noble person also has a confidant to encourage himself, no matter how bad it is, there is a brother of the same life, Cao Yi has nothing.

His heart was beaten into a small, hard piece.

Ling Fangxi is also strange, pulling people to beat Cao Yi during the day, and going to sleep with Cao Yi at night, it is a split personality.

In addition to being obedient, Cao Yi was obedient, like a rag doll with no expression on his face. He hit him without saying a word.

This weird day passed more than a year. By the time Ling Fangxi's tenth birthday was mocked by his grandfather, Ling Fangxi had withdrawn his position as a companion to Cao Yi, and it was strange that there were fewer beatings.

Later, Ling Fangxi Chengyi and his classmates mingled with each other. At home, Cao Yi had a better life.

Now, such a scene has appeared again. Although Cao Yi is no longer a ten-year-old Cao Yi, he still has the same helplessness as when he was ten years old, and he is helpless again.

Cao Yi he just wanted to live a life that was bland and free, and even boring in the eyes of ordinary people, but even this request, God was unwilling to help him realize it.

The single life for several months seemed to give him a great ex-sweet sweetness and tricked him into playing.

"I did it! That's what I did! Ling Fangxi, you bastard, you fucking little bunny, what happened to me! I still beat you with the money your dad gave you! You cool! of……"

Cao Yi did not realize that the beatings on her body were light and disappeared. Then she heard a voice cursing in the quiet room, and the wicked and vicious ones greeted the ancestors' eighteenth generation with various vulgar and indecent sentences.

If it was normal, Cao Yi would have marveled that he still had the ability to scold others. But now, he paused abruptly, and the atmosphere in the room was depressed like the low pressure that couldn't breathe before the summer rainstorm.

As soon as Cao Yi's head was lifted a little between the arms, his hair was pulled, and he pulled it back firmly, causing Cao Yi to have toothache.

To the gloomy eyes of Shang Ling Fangxi, Cao Yizhang was speechless. He had never seen Ling Fangxi look like this. Ling Fangxi has been bullying him, but now it looks like ... killing him.

Ling Fangxi opened her mouth slowly, exposing Bai Shengsheng's neat teeth, Cao Yi thought he was going to bite his neck.

Ling Fangxi just said the word "good" softly, and the storm in her eyes deepened.

At this time Ling Fangxi could learn the coldness and dumbness of the nobles he wanted to learn, but Cao Yi did not have the interest to tell him. When he was stabbed, he was a little soft-footed, half because he was beaten, half because he was scared by Ling Fangxi's eyes. He didn't know what would happen next.

He was pushed down from the back of the chair, and the whole person bent into an n-shape on the chair, his hands tied to the handle of the chair, facing the cushion. The arc-shaped backrest was very uncomfortable against his waist.

What he never expected was that the next moment, his pants were cut off by the cold weapon, and there were giggling laughter around him, Cao Yi felt vaguely bad.

Until his underwear was gone, he still had a glimmer of hope. Fortunately, it only scared him. After all, it was not easy for a big man to have an erection.

A pair of soft and warm hands touched his butt. Cao Yi knew it was Ling Fangxi, because the trousers with smooth texture were attached to the skin of his legs. In addition to Ling Fangxi, who would wear trousers, only a group of jeans. gangster.

The hands opened his butt seam without hesitation. The fingers of his hands touched the anal mouth, and a fiery hard object came up. Cao Yi's eyes widened, and there was a strange stain on the seat cushion.

This is not true !!!!

The body was torn open, a huge gap was made in the lower body, and Cao Yi's brain was red. The fiery stick pricked into the body, deepened, twitched, pulled out, and entered violently again, more violently than once, and did not care about Cao Yi's physical resistance.

Cao Yi's tight body was like a string that couldn't withstand gravity, and it trembled gently, cracking at any time. All the pain was pressed by his throat, bitten on the tip of his tongue, and a sweet bloody gas in his mouth. Cao Yi saw tears falling from the air into the strange stain on the seat cushion, deepening, his tears.

Just bite the tongue and commit suicide. As soon as Cao Yi had this idea, his mouth was stuffed with no idea, mixed with the old smell of gray soil.

Ling Fangxi supported Cao Yi's waist with both hands, without restraint, looking at the red blood on the anal mouth, it was terrible that this scene aroused his greater sadism.

When he was abroad, he was hooked up by his roommate and tried several times. It didn't feel bad. While stubborn foreign long hair, he wondered what Cao Yi tasted, must be very energetic.

This idea made him very impulsive and exciting, and made his roommates very happy, but unfortunately this idea also made him a little bit uncontrollably excited, and handed the gun too early.

Therefore, today he decided to do it slowly, slowly and for a long time, until he felt enough, so that he would not miss Cao Yi when he was in bed with others.

Cao Yi's tight body was very pleasant, which made Ling Fangxi feel that he had control of Cao Yi again, just like before, he just did what he wanted to do with Cao Yi, because he was his.

The chair was tossing forward and tossing forward, the metal sharp and short rubbed the ground and the harsh sound was a passionate sexual soundtrack. It was very exciting. Ling Fangxi would like to hear Cao Yi's voice, even if it was the previous curse. Energetic, but unfortunately he was afraid that Cao Yi might have killed him.

Cao Yi bite people hard, but he probably only bit him. When he was a kid, Cao Yi was bullied and he couldn't do anything, so he bit on his own arm, a circle of tooth marks, blue and purple, deposited under the skin, and he would retreat in a month.

When Cao Yi was a fool, he slept together at night. How could Ling Fangxi be invisible? He was not blind. He had good eyes and was not short-sighted. He could even go to the air force.

He did n’t understand whether he was beaten enough during the day, but he had to bite himself. Is n’t that pain and pain? In fact, as long as Cao Yi can ask for mercy and say something good, Ling Fangxi is also willing to let Cao Yi go. never. It is good to do things, but the mouth is always closed.

God, if you let Cao Yi help him with oral sex, it will definitely kill him, this idea almost made Ling Fangxi orgasm.

Unfortunately, Cao Yi is dead, just like Ling Chi's execution. The pain in the lower body spreads to the whole body, and the waist and abdomen feel like it will be pierced by the back of the chair. Even the brain hurts. There must be a big hole in the body.

Cao Yi finally passed out before Ling Fangxi had orgasm.

This makes Ling Fangxi extremely boring and resentful. What could be more disappointing than an interrupted sex!

Moreover, he hated feeling that Cao Yi was still deliberate.

Drug addiction in the bone marrow.

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