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Time: 2015-07-23 Source: Original Editor: Borage Girl Reading: Times
The phone got up early in the morning and went to the job fair. Ten resumes were printed in advance, and the campus was surrounded by eight points, which saved a lot of money compared to the one-dollar price at the job fair site.
The job fair is big and comprehensive at the National Exhibition. I went there once when I graduated, and the crowd almost didn't let me and my classmates get lost.
There are two options to go to China World Trade Center. One is to get up early and take two buses and take two buses. The other is to get up later and take a subway to line two to line one. Not long ago, these two methods actually cost little, but now completely different.
The bus is now a credit card. As long as the monthly pass is valid, it is all four cents. I originally wanted to get a student monthly pass, but because I had no way to go, I had to buy an unrestricted unified city bus card.
The invention of this stuff is indeed a great initiative.

I quickly found my professional counterpart, and I looked around. The crowd was so crowded that everyone couldn't wait to yell shirtless: "Use me!" Although it is early summer, although the hall has central air conditioning, With such a population density, room temperature is at least two or three degrees higher than outside.
I was also sweaty.
After receiving a call from Chen Jian, I just put down my third resume. The fashionable lady behind the desk smiled and said to me: "With your education, why not find a better job, our post-secondary student. That's fine. "
I politely smiled at her: "I want to challenge a new job, and I'm also interested in this position." Before I said anything, my cell phone rang.
Then I held the remaining seven resumes and drank half a bottle of mineral water to hide in the corner to answer the phone.
Today, my cell phone is ready for 24 hours, even when it is charging, so as not to miss the information for my interview.
Then I heard Chen Jian's voice.
Then he told me: Li Shaohua had a car accident.
I stunned for about five seconds before I reacted to what he said.
I said: Oh, I see, how is he now?
Chen Jian was obviously very anxious. He said: He was looking for you all over the world. The last thing I should do is to listen to you and tell him your number. You fucking brother, come here, he's in 307 hospital!
I didn't go to 307 hospital, I went for a while, and submitted two resumes, and decided to go home.
Li Shaohua, that's a too far away name. I'm almost forgotten the face of the person named.
Instant noodles Instant noodles are a good thing.
It is both affordable and convenient. It can be cooked and boiled, with vegetables and eggs.
Of course, the most favorite thing about instant noodles is that it's cheap. If you don't consider the taste but only the food and clothing, I can eat a box of instant noodles for more than a week.
I started at university, and I have mastered the water temperature and soaking time of instant noodles. So long as I eat instant noodles, my buddies in the dormitory put rice bowls and noodles in front of me.
The reason why I pull so much is that I am eating instant noodles and I still have an egg in it.
it's getting dark.
I remembered Chen Jian's phone.
I used to do this too. I hid in the bedroom with Li Shaohua to watch pornographic videos. I used him to cook noodles with that small electric stove.
He always said: I want two eggs and one ham sausage, don't you fuck me put chili oil!
Sometimes when half the fuse is blown, we wait for the noodles to soften and eat with the caramel eggs.
Then I never brush the bowl, nonsense, I cook, why should I brush it? I'm not his horse.
Gulou Gulou is a good place.
Drum Tower has countless small shops selling game pirated disks and comics. It looks dark and small outside, and it has everything in it.
I often pull Li Shaohua to go there to find games, and eat skewers by the way.
Forgot to say, the snacks there are also famous and dense, and not far from Houhai, it is convenient to bar.
There is an oblique street between Houhai and Drum Tower. The street is antique. Even the specialty restaurants and small shops selling crafts are very local. Only fools will change things there. Many foreigners go there. Almost all the products have almost doubled the price to sell to those foreign devils.
Li Shaohua is a fool. He spent over fifty yuan to buy a pair of Tibetan silver earrings for his girlfriend. After two weeks, I saw the same style of earrings on the stall. The price was eight yuan after the bargain. .
Didn't tell him, afraid to attack his values of life.
I bought the pair of earrings darkly and kept pressing on the bottom of the box.
The next day I stood in front of the grooming table and looked at the pale-looking cricket in the mirror.
I was dreaming last night, and it was all the messy life fragments of the past. The doctor told us that the time of dreaming is light sleep, and the quality of sleep is not high, so I'm in distress now and have scientific basis.
I wiped my face with water. Today I am going to interview at two companies. It is necessary to take care of my appearance.
The beard has grown out, and it's very artistic.
Unfortunately, no one appreciates art during the interview, they only look at what you can show you need.
My shaver is a bit dull and I always forget to change the blade, so I often shave my face.
For example, now, on my right chin, the damn guy made a half-centimeter cut.
I turned on the faucet and watched the water flush the blood into the sewer. It was still red at first, then pink ... and then turned colorless.
This reminds me of a similar scene in the past.

The same brand of razor, but I cut my radial artery.
It hurts, I kept rushing with water until he found me.
Li Shaohua gave me a strong earscraper, and then took off his cotton t-shirt to stop the bleeding.
His girlfriend gave him the white t-shirt, which made it impossible to wear it.
"You are a fool, are you okay to learn what those women cut their wrists for? They eat too much!" When our brother Chen Jian brought money to the hospital to redeem us, he pointed at me and scolded.
It's a pity that I don't even have the strength to laugh at him perfunctoryly.
Li Shaohua didn't say anything. After Chen Jian arrived, he made excuses and left.

I put an OK band on the wound. Fortunately, the position is hidden. As long as I don't raise my head, I still can't see it.
I went out for an interview and brought my transportation card, mobile phone and water bottle filled with boiling water.
By the way, and the two half-price breads I bought last night, at least for lunch.
The ending is a very flowing account. I interviewed in Fengtai in the morning and rushed to Haidian in the afternoon. The time was very tight.
Chen Jian made five more calls. I didn't find it because I was muted during the interview.
When I found out, it was time for me to finish the interview at three in the afternoon.
Yesterday's wind blows all night, and now the sky is so clear that no clouds can be seen.
Out of the office building, I squinted and looked at the sun in the sky.
Fortunately today, there was prescient wearing short sleeves.

The phone fell to the ground while pulling a tissue to wipe the sweat. After picking it up, it found a few life-saving missed calls.
When I saw the caller, I already knew what he was going to say to me.
Call back and tell him I'm sorry I've been busy without time.
Chen Jian interrupted me directly.
I only heard the three words he said clearly: he was dead.
Li Shaohua is dead.

I stood there, there was no shadow under the bus stop, the sun directly used it to start the poisonous sun hit my skin.
There was a piece of white flowers in front of me, and nothing was clear.
At this moment, a word from a book suddenly appeared in my mind.
"When you don't know which direction you should go, stop, look back behind you, and move on."
I went back.
Behind me is the bus stop.
By the way, I'm going to take route 300 and go back home.
I have my resume in my backpack and I haven't found a job, but I don't have much money in my wallet.
There will be a job fair and an interview tomorrow. The time is very tight.
Then came the car, I held the card and crowded towards the door with the crowd.
In the end, I and Li Shaohua University have been sleeping together for four years. They have been dating since the sophomore year. He had a girlfriend in the second half of the junior year, and we broke up.
There were a few scars on my left wrist. The deepest one had almost killed me. Now there is only one ugly white scar left.
There are many game discs in the box that I carry with me. Most of them are sold to the drum shop to collect these, and some of them are for me.
The small jewelry box holding the earrings at the bottom of the box was given to her by hand when the little girl next door gave me the beef stewed by her mother last time.
I'm still eating instant noodles, because I'm poor, and I don't have so much time to cook so many meals. The end result of eating alone is waste.
It's been so long after all.

I heard that Li Shaohua broke up with his girlfriend one year after graduation, and soon became a business manager of the company.
It really is a different life.
I don't know what he meant by asking me where I was intermittently in the past six months.
Or I don't want to know.
Chen Jian later told me that his last sentence before his death was:
I'm sorry ... I regret it long ago.

The days are still like this. In fact, his death or immortality has no impact on my life.
The only difference from the past is that sometimes when I'm dreaming on a cold night, I suddenly wake up with coldness and tears.
I just woke up and forgot what I dreamed of.
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