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Sex Blessing Life

Time: 2015-07-15 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

Recently, the hottest topic in the teahouse restaurant on the streets of Beijing is the thief of a flower picker in Yangzhou City.

It is said that he has high martial arts, is mysterious, never misses, and has a beautiful lady who specializes in big families.

He jumped the Yangzhou city to the ground and caused a headache for the government.

It is said that the dragon-seeking flower thief who has not seen anything at the end has arrived in Beijing.

According to word of mouth, soon the fame of the flower robber was well known, and he became the most powerful person in the capital.

For his arrival, people have their own thoughts,

Famous ladies are worried about their own safety and carefulness; Jianghu swordsman wants to catch him and appear to be in the limelight; government officials are afraid to ruin their reputation and worry; of course, there are naturally a group of idle people who have nothing to do with pure drama ...

At night, the legendary thief of flower picking finally appeared on the beam of a big family in Beijing.

He has already inquired about it. The lady in this house is one of the best in Beijing. She is full of grace and grace ...

A black suit was hidden in the night, and the flower thief passed silently across the courtyard promenade and slipped into the lady's boudoir.

The flower picking thief was lucky enough to catch up with the lady who was taking a bath. In the steam, the lady's graceful figure was looming, her dark hair was scattered in the water, her fair skin was slightly reddish, and her bright eyes were tender like water. The moves are feminine ... Baihua thief almost couldn't help but pounce.

This lady is more than a hundred times better than those who claimed to be the first beauty he had seen in Yangzhou before. Any sinking fish, wild moon and shameless flowers are not enough to describe this stunning beauty. He kept feeling that Beijing is indeed a good place. In addition to rich people, beauty is also particularly outstanding.

I just peeked too much into the flower picking thief, and didn't notice the playful eyes cast by the beauty being bathed in the place he hid, and the suspicious arc of the corner of his mouth ...

The beauty suddenly said, "Why is it that you are a visitor hiding in a corner?"

The charming voice of the beautiful woman came, only to cause the thief to pick flowers all over, and subconsciously went to the beautiful woman. By the time the alarm was wrong, the man was already standing by the beauty.

The thief picking flowers became aware of this, and the straight heart was not good. How could she be found easily and be brought to the door automatically? If this lady is called, she will be stricken ... He knows his own skills, what martial arts are strong It's all passed on by maggots. He is just a man who can do better and can run away if the situation is not right. If you really want to meet a lot of people or masters, he is the one in the middle, the case is fish.

The thief picking flowers was struggling, and she even forgot to rush away. At this time, the charming voice of the lady sounded again.

"You can rest assured, I won't call anyone." The lady got up, picked up the clothes on the side and arbitrarily set them on her body, and stood in front of the flower thief, "I have heard a lot of your deeds, but I am right for you I'm curious and would love to meet you. "

The thief picker looked at the young lady in amazement, and took a wet beauty out of the bath, which really made the thief picker mad, but there was no response for a moment. Although there was something wrong with the beauty in front, she didn't even think about it. Think about it.

When the lady's pair of jade hands touched his chest, the flower picking thief completely lost his thoughts, and his blood was splattering, leaving him with such an open mind ...

The beauty looked at the flower thief who had lost her soul in front of her, and took him to her bed with a smile. The beauty took off the flower thief's clothes, walked on his hands with both hands, and leaned over him to drop a kiss.

The enthusiastic thief can't help touching the beauty, but suddenly wakes up when he reaches the front of the beauty's chest. The thief pushes away the beauty in horror and stutters, "You, why are you a man!"

"I was originally a man." The beauty laughed evilly. "You go straight to my room, don't you know?"

"Who knows, it's obvious that this lady has a beautiful lady."

"Yes, but you have entered the wrong room. My sister's room is to the west." The beautiful woman looked at the flower-picking robber honestly and couldn't help but tease, "But it doesn't matter, I will satisfy you as well."

"Who, who wants you to be satisfied!"

The panic-picking robber finally remembered that he was about to run away, panicking and struggling to escape, but was easily pressed to the bed without moving. The thief picking flowers is very depressed. Although this man is a man, he looks very weak. How can he be so strong that his three-legged cat can hardly use it.

The wild flower picking thief apparently forgets his situation until ...

"Ah! Where is your hand?" The suppressed thief felt that his hand reached his lower body, exclaiming.

"Shh, keep quiet, do you want to attract people to watch?"

The embarrassed robber picking flowers flushed and struggled: "You let go and you are not ashamed at all about doing this kind of thing, let alone you and I are men!"

The beauty looked at the flower picker with amusement: "Strange, you are not a flower picker. You know this kind of thing better than me. It's so shy!"

"I'm not familiar. Whoever tells you I'm a flower-picking thief, I'm just stealing ill-gotten wealth." The flower-picking thief became frustrated and angry, "Just, just by the way to admire the beauty, appreciate ..."

"Appreciation? It's just a peek! It's such an innocent flower-picking robber, let me teach you!" The beauty quipped.

Therefore, the beauty ignored the struggle and clamor of the flower robber, and held his "key" straight, making the flower robber lose his strength, and easily separated his legs ...

The long night, the legendary thief of flower picking, did not pick flowers, but was picked in the backyard flowers ...

Early in the morning, he finally escaped, to be precise, he was finally released as a flower-picking thief. He was so depressed that no one told him that in addition to the young lady who was beautiful, and the male who was also a martial artist who was very powerful ...

Then, the flower picking robber who adjusted for a few days to move freely started his old business again.

After learning the lessons, he quickly turned out the genealogy of the target family this time, confirming that there would be no misidentification, and he turned into the high wall again in the dark ...

He carefully confirmed the room, and when he was about to push in the door, he was grabbed from behind and covered his mouth and dragged to the side.

The flower picking thief was startled by the familiar voice when the mantis caught the cicada and the cardinal bird. When the whereabouts were exposed.

"It took so long to come out and act, it looks like I was really tired of you last time."

This charming and teasing voice shocked Caihua thief into a cold sweat, and the person he least wanted to see actually appeared again.

Before he was surprised, the beauty who picked the flower thief dragged him directly to the gazebo deep in the courtyard, and he was right there ...

The flower robber can't tell the pain, can't scream, he can't understand how this famous man can do this kind of thing in other people's yard so shamelessly, but he gritted his teeth nervously and was afraid to alarm the master ...

After this time, the beauties will appear at the target of every flower picking robber, no matter how careful the flower picking robber will be caught.

Since then, the flower-picking robbers have never been able to succeed, and the legendary flower-picking robbers have faded from people's topics.

People in Beijing thought that the flower picking robbers would wash their hands and go back to the mountain forest. Little did they know that the flower picking robbers were eventually taken home by the troublesome beauty boy, and lived a sexual life of two ...


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