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Love and responsibility

Time: 2013-07-21 Source: Reprinted Edit: Long time no see

Everyone is writing their own life, long, sweet, lonely, colorful ... Each kind of life footprint brings long-term contemplation to future generations.

He and she were born in the 1920s, when marriage was not free.

Her family is very poor. There are eight brothers and sisters. One pair of pants is patchy and the other patch is insufficient. The father often loses his temper and the mother often sighs.

He is a child of Yin Shi, and he doesn't worry about eating or wearing, and has learned a good skill in cooking.

At the age of starting a family, the matchmaker kept raising relatives.

She is a famous beauty in Shiliba Village. She has a tall body, big eyes like Wang Qingquan, high-quality orchids, and a handy heart.

He is very short, looks very ugly, and is very good.

Because her family is poor, her father must marry a rich daughter. At least he has to change back a few meters.

Because of his rich family life, matchmakers scrambled to introduce good girls.

She was so embarrassed that she must meet him in the future. She couldn't be sorry for herself.

It happened to be the rainy season. The river rose so high and could not pass through the boat. The two looked across the river. They couldn't see the height of each other. , Agreed with the family.

She returned a lot of food for the family.

On the day of the wedding, when the groom opened the bride's hijab, the bride froze. Her life would be so hard. She stood up and ran out.

How far can she run? She exchanged his household food.

She broke her heart, and she was a flower-like beauty who married a dwarf bitch. God is not fair! She, who wanted to cry without tears, never undressed overnight.

He was so full of joy that he didn't know the blessings he had cultivated in his life and married such a beautiful girl. Because she was so beautiful, he just looked at her quietly and didn't dare touch her.

She looked at him in horror, covering her chest with her hands, and couldn't breathe. She was afraid that he would come up to take off his clothes and kiss his cheek. She was thinking of getting away and waiting for Tianming.

He smiled silly, sitting, and finally couldn't help it, carefully approached, trying to fulfill the rights of men, seeing her dodging, her eyes full of panic, and afraid to scare her.

"Let's take a break," he said.

She was silent, guarding her body vigilantly.

"It's getting late, let's rest." He said again.

She jumped off the hoe, curled up in the corner, and gave him to him.

He looked at her, reluctantly, wait a minute, the cooked duck can't run away? He lay down drowsily, and lay down in clothes.

After a while, the purring came into her ears, she closed her ears, and listened to his panting, she was so bored that she might as well die with such a person she hated.

She curled up there, slowly relaxing her vigilance and snoring.

He slept for a while, uneasy about her, quietly, stomped to her side, hugged her uncontrollably, and hugged her to the nape.

She was frightened by the sudden move and was ready to fight against her.

He, with a small figure, picked up such a tall daughter-in-law, and was so tired that he just gasped and let the daughter-in-law rest. He sat on a bench and fell asleep on a table of eight immortals.

For three days, he did not touch her, her beauty shocked him. Following local customs, he accompanied her back to the door.

She ran into the house and slammed into her mother's arms, crying, asking to retreat, and the mother also cried, distressed her daughter, and meant to regret it. Dad smoked a dry cigarette bag, never squeaked, and finally cruelly said "Since we have promised others, we must have a word of faith. We cannot do the demolition of a bridge across the river."

She, desperate, followed her and returned to her in-laws' house.

Life was always going on, and gradually, she realized that she didn't hate him that much.

He lived in an orderly way. Although he couldn't make much money, he kept making small money. He is nice and open-minded. Everyone comes to him for a happy event or a funeral. Towels, rewards, tobacco and alcohol can't be missed by him; she has a good house, an orderly house, and it doesn't spoil his earned income. Dividing money.

On a dark night, he couldn't help kissing her, she didn't evade, the person in front of him was not a bad person. Seeing that she did not hide, his courage was so great that he hugged her and kissed her. For the first time, he and she had a husband and wife.

After that, she did not say that he was ugly, and followed him in silence.

Twenty years have passed, and she and he had three children and two daughters, with a total of five children. The children were very angry and sensible.

He is an opinionated man who insists on reading for his children.

The eldest daughter is married, her husband works in a department store, and he doesn't worry about food and clothing; the eldest son, the second son, and the third son read well;

None of the children are as handsome as he is, especially the eyes of the children are like her, looking at her who still has the charm, the clever child, he, his eyes narrowed with happiness, pumping With dry smoke, a pleasant look.

Unexpected circumstances and misfortunes abound. One day, she was cooking by the stove and suddenly fainted.

She was later paralyzed, paralyzed on the puppet, and the burden of the family fell on his shoulders. Cooking, washing, caring for children, farming, fetching water ... there is always work to be done.

He didn't complain, didn't sigh, and worked hard inside and out. Sometimes she was in a bad mood, and he had to tell jokes to make her happy.

Once, the second son and a few classmates stood next to a piece of melon, and the other children ran to steal melon. He didn't go because he knew his dad would get angry.

He still knew that he didn't hit the child or scold the child. In the next spring, he opened up a field at the foot of the mountain and planted melon. The child ate the melon and felt the greatness of his father's love.

She spent a lot of money on treatment, and her family was not as affluent as before. Seeing him returning home early and late every day, the sons could not bear to take the initiative to drop out of school to reduce his burden. The dog's blood was sprinkled, and went back to school.

He was tired and bitter, but he never showed up before his wife and children. During the drought that year, the family could not eat. He kept his wife and children to ask for food, and he did not make his wife and children hungry. The children still insisted on their studies.

The child couldn't pay the school fees. His family borrowed and the western family borrowed it. Relatives and friends said, "Let the children come back. You don't have to be so hard on yourself."

He, silent, persisted, and he was convinced that all suffering would pass.

Sure enough, the sons lived up to expectations, and each one succeeded. The eldest son was the manager of a grocery store. The second son became the mayor in the town where they lived. The third son became a teacher. Looking back, the children. With tears in their eyes, it was not his father's attachment and persistence, how could he have his own life today.

The villagers cast envious eyes. He still worked hard and refused to add a little trouble to his children.

The sons were filial and filial, and he was not allowed to work anymore. His task was to accompany her paralyzed wife in bed every day, to talk with her and relieve boredom.

He likes to be lively. He has listened to any important national events and anecdotes from outside, and he came back to talk to his wife.

She married him at the age of nineteen. Until the end of her life, he couldn't let her go, telling her son, "Be sure to take good care of your mother."

Eighty-two-year-old, he went, she did not drop a tear; six months after he went, she also went, walked calmly, and walked with a smile. The night before she left, she told her granddaughter Swallow, who was with her, "I've hated my father in my whole life, why did you marry me to your grandfather?"

She had dreams when she was a girl, and she had longed for Ruyi Langjun, a happy and fulfilling life, and God's will have broken her dreams. Fortunately, she was married to a good person. She was paralyzed for more than 30 years. He persisted until the end of her life.

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