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I like you, just not together.

Time: 2013-10-31 Source: Original Edit: 36 Degrees Reading: Times

After graduation, she has been working in a small company, and her tepid days are stable. In her spare time, she does not forget to keep a few pots of flowers and plants, and she likes to bask with them.

There are occasional winds and storms on a quiet day, and there are always people around to hear who is married or have a child, and she will send her sincere blessings. People asked her, why are you not in a hurry?

What's the rush? Every time she answers, she will attach her own smile.

She didn't understand the love in people's mouth because she hadn't met. She kept close to her heart, always believing that her encounter with him would be as written in the book, and the two would naturally approach each other, chat and chat, and the hope of love brewed in the coffee cup. The post-90s female colleague laughed when she saw her. She said, you are too simple.

The leaves in front of the window were yellow and green, and green and yellow. She was still alone. At this time, the people around her began to be anxious, and started begging her to go on a blind date. Boys of all kinds of different conditions, she also dared to meet, but the result was always nothing.

She didn't know, what did those rules have to do with her love? She knew her ordinaryness, and didn't want a vigorous love. What she wanted was nothing more than the space of two people.

It was only an accident to meet a boy.

One day, she chatted with her friends on QQ, and a message popped up in the message window:

"Dear, is there anyone?"


"Introduce you?"

"it is good."

For love, she is not as steadfast as trusting her friends. Over the years, she has heard and heard too many points, points, and alliances. The previous oath, she swore, and the next second she turned ruthless, and even suddenly she was a little scared.

At that time, she had just passed her 24th birthday.

The day the boy arrived, she was so busy that she could not pull away, and she asked the leader for leave. When she was about to meet him, she was very nervous. Actually, she wasn't the first blind date, and she couldn't tell why.

When he appeared in front of her dustily, she only glanced at it, feeling very uncomfortable in her heart. It is not accidental to meet, nor is it easy to meet. She knows all of this, but she is not sure.

She looked at his slightly tired eyes, suddenly shocked, like a bottomless gap, she glanced into it suddenly.

The boy showed his unique maturity and calmness, he smiled at her and talked warmly. Suddenly she stayed out, forgetting all the lines prepared in advance, including the plans and arrangements she had planned before. She looked at him and laughed, and suddenly felt that nothing was important.

At that time, she felt that the person in front of her might be the "prince" she was looking for, even though he did not have the potential of a prince.

She forgot that when she only mentioned him by accident, there was an objection in the house.

She forgot that she had refused to fall in love in college and rejected the pursuit of the opposite sex in the internship unit. She had waited so long, and was afraid to wait longer?

She led him to cross the street, walked the street, pointed him at the characteristic scenery here, and couldn't wait to keep him in this dazzling scenery. She ignored it, he didn't belong here, leaving was inevitable.

"What do you like to eat?" She asked foolishly in the snack street.

"Nothing like it!" The boy said calmly, looked at the food in the shop, and turned away.

"This is a must in this place, do you want to taste it?" She continued to ask.

"Forget it, I don't like it!" The boy froze, moaning.

She didn't let him eat the food he wanted, because in her view, those were fame but flashy things.

What she wants is simple and she thinks about it very simply. It was like meeting, eating, chatting, everything seemed natural, but now she seemed so unnatural.

She knew she was panicking and messed up. In front of the boy, he started talking incoherently, and tried to escape a few times in an awkward way, but he couldn't escape. She didn't know, how could a self who dared to stand in front of thousands of people to speak and debate defeat such a situation? She even forgot to think and judge. When the boy asked her what to do, she laughed alone. Forgetting that she is also a girl who has organized large-scale events many times, what is she afraid of?

She hurriedly looked for a restaurant and ate it all. As a host, she was completely defeated.

"Is it delicious?" She asked. Looking at the boiling fish she loved most, she found that she had lost her appetite.

"It's really bad." The boy answered with a smile. She also laughed, and sure enough, the imposed taste was usually unacceptable to others, and she later realized that.

It was the worst fish she'd ever eaten in her life. Looking back now, she could still feel the thick salty taste, so heavy that she felt very bitter herself.

She put aside her usual stability and elegance, panic like a lost girl, she took him all the way to the bus station, and hurried to the train station.

In fact, she really wanted to send him away, but after a short one-hour drive, from the impatient words of the boy, she felt unnecessary. Her confusion embarrassed both, and she lost her thoughts and began to laugh at her overwhelmed at first sight.

After the boy left, she kept secretly blaming herself, anyway, she should have sent him away in person. She didn't know how long the boy spent alone at the station for two hours, maybe she thought more, or she felt reluctant.

She summoned the courage to call him, and when she opened her mouth, she expressed her deep regret. She didn't even know what she had done wrong, and why she was so humble, she had no answer.

Later, she was so anxious that she waited for the news from the boy and learned that he had returned safely. She seemed to have let go of her burden, and suddenly she became relaxed.

"Let's be friends!"

Looking at the QQ message from the boy, she suddenly laughed and responded silently, okay.

The answer she had struggled with finally appeared. This is what the family wants, and what friends want, she thinks, this is what the boy wants. In fact, it is right to think about it. At this age, she has behaved so hastily and flustered, even if it is not profitable, it is not acceptable to everyone, but for her, what is more important in life than the real?

"I like you, just not together."

The girl wrote the passage in her diary. Everything is always too late for her, even her heartbeat. Sometimes, maybe it's just a look, just a glance at it, it stirs the heartstrings, and the ripples linger. Whenever and whenever I want to come back, remembering the throbbing at that time, there is always a feeling of turning a thousand times. It was a tremor that years couldn't take away, and it was firmly engraved in the mottled heart.

She did n’t know that there was anything more important than real in her life. She always felt that it was natural, and it was also true feelings. In the future, it was difficult for her to imagine whether she would be as panicked as she was then. She laughed, she did n’t know , But she knew she shouldn't.

In her life, someone suddenly appeared in her life. She wandered on her strings, helped her on the road, and walked away, just like a teenager in a white shirt at the age of 17. Maybe he loves her too, just in a different way. However, what the boy left her was not love, but growth.

From then on, she never worried about meeting again. Wherever life does not meet, even if they are separated, it will still allow her to grow and benefit her a lot.

Dear, he loves you, but he is not together. This is life and years. No one has to panic, no one has to linger and lose. The light of hope always shines in front of you. You can only stand in the light yesterday. Become the past, you can become yourself.

To grow is to grow into what you want.

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