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do not let it go

Time: 2015-08-12 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

When Jiro opened the newsletter, his heart was nervous enough to almost jump out of his chest. Alas, I am really sad, I have been with him for a few years, but every time I received his newsletter, the child who was just in love.

──You have a mind

The newsletter full of Ji's style is as timid and confident as he is, handsome and clean.

──Ah. No, you think too much. The announcement is over? It's getting late, then you go home first, and put the food on the table.

After a while typing out a large text, Jiro was preparing to press to send, but hesitated again, thinking about it, biting his lip and deleting the little squares little by little, and then just pressed to release with relief.

──No. Meals are on the table.

Ji Qian doesn't like others being too wordy.

Just when I put my phone in my pocket, a pleasant male voice came from my pocket.

Jiro hurriedly took out the phone.

──I'll pick you up

Jiro paused for a moment, nodded silently, and realized that Ji Qian was not at his side, and then hurriedly lowered his head to reply.


Jiro stared blankly at the teenager's focused side face while driving. The dark chestnut hair was shallow and blocked the dark ink-like pupils, the straight bridge of the nose, and the lips of evil spirits, always flawless in any angle. . Jiro couldn't help but be shocked, and suddenly remembered the evaluation of Ji Qian in Entertainment Weekly today——the handsome and unrestrained appearance, perfect singing skills and excellent acting skills make Ji Qian become the king of heaven if he is solo, but Ji Qian Willing to stay in a group with peace of mind, we can see that Ji Ji's thoughts are not the same as ordinary people.

His head was knocked suddenly, and Jiro stared blankly at the smirking boy, blinking blankly. The lips were suddenly blocked the next second, and after a thick and long kiss, Jiro still didn't reflect it, just panting there with red cheeks.

Only a minute later, Jiro blushed and sullenly. The teenager who smiled and twisted his eyes and complained, "Hey! It's dangerous to drive like this!"

"Student Xiaosu, is it a bit late for you to reflect it now?" Ji Qian smiled wildly, and his dark eyes showed a bit of pampering. He really loves his blank expression, if not in the car ...

Jiro's face was flat, and the blush was hanging on his face for a long time.

Ji Qian stretched out her arms and rubbed Jiro's hair. The innocence smiled a little childishly, and there were beautiful ripples on her face.

Jiro was a little stunned. Only when Ji Qian smiled like this could he show that he was only 21 years old this year, a big boy five years younger than him. If it were an ordinary person, he would just be a happy and carefree college student in college. However, Ji Qian had to live in such a complicated and dark entertainment circle, so he had to fight with those people at such a young age.

"Little shallow ..." Somehow distressed.

"Don't call me Xiao Qian!" Ji Qian raised a slender eyebrow, staring at Damei with a half stare at Jiro.

Jiro laughed, making Ji Qian soft and cute. Ji Qian waved his hands helplessly and petulantly, licking the corners of his mouth, half-dropping his eyes and smiling.

Jiro was red-faced by Ji Qian's naked declaration of love, but fortunately he narrowed his eyes and stopped watching Ji Qian.

Ji Qian laughed arrogantly, and the laughter gradually went down, quiet for a while, and the low-alcoholic and handsome boy rang and surrounded Jiro, "You have a mind."

In the small space inside the car, there is something called silence flowing slowly in the air.

"No, no." Jiro looked out of the window pretending to be fine, the tall trees passing by quickly, almost indistinct shape.

Low sigh.

"Forget it, you don't want to say I won't force you." Some tired voice. Jiro's eyes were red somehow, raising his eyes to explain, but the car stopped.

"Well, get off!" As if nothing had happened to the teenager, he smiled brightly towards Jiro, half of his face was hidden in the shadows, just right.

Jiro smiled and nodded, but his mood was still heavy and depressed. He nodded silently and followed the teenager.

"Let's be a bit unlucky, take the stairs." Ji Qian smiled bitterly. After pressing the button of the elevator N times, he unfortunately found that it seemed, uh, that there was a power outage.

Jiro couldn't care less about his own heavy heart, Yu Zu nodded. Originally, there was nothing when the power went down the stairs. The problem is that they live on the 18th floor. Jiro thought he was unlucky. Just after finishing the announcement, I had to do the exercise of climbing stairs. "It's time!"

Jiro couldn't help muttering a grumble, and he worried about Ji Qian, "Aren't you afraid of the dark?"

Ji Qian looked at Jiro's anxious expression. Haha laughed loudly, her eyes and eyes were bent, dazzling.

Jiro was silent again. Yes, Ji Qian still needs his protection.

In fact, when I just saw Ji Qian, the only feeling was that the boy was very cold. After greeting him very enthusiastically, he stared at him coolly for a minute, then nodded slightly.

So when Jiro first heard the company say he was going to arrange him with that boy, he had a hundred unwillingness in his heart. Thinking of such a lonely person, how to deal with others. It was very late after talking about it that day. There was a long distance without lights in Jiro and the boy's room. Jiro had let the boy go back first.

But the boy stayed stubbornly beside him, dropping awkwardly, "I'm afraid of the black." The ears were slightly red.

Jiro couldn't help laughing at that time.

After that, Jiro loved taking care of Ji Qian, and unknowingly, he walked like this for two years.

"Student Xiaosu, give me your hand." Ji Qianhe's grape-like eyes were shining in the dark night, and Ji Qian reached out to Jiro in the dark.

Jiro was embarrassed to put it up, but Ji Qian grabbed Jiro's hand very strongly. Being tightly gripped by Ji Qian's slender hands, Jiro felt relieved.

Perhaps, unknowingly, they have changed roles. It turned out that Ji Qian was taking care of Jiro.

The two walked slowly in the dark holding hands, but they didn't seem to be very tired. Jiro lowered his head and thanked the darkness silently, so Ji Qian could not see that his cheeks were already red. Obviously more intimate things have been done, but this is how to hold hands silently, the same feelings in the heart still attacked the fragile heart.

"It's just a matter of time ..." Jiro couldn't help but tell his inner thoughts, but it caused Ji Qian's smirk.

Jiro glanced at Ji Qian with a half-blame. Ji Qian quickly told Rao, "The Queen is angry! I didn't laugh at you ... just," Ji Qian's voice calmed down suddenly in the dark, "You are so moved by what you say."

Jiro smiled.

"But I don't want time to stop at this moment." Ji Qian's naughty tongue stuck out, a hint of jokes flashed in his eyes.

Sure enough, Jiro's smile just disappeared instantly.

Ji Qian smiled heartlessly, "Should let time stay when I hold Su, that way, how happy ~~"

Jiro unbearably gave Ji Qian a violent shudder, but his face turned red.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I didn't accompany you well during this time." Ji Qian's sudden and serious tone couldn't help Jiro stunned.

"But I miss you so much."

Jiro nodded quietly, using a soft, almost inaudible voice, "Me too."

Although he couldn't see anything, Jiro knew Ji Qian smiled.

Ji Qian will always show the most tender and lovely side in front of Jiro. Jiro doesn't know if this is the most authentic character of Ji Qian, but regardless of Ji Qian, Jiro likes it.

He would never know how much he loved him.

He would never know.

Absolutely ...

Jiro is ill-fated. Apart from his musical dream, the most important reason he entered the entertainment industry was that his parents owed a large debt and then committed suicide. But he didn't want to die, so he had to rely on himself to pay the debt. In fact, before he was known and loved by everyone because of the combination of "柒", he has been running in the entertainment industry for seven years. From the age of eighteen to the present, it is still the combination of Ji Qian and another man that made him truly a star, and also failed.

"There are only five floors left, are you tired? I will carry you back ..." Ji Qian took Jiro upstairs step by step, and realized that Jiro was silent, thinking that her lover was too tired because of the announcement. He was a little worried.

Jiro had been wandering out of Jiuxiaoyun, and suddenly hit a wide and strong chest, startled. Ji Qian watched Jiro ’s response as a bunny, but it was a little funny. He walked down a few stairs, turned his back to half-curved body, and smiled gently toward Jiro. "Come, come on."

Jiro bent his eyes and hit Ji Qian, revealing his white and neat teeth. "Come on, what are you doing, I'm five years older than you, even if I carry my back, I'll carry you. Besides, am I so weak?"

Ji Qian reluctantly rubbed his aching shoulder and looked pitifully like an abandoned dog. "I feel bad for you, and you are smaller than me, so your legs are shorter than me, so even if you are tired, I should be."

Ji Qian chattered without interest, and ignored Jiro's increasingly dark face.

Does this person have to emphasize the fact that he is five years older than him but five centimeters shorter than him! (Actually, Jiro is not short, Jiro177cm, but the height of a certain season is 182cm ...)

"Okay, let's go. I also feel bad about you, what if you get tired of me?" Jiro conceded. He glared at Ji Qian N seconds with killing eyes, Ji Qian didn't feel his eyes ache at all.

"Fool, you won't get tired of me."

Ji Qian is always like this, inadvertently fascinated people with a single sentence, and was touched by death.

Ji Qian's personality is stingy, probably because Ji Qian entered the entertainment industry at about the same age as him, so he always has an inexplicable intimacy with this cold and cold boy. In fact, Ji Qian's star road is also tortuous. When the company launched a combination of four of them, Ji Qian was accidentally injured. The knee pain was that Ji Qian could only use a wheelchair for nearly a year, so it was impossible to follow With the group to go everywhere to promote and increase popularity.

However, the first year of his debut is undoubtedly the most important. During that period, when their group was the hottest, almost everyone thought that the '柒' group had only three people.

However, after Ji Qian's wound recovered, his speed of redness surprised everyone. Silently, like water, slowly entering every crevice, '柒' has passed the freshest time, but Ji Qian is like a downcast aristocracy destined to succeed, Zhang Kuang arbitrarily put everything in his pocket, so Like-this should be his.

Popularity, flowers, applause ... everything is coming. As if Ji Qian was a night red. Ji Qian is like this, even if he stood silently without saying a word, it would make people look away.

The second year of Ji Qian's real debut, movies, TV, commercials ... everywhere is that handsome and indifferent face. So popular all over Asia.

For albums alone, Ji Qian has never released a solo album, not even more than two other singles. But it is not because of the sound of Ji Qian, even the discerning experts, have to admit the sound quality of Ji Qian.

Why didn't he fly alone? The '柒' combination is now supported by Ji Qian alone, and he is a towing oil bottle.

His love for Ji Qian has weighed on Ji Qian's forward steps.

"Ha! Finally at home !!" Ji Qian stretched a lazy waist and showed his slender figure vividly. He seems very happy today, but in fact he usually has very few words.

Jiro slowly walked forward, stretched out his arms around Ji's flexible waist, and quietly put his face on the teenager's somewhat tender but already safe shoulder. Gently speak, as if the wind will blow away immediately, "I love you."

Turning around in an instant, Jiro was already pressed on the bed when he reacted, and manic but gentle kisses fell one after the other. This time he did not shy away as usual, this strong need to make him respond boldly With the caress of Ji Qian, Ji Qian is more excited because of his cooperation.

Jiro endured everything that Ji Qian gave him, gave up the dignity of the male, tossed Huan under Ji Qian's body, and gave out a moan that Ji Qian liked to hear.

He needed such a feast that would make him lose his mind and stop him from thinking about it.

No longer thinking about it, Ji Qian finally willing to fly alone, Ji Qian finally willing to transfer to another company, Ji Qian finally gave up on him.

After the end, the two hugged tightly together, Jiro shrank into Ji Qian's arms, he figured it out. As long as Ji Qian doesn't talk about breaking up, he won't mention it, until Ji Qian abandons him.

Ji Qian looked at the lover with red eyes and kissed him tenderly, "Sue, I'll tell you the good news. I've transferred to another company, and that company promised to form a group of two of us, and we will be the only two of us. "

Jiro's eyes widened in surprise, looking at Ji Qian unbelievably, with joy in his eyes, as well as sadness.

Ji Qian looked at Jiro with some guilty confusion, "I know you are very reluctant to be two other good buddies, but you are always with them, I ..."

Jiro still looked at Ji Qian, "You're not alone, are you leaving me?"

Ji Qian stunned for a second, seeming to smile, "What are you thinking. You mean, you think I want to abandon you, so you have a lot of thoughts along the way ?! You think I want to abandon you, so I just cooperated so ?! "

Jiro guilty bowed his head and didn't speak.

Ji Qian sneered to get close to Jiro, and the warm breath spit on Jiro's small earlobe. "Hehe ... It seems that our little Su is too busy to think like this, so we are here to exercise ...

"Don't ... shallow ... I'm tired and I have to work tomorrow or ... oh ... ah ..."

Jiro's scream of happiness echoed in the room ...

Fool, want me to let go of your hand, next life, next life, next life, it's impossible.


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