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Don't generalize with slow people

Time: 2015-05-16 Source: Original Editor: Long time no see Reading: Times
"Luan—Are you alive? Let me condolences?"
"The door is unlocked--"
... in other words, don't bother to open the door, right? Dian Yi opened the door with a smile and a violent twist.
This is an amazingly messy room with few things. Things come down to two main categories, computers and various discs, and paper, paper including novels, comics, manuscripts, textbooks, academic reports, etc.
The person who was working hard at the table didn't even lift his head, "Dianyi, find a place to sit by yourself."
He sighed silently, and knew that this man was in a hurry. Except for drawing almost all the time during class, she knows what it means to be tired. Although some of her paintings are serialized in magazines, she can't help but draw less. It's better to draw less than others, and she won't always have enough sleep to make her pickle and pickled vegetables.
"Dianyi, that's not true. The manuscript for the magazine is funding, and the fan is love!" ... As you see, it is a rotten house that always puts "love" on its mouth. Not to the point of personality defects, but it is not normal in general. It's blind to like this kind of person. But she clearly had 5.2 in her left and right eyes.
It ’s okay to be blind or to burn your head. If you like it, you ca n’t change it. Dian Yi confessed to start packing things on the ground.
Counting about 9 square meters of bathroom room is almost occupied by a desk and a bed, and in all places except the bathroom can be filled with books and dishes, including a table bed.
The only good thing is that the things are not mixed and the place is not large, and it is not so tiring to tidy up. The problem is mental damage.
──Miss Ben came to see you so kindly, but she dared to ignore me!
Put down the pen, turn your head, and say "thank you" ... she is not demanding!
"Luan, do you remember what day it is?" Finally, it was almost the same, and Dian Yi found an empty seat on the bed.
"Huh? What? Is it a non-burnable garbage collection day?"
"... This is not Japan. You have read too much comics!"
"Uhh ..." A moment of hard thought and meditation, even the pen in my hand didn't stop.
Ten minutes later, he gave up, "... I don't think today is a special day ... Tomorrow is the deadline ..."
No outbreak at this time, let alone when.
"Luan this big idiot-" Angrily threw out a bun-sized gift box in her hand, and she was impartial in the middle of someone's head. The fierceness of her hands made her hand shake the speed line into a wavy line.
Dianyi stepped out of the house less than an hour after coming, and was disappointed to find that the people in the house had no intention to chase it out. So he returned home with double his anger and vowed to ignore this person's existence for a short time.
As soon as he returned to Dianyi, he locked himself in the room. Given that Dianyi had 70% of his chances of locking himself in the room after returning to Luan, his parents were used to it.
Dian Yi, who was sulking in bed, was angry ... and fell asleep. Until someone knocks on the door.
Dian Yi, who wasn't asleep, woke up immediately. At the clock, it was almost eight o'clock. No wonder the stomach was so uncomfortable ... I still didn't want to go out to see the light.
"I don't want to eat anymore--"
"Dianyi, it's me."
Only a few hours ago, she vowed to ignore a dull person, and as soon as she heard her voice, Dian Yi got up and opened the door reflectively.
Standing at the door was, of course, the deity, peering carefully at his face like a loyal dog punished by his owner.
It must be only the demon who was angry when he saw this. Dian Yi sighed and did not know how many times he was angry today. "Forget it, let's go ahead."
"So, what's the matter?"
"Because Dianyi hit it just now, the inspiration suddenly came. After that, it has been very smooth. The original was completed ahead of time."
...... Dare to thank you, huh?
"That's one aspect." Alas, does this person have the ability to discern danger? "Mostly, this fell to me--"
Take the bun-sized "weapon" out of your pocket, "It should be very important to pack it so cute."
Yes, it is very important--the powerlessness overflows, Dianyi feels that he must look like a tire with a big hole, and he can't make it up.
"Hah ... that's for you."
"Today is your birthday and you forget it completely."
Right boxing left palm, "Ah, confrontation, I forgot."
"But why was Dianyi angry? If I forgot Dianyi's birthday, I would understand ..."
The parties did not expect it at all, didn't they try to pick gifts like a fool.
"... My birthday is good, Luan's birthday is more important." Besides, Luan never forgot her birthday. That's why I was so determined not to ask her if it was her birthday, as usual. Can't stand it-why can't I care more about myself this person-
Finally, Dianyi's face was cloudy and uncertain, Luan said a rare dialogue, "Well ... Dianyi, thank you ..."
Immediately clear to clear, really easy to satisfy children.
"Nothing ... Anyway, I just saw it when I was hanging out on the street. I thought it suits you and bought it." Does anyone hang out on the street all day? Then you are really busy.
"Thank you, as long as it was sent by Dianyi, I'll be happy no matter what." The ears and tail came out, shaking, it really is a loyal dog.
"... I haven't eaten yet, let's eat together. You don't like sweets so I didn't buy cakes."
"Dianyi, how do you know I didn't eat?"
Just look at it. Bacheng came over after finishing the draft, didn't he?
After a harmonious dinner, Dianyi sent Luan to the station.
When waiting for the car, Luan suddenly remembered a very important thing, and seriously held Dianyi's hand in front of her chest, so that Dianyi's heart stopped for half a second.
The young girl said solemnly and sincerely to another young girl.
"Although we are not in this relationship ... can today's idea be used as an idea for Yurimoto?"
The questioned girl burst out with the most blue muscles today, and yelled directly at the ear of a creative person who was confused about the situation.
"Luan you, a cosmic-grade idiot ──────"
Scared the people around them to retreat three steps away.
Postscript: Beautiful and concise sketches of thousands of characters. Look at the sky. The miserable arrogant lady and the stupid attack who is dull enough to endanger her life, to be honest, I do n’t even have a dog, I have a little devil, or a cat attribute ... but in this article, Luan is not a cat (Laughs) The cat knows how to protect himself. (Hey) children, since you are so slow to draw the lily, are you really a fan? (The two children who do n’t have a surname by touching their chins (Khan), but Luan Hedian are surnames, though I have been used as a name, so do n’t be too particular about the thousand-word essay (Hey), or else I will use the character of Odd, or I ’ll spend a few hours checking the family names just to determine the last name ... Anyway, I ’m very familiar with the name Pay attention to OTZ
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